I’m Pretty Disappointing in Person…

I am a firm believer in setting low expectations. That way nobody’s disappointed.

Okay anyone who knows me can call BS now. I am all about hyping shit up. So here we go…


Yeah you read that right. I said DOUBLEHEADER!

First at 7 ET iStephanieMarie will eat a crapload of Oreos and maybe hurl. *Crosses fingers*

Then at 9:15 ET head over here for the Vanedave Show. Here is a bit of what I have in store for you…

– At least one shitty poem.

– A brief synopsis of the movie I am writing based on a bunch of songs that I think would be good for the soundtrack. (Yeah, I work backwards.)

– A preview of the long awaited “How my Friend Alex Shat Himself” post.

– And of course what XTV if mine would be complete wthout some mediocre singing. This time I am even taking requests. Leave me a comment here if there is any song in particular you’d like to see me butcher. 

So tune in to Xanga TV tomorrow night. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why the hell you can’t step away from the computer. (Okay maybe that last part was a bit much.)

Please rec this if you are so inclined and don’t forget to leave a good song request!



  1. okay. now that working backwards with a movie soundtrack was definately I was gonna do. =] haha I guess you decided to do it off first, plus I’m not much of a screen writer, so I’m sure you’d do it much more masterfully than I ever could. I’ll be sure to pirate the soundtrack once the movie is done. XD

  2. Oh crap, my hubby is going to be so mad if I’m on here tonight…but HOW CAN I RESIST?! haha…I would make a request, but my requests tend to go ignored everywhere I go (not bitter… ), so I’ll just enjoy the random selection you get stuck with. Hehe.~V

  3. Did someone already request thriller? Because that’d be awesome. if not some MJ, then I’m requesting Brian McKnight’s Anytime. that’s right, old skool jam right there.

  4. @Fairywife – How did I miss this comment reply?  I have no idea if it was in that movie- never saw it.   Somone said it’s called “The Rose”.  It’s a classic and let me tell you, it’ll stick to you worse than a gallon of mashed potatoes on your ribs.  πŸ˜€

  5. Sings… *you know love…… is like a riiiiivvvvverrrrrr…..* okay I’m done. I will try to make it to see this.  I’ve missed them all so far.  But imma try this time.

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