Alright time for a reset. All this drama around here lately has been a distraction, but there are important things going on around here. Important things like the XANGA DEBATE TOURNAMENT FINALS!

I am posting a recap today to set up tomorrow’s final…

The Xanga Debate Tourney is at the finish line. We had some interesting twists and turn take place in the Final Four, but now we are down to just two. First let’s recap the last round.

The 4/9 Seed Matchup was very close. The udges split down the middle on this one. It came down to the reader’s votes where the 9 Seed had the advantage. Looks like the Cinderella of this dance is still alive.

The 2/3 Seed Matchup had the most drama. First the 6 Seed had to step in for the 3 Seed who was unable to participate in this round. Then the judges slit even in their voting. It came down to the reader’s votes where the 6 Seed edged out the 2 Seed by 1 single vote. I counted three times. 

So with the final four over and done with, let’s check up on our brackets.


We are down to the final matchup. The 3 Seed back in action against the underdog 9 Seed.

Final Topic: If xanga were in financial trouble which would be a better solution;
Increased commercialism or making users pay a members fee (separate from premium) to remain on xanga?

It’s been a long road to the final, and both of our finalists are close enough to victory to taste it. Who will emerge as our champion? You’ll have to come back and find out.

Sidenote – If being the first ever Xanga Debate Champion isn’t incentive enough, the winner also is shooting for a chance to participate in a bonus team debate with me against TheTheologiansCafe and SecretNeverTold. That promises to be a very fun challenge.



  1. Hm. This Xanga debate tournament is the distraction. Debate is the death of conversation.But anyway, I came up with my own little speech…Enjoy.THE TRUTH ABOUT XANGA…recently, that is.The Fact: Xanga IS safe. Except….(Read below)The Real Deal: Don’tmake a negative comment to anyone in Xanga because the moment you do,everyone else will turn against you – as if this is a place where wehave microchips in our heads in which we are only expected to come upwith witty, pleasant and candy-coated answers and if you aren’t doingthat, you will be shot down and crushed into a million places.The number two Fact: Xanga is a DICTATORIAL blogging community. (Refer the sentence above this)The Beautiful: Xanga has a lot of great writers.The Ugly:Too bad the ones featured or on Top Blogs are written by the samepeople you see last week, with more or less the same contents andnothing else that could really capture your attention and make you stopdoing whatever it is you are doing.The Monster:Xanga writers turn against you for saying something that is differentthan what the rest are saying. (Again, refer to The Real Deal)Hence….Xanga will always have drama, just like life and love would always give us drama.Whatreally baffles me is that the people here seem to think I am a villainbecause I make negative comments. I mean, am I suppose to please you bygiving you warm thoughts even if I am annoyed with what you arewriting? And it’s not like my negative comments contain words like”Cunt” or “Bitch” like what others have said to me. All I ever wantedto say was that, if you’re a Top Blogger, please make sure your postsare not redundant, and people in Xanga should give a chance for othersto shine. There are thousands of Xanga bloggers out there aside fromthe Top Ones. Why do they always hog the limelight even if their postsare not even that great?In conclusion…The Sad: Sadly,these people who have turned against me need to grow up and be mature.Just because I said something that may sound like a criticism doesn’tmean I don’t have the right to say it. And just because I don’t agreewith you doesn’t mean you’ll all make sour faces, block me, or shutdown your websites like scared rabbits because someone pinched theirskin. Wah-Wah. That’s all I can say. Such crybabies. I kind ofwonder, what if in the workplace, your employer would criticize you forsomething you did, would you turn against him and be a brat and actlike a self-centered person who only wants to hear pleasant thoughts?! My, my. You’ll NEVER survive in this world if that’s your kind of attitude.Justtelling you how it is in the real world, brothers and sisters. So, incase that you’ll still see me as your enemy, please remember: Roseshave thorns – I may be a thorn in your eyes, but I am real, just likethe thorns in the roses you hold in your hands.Ever heard ofthis saying, “Be kind to the people on your way up, because they arethe same people you’ll meet on your way down?”-Out

  2. @c_jamaica – see I don’t know why you even came here with this. Haven’t we gone down this road before. So tell me this…Does my writing suck? Is it uninteresting and unoriginal. Am I the problem here?Look I already told you, if you want to be a top blogger so bad, I can help you get there. You don’t really want to be up there though do you? Cause then you have pressure to actually write good blogs, and that scares you. Look please stop this crusade you have going. No one says you can’t speak your mind, but now you are leaving spam comments. I saw this comment on someone else’s page.You know I’ve tried to be nice to you. You don’t have to fight with everyone y’know. Are you trying to make enemies?

  3. @vanedave – The way you write doesn’t suck. The TOPIC is. It’s not the writing style that is bugging me, it is the TOPIC. Can’t we have something other than that to be on Top Blogs? Everytime I log on to Xanga, I see almost the same things: sex, deathmatches, a response to another response, Xanga, Jediwa, DearSnippie, etc. For God’s sake, can’t we talk about something else????To me, I don’t care what your writing style is. It’s not how you write it, because I respect that everyone who makes a Xanga account wants to write – It’s the TOPIC, and of course, the redundancies bothers me. And another thing, if you’re a Top Blogger, shouldn’t you make a good example and rec others too? (Like the ones who are not in your circle of friends) I have come across lots of good blogs out there and even if I did rec them, it wouldn’t matter coz you need LOTS of recs to be even on Top Blogs – a shame, really, since GREAT blogs shouldn’t even need recs. It should immediately be on Top. And again, I don’t want to be a Top Blogger. I want others to be on Top Blogs (can’t you just survive without being on Top even for 1-2 days?) I mean, let others have their turn. I’ve already made a post recently and even in the past about people I’ve known whose topics and blog entries should grace the Frontpage of Xanga, but to no avail.I am keeping this crusade up. Why should I give up on making Xanga better? Besides, you were never nice to me. Even if you did, I’ve always had the suspicion it was a facade. YOU are one of the reasons why posted this to your site also. Because it seems that YOU don’t even get it. Haven’t I even made myself clear? I said POST SOMETHING ELSE – and here you are, again with this Xanga debate deathmatch. Frankly, it is annoying and it is CHILDISH.You are a HYPOCRITE – you tell me to stop this crusade and what are YOU doing? You’re turning Xanga into a DEATHMATCH by having them DEBATE and with debate, there will always be arguments because of the different points of view.I don’t have to fight with everyone. I’m not even fighting. I’m merely stating my case.

  4. @c_jamaica – How are you calling me the hypocrite here? I write about all sorts of different things. I’ve challenged you many times to go back and actually LOOK at my entries. You will see that I talk about way more than the things you accuse me of repeating. You are just a negative person.This debate thing is a tournament. I am posting it again because the tournament is still ongoing. MANY PEOPLE LIKE THIS TOURNAMENT. You are the only one I have had complain about it. Why should I change because one person doesn’t like it? Does that even make sense?And I have made an effort to reach out to you. I offered you a guest blog (which I never do) and you were too paranoid to take it. You could have used that to talk about anything. You could have used it to recommend some of these great blogs, but you didn’t. All you do is complain about who is on top blogs instead. You don’t have any idea how many people I have helped gain traffic. I have had many posts in the past which were centered around trying to put people’s blogs out there. Here is one. I have even talked about starting a network with a few other top bloggers aimed at pushing lesser known blogs. I guarantee you I have helped people more than your complaining does.Now look. I know this is your thing. You are having some fun with this. I know you are. Even when Snippies and others called you all sorts of names you were having fun. Fine. But I have been pretty civil with you. I have offered to help. I have refrained from bad-mouthing you the way so many others have. Yet you still say I am one of the ones you are crusading against. I am going to give you one last chance to end this nonsense. At least with me. I don’t deserve these scoldings and I certainly don’t need them.

  5. @vanedave – I’m never a negative person. Take the time to see my blog. It’s a very beautiful blog. I cannot comprehend the way you say I am a negative person. Who is being negative? In fact, ALL OF YOU are being negative to ME. I go around trying to tell people that I want to see some changes in Xanga and what do I get? A lot of name calling and a lot of narrow-minded oppositions! Why did people even vote for Obama anyway if you’re all so opposed to see some changes?I’m complaining about the debate tournament because it has always been in the Xanga Top Blogs. It is always repeating itself. Why can’t you come up with something other than that for all the Xanga readers out there? And tell me, if you really don’t want people to be negative like what you are accusing me of, why the hell do you make a DEBATE tournament when debates are supposed to make people argue upon themselves about a certain topic or two?I don’t want to be in your guest blog. I don’t think people or you would be interested in reading it. After all, you have all considered me the villain, right? If no one even comes to my blog, why should I even consider having my writings read in your guest blog?! THAT is the one that doesn’t make sense at all.I have even talked about starting a networkwith a few other top bloggers aimed at pushing lesser known blogs. Iguarantee you I have helped people more than your complaining does.”Oh, yeah?? Gee, that’s just a lot of hot air. If you have helped a LOT of lesser known blogs to be on Top Blogs, why is it that everytime I log on to Xanga, all the people I see in there are the SAME bloggers?! Bloggers like CiaoBella, YOU, Seedsower, DearSnippie, AvenueToTheReal, Ilovemy2babyboys, Antisoccermom….Can you explain that ar least? Where is your evidence that there are a LOT of lesser known blogs who were on Top Blogs?!Now look. I know this is your thing. You are having some fun with this. I know you are.”Please don’t pretend to know me. You know nothing at all about me. I am NOT having fun with this. If I were, I would be writing a hate blog entry in my Xanga and passing it on to the Xanga Team. If I were having fun, I would make a sarcastic post about all of you like what CiaoBella did in hers and she even made fun of me having a crush on this guy. If you think that is the way I am, then maybe I should go and write a hate letter and then passing it to the Xanga Team. But then, I won’t. Because I’m good. No, wait. I don’t need to say that. In fact, I don’t need to tell people of my goodness. I know only the shallow ones can’t appreciate it.I don’t need your help in gaining popularity to my own blog. I certainly don’t WANT or NEED to be popular. But I want to see other people in the Xanga Frontpage. Can’t you at least do that? I think I might have mentioned to you before that I don’t want to see CiaoBella, seedsower, DearSnippie, AvenueToTheReal, Ilovemy2babyboys, Antisoccermom in the Front Page – at least for one day or something. I don’t know or care how you do it, just please do it. Then I would stop. This crusade has only been for the sake of seeing some change in Xanga. You could tell your friends or other Top Bloggers to rec lesser known blogs and tell them to stop asking for recs. Jeez! That’s way downright cheap.Anyway, I’m sorry for taking this out on you. Nobody listens anyway. No matter how gentle or sarcastic or how insanely I would clarify myself, the fact is: No one listens. Perhaps you, but I don’t know as of yet where I stand at this point.Again, I’m sorry. Thank you for even taking the time to read this comment. Have a nice day! 🙂

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