The Xanga Debate Tourney is at the finish line. We had some interesting twists and turn take place in the Final Four, but now we are down to just two. First let’s recap the last round.

The 4/9 Seed Matchup was very close. The udges split down the middle on this one. It came down to the reader’s votes where the 9 Seed had the advantage. Looks like the Cinderella of this dance is still alive.

The 2/3 Seed Matchup had the most drama. First the 6 Seed had to step in for the 3 Seed who was unable to participate in this round. Then the judges slit even in their voting. It came down to the reader’s votes where the 6 Seed edged out the 2 Seed by 1 single vote. I counted three times. 

So with the final four over and done with, let’s check up on our brackets.


We are down to the final matchup. The 3 Seed back in action against the underdog 9 Seed.

Final Topic: If xanga were in financial trouble which would be a better solution;
Increased commercialism or making users pay a members fee (separate from premium) to remain on xanga?

It’s been a long road to the final, and both of our finalists are close enough to victory to taste it. Who will emerge as our champion? You’ll have to come back and find out.

Sidenote – If being the first ever Xanga Debate Champion isn’t incentive enough, the winner also is shooting for a chance to participate in a bonus team debate with me against TheTheologiansCafe and SecretNeverTold. That promises to be a very fun challenge.



  1. This has been so much fun,I appreciate all the  effort on your part Dave. I love the way you bring the community together  and I was proud to be a part of it !!I love ya.

  2. WOW! We split down the middle both times?!?!?! Crazy! I would love to know how we each voted. (I know, I know. Confidentiality and all of that.) What a dramatic semi-final round! I can’t wait for the final!!

  3. That IS some serious drama! Seriously, major points on creating a contest that has held my attention for…how long has this been going on? A couple weeks or something right? Haha, I don’t know, but if it kept my attention for more than two days, it deserves serious props.You’re awesome. XD~V

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