Damn You MSN Kids!

My cousin from Louisianna wrote a very funny rant this morning. It inspired me to do a short rant this morning.

I’m sure most of you have seen these new MSN commercials with all the little children who can use the PC all by themselves. 

Ridiculously Cute Little Girl: “I’m 4 years old and I just produced a feature length film on my PC”

Me: “Yah? Well you’re asian and I’m not! (Cue angry mob.)

I apologize for that. I get a little ignorant when I am angry. Those commercials make me so angry. I’ve seen three of them now and each time I see one I feel like a complete idiot after. Thanks alot fot that MSN.

Hey do you think Bill Gates will pick up the bill for the therapy I am going to need to help me deal with these newfound feelings of inadequacy?

Completely Unrelated Siderant: I rarely submit posts for featured, but I decided to do so a few days ago. The voting aspect is cool and all, but it really annoys me that I have to go all comment whore on people for anyone to even know it’s up there. I hate when people message me like hey go vote for my post to be featured, and yet I understand that they have no choice.

I was thinking there should maybe be a link to the voting on the front page. That would be cool. Eh, whatever.

I just answered this Featured Question; you can answer it too!



  1. You have a point. Why aren’t those klids outside being kids. I want to wring parents necks for pushing adulthood technology onto little kids.  I can just see the future cases of 5 and 6 years olds with carpel tunnel syndrome.  Opps!  I’m ranting. Down girl. Back. I better go get some fresh air.

  2. I cringe when I see such little kids on the computer so much. They should really go play outside. Just because they’re being productive doesn’t mean they won’t get fat from starting at a monitor instead of a TV all day.

  3. Those commercials are ridiculous lol. Way to make the rest of us adults feel inadequate lol. I’m with you on there needing to be a link to voting on the front page, its like a secret or something. 

  4. That last time I got featured I didn’t submit it for featuring, and don’t know if anyone else did either. I just posted it, and it was on the front page in very short order….Of all the posts to get featured, it was that one about freedom of religious speech. -_- I doubt you remember the comment you left on that post, but you said “I hope it doesn’t go over everyone’s head” or something similar.You bet it did. I got witnessed at, was told I was a “devout secularist”, and faced a certain amount of faith-based indignance. Apparently there were those who believed I was attacking them by saying that everyone should speak freely while they have the freedom to do so.Moral of the story? Write something that will be severely miscontrued, then go do whatever you want. Xanga will feature THAT.

  5. Y’know, I’ve adjusted the fact that I just may very well be inadequate. When I was four, I was trying to dig a swimming pool out in the backyard.

  6. I had a post featured once… I didn’t submit it, and I don’t know if anyone else did or not… it was the post about me being raped by my ex.  It was the first time I had ever told that story…  it took all of about an hour for it to appear on the front page… my family doesn’t know about that… I was worried… >.<About the 4 year olds on computers… my son is in the 1st grade, and he was helping me design my page the other day… he was like “no mom, you don’t have to open a new page, you can just click that little thing right there… yep, that one…. that will open up a new window right in the old one for ya!  Cool huh mom!  I about died.

  7. I agree. I am pretty computer savvy, but…. I have not clue how to work any of that photo/movie crap. The best I can do is a PowerPoint and a ten minute movie using Windows Movie Maker. XDI highly doubt those kids even knew how to use the program before being cast for the commercials.

  8. Lol? Children nowadays… “Indigo” kids… I was watching Oprah… I think *sigh*… and I saw this 2 yearold who knew ALL the worlds’ countries and their capitals… Smarties -_- 🙂

  9. I think kids these days come out of the womb being able to hack into any computer.  I’m really sick and tired of those Free Credit Report dot com commercials. They’ve just gotten so annoying!

  10. @Jaynebug – I totally agree with your rant. Go scrape your knees damnit.@kim – Sigh. I am literally throwing my kids outside when its a nice day. I cant stand to see my cousins inside when its nice.@another_rebel_without_a_cause – haha. OWNED!!!@ModernBunny – yeah thats the truth. I remember that post well. I remember thinking that you were bound to get shit for it.@TheLoquaciousLady – lol. I’m laughing with you, not at you.@elelkewljay – yep. I am jealous.@AlterEgo909 – yeah it’s like they’re ashamed of their democratic model.

  11. I didn’t know HOW to submit a post for featured until a couple months ago. I’ve never done it. It’s one of those things that if it happens, great, but I’d rather not force it…Mostly because I can’t take rejection… hehe.~V

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