I am a Big Gay Troll!

So the perez_on_x saga is finally at it’s end. There was indeed a live broadcast from his page last night and the truth about his identity was finally revealed. It wasn’t Perez Hilton, or ASM, or Theo Dan, it was me people.

I am a big gay troll! (Okay that is the last time I say that ever again.)

Let me just take the opportunity to say APRIL FOOL’S EVERYBODY! I hope I didn’t piss anyone off too bad. It was all in good fun.

I cooked this little scheme up last week with the help of jediwa72 (Jess) and ciaobella810 (Terri). The plan was for me to pick on Jess so much that it forced Terri to go all g-status on me and start up a good old fashioned flame war. This plan was obviously sidetracked when Jess decided to leave xanga last Friday. I almost shut the whole thing down. I thought all the Perez drama might have contributed to her decision and I felt real bad. I spoke to Jess the next day and she told me everything was fine and that the prank had nothing to do with her leaving. She also told me to carry on with the whole thing. After speaking it over with Bella that is just what I decided to do.  

The next hurdle I had to deal with was repressedwriter‘s post in which she outed Perez_on_x as a fraud (LadyAsianInvasion also outed me a little later on.) Props to her by the way. She knew it was me all along. I admit that I was pissed when I saw that post. I was like damn this is going to ruin everything! It definitely changed everything, but it did not ruin it. People were still interested in the site, if only to see who the asshole behind it was. Others still believed me when I said the email was from an intern.

I told people I would prove my identity by doing a live broadcast. I set xangaTV for yesterday and tried to hype it up as much as I could. I got so many messages from people saying how they saw me on this show or that show and they can’t wait to talk to me. I had fun watching all the theories fly around and the people who still obviously thought it at least might be the real deal. I was a bit nervous how people would react, but everything went great. Pretty much everyone that showed up yesterday had a good laugh about it.

So today is the last day you will see Perez_on_x. I am shutting it down tomorrow morning. It was fun while it lasted, but I feel all dirty and it needs to go. A couple of shoutouts before I end this off…

Shoutout to the John, Edlives, Dan Theologian, and Curtainsopen. I was forced to tell these dudes and they kept the secret for me. They were cracking up behind your backs, trust me.

Shoutout to Antisoccermom who was a super good sport about this. She really got a good laugh even though she lost a bet over it.

Shoutout to Mrsprosa‘s hair.

Shoutout to blogsmack (and everyone else who joined me for XTV last night) cause I promised I would.

Shoutout to everyone I missed.

I’m out.



  1. I’m proudly wearing my gold star. I did keep my mouth shut about who it was, figuring that you’d find a way to keep it going despite my proof that it wasn’t Perez.  People were so convinced they knew who it was and few said you.  That made it fun for me, too.  I”m glad you aren’t mad…but just FYI you did prove me right when you commented on my first pulse about it. I was only like 90% sure it was you until then.  Once you visited my site for only second time and about that…I knew for sure it was you.  I also had it figured out who knew from the start.   Yay me.  (hear the sarcasm people, I have to have something to be proud of about myself.  Sad, sad, sad.)Good prank Dave…especially keeping it alive after the spoilers. 

  2. That was a great prank! You really had alot of people going. I couldn’t decide either way whether it was real or not!

  3. Now before I even read this, Going by the title only I have to say, I KNEW IT!okay. I’mma scroll back up and read it now :)I’ve read it and, I had a feeling, but I didn’t think you were smart enough to pull it off, no offense.oh! you fucking asshole,you called me a snob.:(

  4. I was really hoping you would call yourself a “Big Gay Troll” just one more time for dramatic effect. As a matter of fact, that would make an awesome post in and of itself.

  5. I will quickly admit that I did not know it was you.  I don’t know you well enough to have made the connection, honestly. All I knew is that someone was playing everyone for fools.  I’m glad that it was you and not some genuine troll (yeah, it actually surprises me that anyone would think it was really Perez).  Still, your joke proves how easy it is to manipulate the mob.  That was what bothered me was that everyone was so quick to just lose it.Well played.

  6. Most people’s were more along the lines of…”I can’t believe you believe this.” “Totally a fake.” Yours seemed kinda…either angry/bitter, which seems kind of dumb and not something like you would do from what little I know about you, or playing on the curiosity of people to go check it out more than to dismiss it altogether.  

  7. Yay! I got my shoutout! =) I started to think it was you when you had to leave the chatroom to reboot.Good April Fools prank though! Gotta give you props on that! You had a lot of people wondering!

  8. I must say I believed it when you made the first post as Perez.Then I sorta figured it out.:)Major props, you definitely accomplished the biggest Xanga prank this year πŸ™‚

  9. Hey, hey… I threw out a theory on day 1! Of course, I suspected it was Dan, not you. But I did say it could be a different “big dog” blogger. And I didn’t really connect it with the fact that April Fool’s was around the corner. But anyways, it was a sweet prank, and it caused quite a bit of drama. It was fun!

  10. OH GOD!  Next time involve me in the damn plan…I would have kept my mouth shut…and I wouldn’t have done detective work!  LoL!  But kudos for the joke!  *heehee*  Damnit..I wanted to be a part of the drama.  =(

  11. I will admit that (as I said in my post) that I thought it was funny until it looked like someone shut down over it. That ticked me off- it ticked off a lot of people.Without that angle, things probably would have gone much more smoothly. It probably would have been more fun.Except that so many people really did believe- like, omg!-  that Perez Hilton had come to Xanga.That depresses me.

  12. I didn’t show up after your comment about doing a real XTV yesterday. xPBut well-done, nonetheless. You had more or less all of Xanga going… You’d better top this next year. xD

  13. I seriously have to remember which site I’m signed into know before rec’ding.  ugh.It was fun.  Watch you next year will be a common theme now.

  14. @Levanna – way to have my back smarty pants. @LadyAsianInvasion – lol. It’s cool. I admired the detective work actually. I was just surprised he responded so fast.@Pieces_of_a_Melody – As long as everyone had fun and no one got hurt.@ModernBunny – It depresses me that so many people watch the Maury show. What are you gonna do?@IfonEarth – lol. I’d rather not think about next year. I don’t know how to top this.@edlives – Oh man everybody’s going to be on the lookout for me next year. I can’t wait to outsmart everyone.@echois23 – you are so right about the social experiment aspect.@elelkewljay – lol. thank you miss.@Undercover_Librarian – lol. It was fun fighting with you actually.

  15. I’m a little disappointed… I was hoping it was really him, lol, because it’s was pretty entertaining watching “him” get everyone so hyped up!

  16. Ah, I see…(indifference brewing in her her mind)Truth be told, I didn’t see anything particularly hilarious in this post…except, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps people who cook all these schemes up are tired of their personal lives and decided to come up with a way of making themselves a mask.I feel no laughter or a grin forming on the corners of my mouth. I just feel bewildered.You make a up a prank like this, and yet everyone still seems to love you. But when I try to say something that’s is nothing compared to what a troll Perez was, people think I’m not worthy to be here.(C_jamaica is shaking her head)I’m just so glad I wasn’t even part of this.Bewildered. Like, totally.I believe the Top Bloggers on Xanga are high on pot. So high, they can’t even think straight anymore. I’m giving props. Not that I enjoy giving them.Question: What did you gain from pulling this prank? Do you encourage others to make pranks on other people? Why or why not?

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