Real Celebrities on Xanga?

We’ve had some good questions up for debate the past few weeks. This one is probably my favorite. I almost saved it for the bonus debate, but I couldn’t wait to use it. Color me impatient.

Our second final four matchup is the 4 Seed vs. the underdog 9 Seed. Both have had very strong showings thus far and seem focused on winning it all. Lets see who emerges the victor.

As always I remind you to be objective. Read and let me know who deserves to be in the final. Please keep in mind that we are voting on who had the more well structured argument and not which stance you agree with. The participants were not allowed to choose their topics or which side they were arguing.

Topic: Would xanga be better off if more celebrities blogged here?

Opening Statements:
9 Seed (Pro) – Twitter has already proved this to be true. Twitter has grown in such popularity that celebrities from all different mediums have started sharing what’s going on with them – and people really do care about it. Celebrities wouldn’t take any content away from current  Xanga users, even if celebrities and others blog about the same topics. This has never been an issue on Xanga, in fact the most popular bloggers actually help out the smaller bloggers by giving them a hot topic to blog about.

An especially fascinating part about celebrity blogging is that instead of hearing from TV or online news outlets what happened to a celebrity or at an event, you can hear it straight from the source. The most important part would be the massively increased web traffic the site would receive if bloggers chose to come to Xanga instead of the other blog sites that many currently use. Even if the bloggers are controversial, Xanga always benefits from additional active and intelligent discussion.

4 Seed (Con) – Xanga would not be better off if more celebrities blogged here. Already, lesser-known Xangans are complaining about lack of exposure compared to the “Top Bloggers” and “Xangalebrities”. Once you introduce a whole new realm of popularity – that of true, genuine celebrities – the hidden gems of Xanga talent will be even further buried under the clamor for celebrity attention. If we can’t have “Xangalebrities” without the vast majority of Xanga feeling as if they’re being neglected, how can we introduce real celebrities into our community without sacrificing even more of our lesser-known talent? We need our focus to be on quality BLOGGING, not on celebrity gossip. We’ve got more than enough talent as real, everyday people. There’s no need to look elsewhere.

9 Seed   As has been shown before, many of the top bloggers and “Xangalebrities” actually help lesser known blogs by giving Xanga a hot topic that ignites discussion. There is no objective way for Xanga to automatically look at blogs and put them to the top blogs. User popularity (via comments or recommendations) is the only real way a blog can be given exposure. To get popularity people have to be active in the community by both posting and commenting often. The popular blogs are popular for a reason – people like them! This would not change with the addition of celebrities, if anything, it would help. A significant percentage of Huginn’s traffic has come from his comments on TheTheologiansCafe relating to theological discussion.

Your characterization of celebrities gossiping is inaccurate – recently Lance Armstrong talked about the anti-doping procedures and other intricacies of his professional life via Twitter. This is hardly “celebrity gossip”, and Xanga could always benefit from MORE quality talent, regardless of who the person behind the blog is. Many celebrities aren’t gossiping bimbos, but people with real talent for writing.

4 Seed – Building the Xanga community has revolved around discussing topical issues. Posts about cheating, drinking, and racism have inflamed the Xanga and generated a discourse community, social interaction, and increased traffic for Xanga.

It has (so far) worked; however, introducing ‘genuine’ celebrities to spew thinly-veiled propaganda into the gaping ears of Xangans will only introduce pandering (or flaming) by Xanga. Xanga relies on more than a celebrity appearance gimmick to survive. More importantly, it will only cheapen the experience of Xanga by drawing attention away from topics and towards people. Small minds talk about people, great minds talk about ideas.


Vote Now – Down below. Judges send in your votes via private message.



  1. #9That said, I do have an opinion on this. Celebrities on Xanga would be a good idea. I have argued in the past against the idea of having professional writers producing professional blogs on Xanga; that would be an insult to the amateur base of Xanga. We’re doing our best, there’s no need to rub it in by bringing in published writers. (Sorry if that sounds bitter.) But “celebs”- sure, it can only lead to promotion of Xanga. Good promotion.

  2. I’m a new member on xanga, so I think i need more time toexplore the reality or the phenomenon of Blog ( i haven’t reg any before), esp regarding to Xanga,So ,let me think about it and then will re_ visit your post,But anyway, Your Post is V. Impressive, Readable and Great ( to raise Sensible Discussion) !Thx! David, Nice to meet U on Xanga, i’m MyChinaFlower Fr. HK!

  3. Topic: Would xanga be better off if more celebrities blogged here? Answer: Absolutely NOT! And I don’t need any evidence to support this. Who are we anyway? Big “charitable” Madona’s of the world???!

  4. @c_jamaica – Well you seemed pretty passionate about it. I would say you probably would have alot to say about it if we got into a discussion about it. I think this is actually one of the more complicated questions to ask. Its really not that cut and dry.

  5. Wow, this was a good one! I read and re-read it before finally giving my vote to #9. The reason? Because the overall argument was strong. Plus, their rebuttal to #4’s opening statement was clear and dealt specifically with the points raised by their opponent. I especially liked the statement about “the characterization of celebrity gossip”. That was dead on!

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