0 e-props

Is there anything cooler than being a rebel? I certainly can’t think of anything cooler off the top of my head.

I’ve wanted to be a rebel for as long as I can remember. Some people who inspired me to be a rebel in my youth include:
malcolm           Luke          zach   
 2pac        billy          fresh prince

In trying to emulate some of these daring men of valor I acted out in many ways as a youngin. I stayed at the park up to fifteen minutes later than I was supposed to, I lost my glasses on purpose once, I told my my mom I was  wearing my long johns when I really wasn’t. I was badass!

As much as I wanted to be a rebel, I always had this nagging thing called common sense. I knew there had to be a limit to how far I could push the powers that be. For example, cursing out the teacher might make me look cool for a minute with my peers, but was it worth being suspended and getting my ass whooped at home? Uhhh nah, I’m all set. I’ll stick to cursing the teacher out in my head like I usually do.0 eprops

I say all of this to make this point. I understand the allure of wanting to be a rebel. You want to stand out. You want your voice to be heard. You want to be cool. I get it. I really do. Just know that there is a fine line between being a rebel and being a douche.

A good example of the contrast between rebels and douchebags are people who give 0 eprops. Giving 0 eprops is a very deliberate action. It has to be premeditated (kinda like murder). You don’t just give 0 eprops by accident. It takes a concerted effort. You have to break from your normal routine of simply clicking submit. You have to take extra time to find the 0 eprop option, click in the circle, and then click submit. It’s pretty time consuming. I have only given 0 eprops as a joke. This is because to me, thats what 0 eprops is; A JOKE! Like someone is really gonna bat an eye at the 2 credits they just missed out on? Come on!

Receiving 0 eprops always cracks me up. I had a recent entry where I received nearly 200 eprops and 55 recs, yet one “rebel” felt it necessary to give me 0 eprops. As I looked down the list of people who left eprops on my page (look to the right of this), I couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid this person looked. Way to make a statement buddy! You really taught me a lesson with that one. Haha. Douche!

I’ll leave you with a Public Service Announcement from James Dean…

James Dean



  1. the ploy worked.  you featured that person, afterward.  tsk.  c’mon, Dave.  really.yeah, some people like to leave 0 to make clear they disapproved… my problem is 0 eprops + NO COMMENT.  no love, at all.

  2. Eh, I don’t see the big deal. I mean, the option is there; people are perfectly within their rights to use it without getting entire entries dedicated to how stupid they are. Maybe whoever it was genuinely didn’t think your entry deserved e-props. Who cares? Like you said. You got 200 more.

  3. Well, you know, after that featured thing, I’m definitely feelin’ the no eprops love. And what about Jesus? He was a rebel.Even though I totally understand why Luke Skywalker would take the cake. I mean, obbbviously. 😀

  4. @MySecretLoveAffair – uh huh.  a blog about him/her (how do YOU know it’s a “he”?), with the NAME circled.i want someone to write a blog about me with my name circled.  boooo.  that’s only a step down from a link.  psh.what’s with the “C_virgin island” name?  is this a new trend?

  5. c_aruba? Why do I feel like that was edited lolWhen I want to not give eprops, I do “comment only” so no one calls me out like this Sometimes I feel my comment is needed, but my eprops are not deserved, but this is on very rare occurrences…like…ehem…with “perez”

  6. Lol I dont think I have ever given 0 eprops I dont even pay attention to eprops. Big deal… Anyhoo nice post 🙂

  7. I had a group of people back in the old days that thought it would be a good idea to try to get everyone to give me 0 eprops.  The funny thing is I think those people actually increased my traffic by talking about me so much.

  8. Is it possible the person is new to Xanga? I confess, now I get it all, but a month or so ago when I started here, I didn’t understand the e-props. I figured out it was the default, but didn’t realize it was normal to give them, and thought it was something extra, like a rec. So I unclicked it a couple of times when I wasn’t really making a statement, but didn’t think the post was a rec-type post (I didn’t realize you could additionally recommend until later). It really all was a misunderstanding, and I hope the people involved didn’t think I was being rude, when I didn’t mean to be.It all sounds stupid now, but when you start here, all of this is a bit confusing. A lot confusing actually.Now that I have the hang of it, though, I’d never not give e-props. But to a new person, that’s how it looks, so maybe they were just confused?And, no, I wouldn’t have the nerve to not give you e-props on this post LOL but I wonder how many will just to be funny!

  9. @Levanna – yeah but Jesus was a rebel cause his father told him to be. That kinda doesn’t count. On the other hand Luke chopped his father’s hand off. GANGSTA!!!@TheBigShowAtUD – C_Trinidad and Tobago?@AlterEgo909 – that is way smarter actually. You are smart.@Ima_BearKat – yeah I feel waaaaayyyy better. Thanks.@Kestryl – Are you looking for trouble today? Cause you’ll get it!@radicalramblings – I actually didn’t think about that. lol.@AnamcharaConcepts – no she was just a douche. haha.@TheTheologiansCafe – I love dumb people who think they’re smart.

  10. I was going to condescend to douche level and leave 0 eProps because… that’s really what you’re asking us to do with this post. But being the rebel, I’m giving you TWO eProps ANYWAY! Ha!  Take that!

  11. i love when i notice i have an odd # of eprops and it’s because of one person gave me only 1 and they don’t specify what was wrong with my post. meh. oh well.fresh prince ❤ the Carlton dance ❤ ahaha

  12. I kinda see Han Solo as more of a rebel then Luke Skywalker………….but I get your point.So did they give you a good comment and then do 0 eprops or did they give you a shitty comment too?

  13. @vanedave – Hell yes! It kicked my ass! Hubby and I had to play it through like six times before I got it. (Now, to be fair…I SUCK at Guitar Hero.) Billy Idol and I were not friends after that song! I called him and broke it off!

  14. @vanedave – There goes my benefit of the doubt theory. Sounds like it was just some jerk then. Sorry to hear! I admit the comments on here are making me giggle a little. 

  15. @vanedave – Yep. That’s pretty much the way it goes in our house. It took us a bit to get started with World Tour because it (for some strange reason) starts out with “No Sleep Til Brooklyn.” That one’s tough, too!

  16. James Dean = awesomeness! LOL0-eprops? I doubt I could give anyone 0-eprops – mostly cause its already clicked on the 2 eprops and you’d have to remember to click on 0-eprops & I’d forgot! haha! Besides. Thats just rude!

  17. the design if eprops is just outdated and dumb. It shouldn’t be 2 eprops by default and you have to specifically click 1 eprop or 0 eprops to show your displeasure with a post. That creates a very negative environment. Rather the default should be a comment only with no eprops and your user name not showing up on the side. Then you have to spend effort to explicity say you like a post enough to give it an eprop, or if you REALLY like a post, give it 2 eprops. With the demise of stars remember there is basically no way to specify your pleasure or displeasure with a post that doesn’t involve spamming all your readership. That’s going to push people who dislike a post into 0 or 1 eproping it more often. But the people who like a post more than enough to comment but just not enough to be willing to recommend it have no real outlet whatsoever.

  18. also i want to make note that often people who 0 eprop are new to xanga, don’t comment often, and/or don’t realize the negative connotations the xanga community puts on zero eprops. They may not even realize their username will be placed on a special section on the right hand side of the blog specifying that they zero eproped. I myself used zero eprops a few times when i first started leaving comments on other peoples blogs not thinking it would be even noticed or would matter. I thought it was like stars. I remember doing that on theTheologiansCafe’s blog once or twice when I first discovered it. I didn’t mean it to offend him, I just thought that was the behavior I was supposed to do when reviewing a blog. If I liked it a lot, I’d give it two eprops, if I liked it somewhat 1 eprop, and if I didn’t, 0 eprops. That didn’t mean I HATED it, it just meant I didn’t feel it was worthy of getting my eprops.It’s a systemic problem, not a problem with any particular user’s behavior. It shouldn’t be subject to social engineering. Eprops need to be redesigned or eliminated.

  19. I’ve never given anyone zero eprops before…In all my years on Xanga I’ve only gotten 0 eprops once. The person left a snide comment about why he left them. If you don’t like what you read, just don’t comment and move on…

  20. I used to leave 1 eProp by default. You had to be good to earn the 2nd eProp I said. With those eProps now actually meaning something and with recommends, that’s unnecessary. Well, except for times like this.When people give me 0 eProps, I wear it as a badge of honor. Someone cared enough to move their mouse over to that particular radio button, after all.

  21. Now, you and I simply see the e-props thing differently, my dear. Why WOULD I give e-props on a post that I vehemently disagreed with? But, since I’m not fond of lurkers, I usually WILL comment if I take the time to visit; hence why someone would get a zero-e-prop comment from me. I’ll admit that I don’t often take the time to think about the e-props thing (because I can’t say I’ve ever noticed my own e-prop counts); but when I do it’s deliberate but has NOTHING to do with being a rebel. There you go assuming everyone thinks like you do, honey! Oh, and what does only ONE e-prop mean in your world? He he he…

  22. Eprops should really just be done away with and left to rot.  Maybe I’ll start leaving everyone 0 eprops as my protest against them.

  23. “Start the Revolution” That’s the line I use when people want their voices heard.  I don’t care if someone wants to be a rebel with 0 eprops Dave.  It may be the only way they can express themselves as a rebel. Maybe they want to mess with you in a quiet subtle way.  Your space here is a playground for many personalities and maybe a bit of therapy for a few too. 

  24. @Nope_Ive_Never – it was a joke.@nephyo – eprops are not the only flawed thing around here, but its not that big a deal to me.@buckeyegirl31 – agreed.@randomneuralfirings – Everytime I get 0 eprops I’m like “hell yeah I pissed someone off today!”@Jaynebug – lol. I definitely think some people need the therapy.@Shirlann – Yeah but at least when you disagree so vehemently it makes more sense. There are definitely posts where no eprops might be appropriate. This was left on the xanga debate tournament announcement. Really though if you don’t wanna partake in it just ignore the post. Was the fact that I was trying to get people to engage in civil debate really cause for 0 eprops? Douchebag!@ModernBunny – I have no problem with that. @Kontzicles – You like my editing? haha.@TheMarriedFreshman – haha. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  25. Generally I give 0 eProps to people who are retarded, or who make equally retarded posts. Generally it’s my way of saying. “Hey retard, you are fucking retarded.Like Jews, Blacks and Creationists.

  26. @vanedave – That’s good, because I’ve been doing it rather often lately. It used to be I’d read a post, and if I couldn’t think of anything to say (or knew exactly what I wanted to say, if you know what I mean) I would just leave. Then it hit me one day- that’s two credits I’m not getting. There’s no point in reading a whole post and not getting any credits for it! I WANT MY TWO CREDITS!Xanga brings out one’s mercenary side. (Though I’m not a total sell-out- I don’t leave eProps if I really didn’t like the post.)

  27. I am curious as to the difference between putting 0 e props and comment only. Does 0 e props actually state ”0 e props” and not leaving e props, just a comment… leaves no trace? Hmmmm… Sneaky…:P

  28. I’m sorry if I’ve never given anybody Eprops… I don’t know what they are. Plus I donnt have a computer to choose that option. I use a phone for this…

  29. this is turning into a chat forum. I don’t know why xanga hasn’t made thread links like livejournal.james dean is hot and and black and white contrast lighting makes him that much more mysterious…like fuck color pics….mines is black and white lighting, biitch

  30. Leaving 0 eProps is what a real rebel does.  At one point in time, I left 0 eProps on every entry that I commented on just for the hell of it.  I’ll think I’ll start that up again, starting with this entry.(besides, we all know that “comment only” is more of an insult that 0 eProps).

  31. I’m sure they think they are the most clever cool kid around because they got a post dedicated to them, but don’t have to suffer flaming/nagging/other negative things and such since you changed their name.

  32. Not necessarily, young jedi . . . I know of people who run their credits down to zero paying for premium and giving out minis. Of course, I’m sure there are some cheap-ass douches out there.  Just start telling them, MORE, MORE, MORE.

  33. i never even think about how many eprops i’m giving someone. even on an entry i hate, i just comment and submit. punishment by lack of eprop just seems a bit out of my level, i guess. haha.i “lost” my glasses on purpose  once, too. i think i was in 6th grade and i’d had them since kindergarten. i couldn’t stand them anymore so i put them in the top drawer of my very tall dresser and insisted to mom (after “frantically searching” my room a few times) that they were just gone. so i got a new pair. i “found” them a few months later! lol. i’m not sure i’ve ever told my parents that…..:)

  34. hahaha.  Rebel!  Once again, your tags are ridiculously funny.  If I could just get mine up to that kind of caliber my posts would be epic.  I give you two props… no questions asked!

  35. Aw i wanted to be funny and give you zero props but since you made me laugh, i’ll go ahead and not exert myself from clicking the 0 prop :3

  36. I’m not going to zero you today, because it’s no longer cool, considering the massive legion of zeros you have already. However, making the rounds as the zero police is fresh and invigorating, should the office prove to be a hassle.It’s akin to going commando for a day… It’s just a great feeling that you can feel smug to yourself about.

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