This is Getting Interesting! (Round 2 Wrap)

So we are done with the preliminary rounds of the Xanga Debate Tournament and man has it been crazy. We’ve seen some pretty heated debates so far. Of the top four seeds, three are still standing. The big underdog of the tourney so far has been the number 9 seed, who knocked off the number 1 earlier this week. As a result the remaining debaters are seed 9,2,3, and 4. Doesn’t sound quite right does it? Here is a look at the updated bracket.


 Now that round 2 is doe we are into the FINAL FOUR! This is the nitty gritty right here people. All debates can now be found right here on my page. (There are a mere three debates left after all) Reader’s will still vote on debates, but their votes will be combined with our judges votes to determine the winners. Our esteemed panel of judges once again are…


I will cast the deciding vote in the case of any ties. 

Lastly, I have some exciting news. The finalists for this tournament will participate in two very special bonus debates. These bonus debates may be the most hotly contested of all the debates. I am very excited about them. I will anounce the participants for the bonus debate before the finals.

Before I go, I would just like to thank all of the hosts from the first two rounds. Bigshow, seedsower, and saintvi, all did fantastic jobs. You helped me bring this to life. Also of course thanks to all the debaters who have fallen thus far. I hope you enjoyed.



  1. @StewieIsMyHero – hey I never answered your email. I seeded the top four based on who I thought were the favorites. The rest I kind of went by the types of posts and comments i’ve seen left by the debaters. Once I got past ten it was kind of arbitrary.@SerenaDante – yeah. I’ll change the brackets to say names.@Kontzicles –  He didn’t host any debates he participated in.

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