Ice Cream Cake is a Temporary Fix…

I had some ice cream cake yesterday at work. It was some old guy’s birthday, so we gathered in the break room, and sang a happy song, and ate some ice cream cake. It was good. I really needed some ice cream cake in my life this week.

I wrote a rather colorful rant the other day and many of you stopped by to offer some kind words. I appreciated every single one. Thank you all. Many of you wanted to know how I am feeling now. Well, the most accurate thing is to say I am feeling better. Not quite good, but better. I am certainly not in the same broken mindset as I was on Monday.

I don’t often talk about stuff like that, but my mind was just stuck. I was very, very angry. I still am to some degree, but I made a conscious decision yesterday while staring at that ice cream cake. At first I refused to have any. I sat there looking at all those happy people and I found myself wanting to mush the cake in all of their faces. The jubilation was just a bit much for me. Especially the phony “hey let’s sing for this old guy we never talk to” variety. I had to stop myself right away. I was being a bitter little shit, and that my friends is not me.

I looked at the ice cream cake that was being passed around and thought to myself, “What are you doing Dave? You love ice cream cake. Everyone loves ice cream cake. It’s delicious! With the vanilla and the chocolate and the little crunchies. How can you pass this up? Why would you pass this up? Cause your brothers pissed you off two days ago? So you are gonna let them take this delicious cake away from you? What the hell kind of sense does that make? Go get a slice of that cake man. You’ll enjoy it. And be sure to fucking smile when you eat it too. You can’t stay this mad. It is not good for you.” So I had some ice cream cake and it was delicious.

And you know what, it actually made me feel a little better. It made me realize that with all the bullshit that goes on, there is always ice cream cake to fall back on. It may be a temporary fix, but damnit it’s good. Sometimes we just need good things to focus on, no matter how small they may be.



  1. I’m guessing, too, that even if nobody talks to the guy, he felt much better about his workplace after having all of you join him to celebrate his birthday. It was a good thing all around.Ice cream cake, in my opinion, could bring about world peace if we just let it. Amazing isn’t it? And kudos for you for the positive attitude — it’s not easy to think that way when you are feeling rotten, and it takes a lot of strength. It says a lot about you that you tried it and had success. I hope you keep feeling better, and I hope there is all the ice cream cake you need. Take care!

  2. I thought I was going to be the first to comment, but Millsanicole beat me LOL. That’s what I get for being such a blabbermouth! 

  3. Anything sugar seems to help out a bit!! ah. Yum. Ice-cream cake. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better. Even if its just a little!! I really do hope things work out, family is important! *HUGS*

  4. You are so right about focusing on the good things!  And I kinda feel sorry for the old guy – that nobody really seemed to care that it was his birthday.  By “old guy” – I assume you mean someone in his forties?  Now I think I need something fun to focus on!  LOL!!!  Kathi

  5. You can have your cake, think about mashing it, and eat it too?  You are living the dream my friend.  I thrive on the simple acts in life that bring us right through to the otherside of the disappointments.  Pass me a spoonful would ya?

  6. Maybe that’s it. I need a little ice cream cake this week. I didn’t have nearly as colorful a rant as you (and mine’s protected, sorry, folks); but I spewed it out on Xanga too. Now I just need a little ice cream cake. Instead, I’m going to go eat Chinese Food and go see Spamalot at the theater. Whatever works.

  7. Oh Dave I’m so glad your feeling better. I had to back track to see what was wrong. Your right, crap happens… we feel it and respoind to it and then move on… and a little ice cream cake doesn’t hurt. Putting you in my prayers and sending you a hug.

  8. i’ve never really found comfort in food, but apparently a lot more people do than i realized =/ice cream cake = delish πŸ™‚

  9. Flat out… ice cream makes my day. And sprinkles. For some reason sprinks (yes, I call them that) make everything taste better and I know they have no real taste. Go figure. I’m glad you got some (cake, that is)!

  10. Ice cream cake is one of the great joys of life . . . but I never want one on my birthday. That’s I day I’m entitled to two desserts: cake AND ice cream!!! Glad you’re feeling more yourself.

  11. “With the vanilla and the chocolate and the little crunchies”, LOL. Yep, ice cream cake does rock.I’m glad to see you’re feeling better… woman have been trying to tell men for generations what sugar can do for a bad mood.

  12. Ice cream cake has solved many a problem  in my life. That’s probably why I’m still pushing around 230lbs. Stress and depression are helping but I’m betting they’re only following the ice cream and cake. Darn it, now I have to exercise my guilt away.I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

  13. Do you like the movie Office Space? The office birthday reminded me of the scene where Milton doesn’t get any cake, and it cracked me up. I hope you find a little ice cream cake each day to carry you through until things work themselves out. There’s no point in suffering because of your own anger.

  14. It’s the reason why God created ice cream cake in the first place…or something like that…Really, turning down ice cream cake should be a big red flag that your priorities are seriously out of whack.

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