Update Your Queue

Kind of a quiet day today. It’s a good day to play catch up. Now that the debate tournament is over, I think I’ll take a look back at how the latest reader’s choice list stands.

Reader’s Choice:

How My Friend Alex Shat Himself (still loooong overdue!) – Finally got him to write it. Now all I have to do is edit it down. You won’t believe how tough it is editing this story.

Nurture vs. Nature (A Spirited Debate)

Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids

PimpDave’s Ho Hall of Fame – Almost ready to post for tomorrow.

If You’re Gonna Curse Do it Right!

Xanga is my Mistress

How My Readers Have Spoiled Me

My Thoughts on the Maury Show

My Life Story in Ten Pictures (Give or Take) – Hopefully I can start this next week.

How High Do You Rate on the Smooth-o-meter?

Damn, I only did two so far. I thought I was further along than that. Looks like I got some work to do. Well at least I know one of these is just about ready to go. 



  1. um. why are we reading about your “Ho Hall of Fame”??? Isn’t that something to be *ehem* … oh whatever. you’re gonna post it. I’m gonna read it.

  2. @vanedave – i’m just psyched about tonight …. um so what do you do (being that I’ve never done xtv before) just come to your page…and that’s all? or do I need to download something a head of time?

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