Xanga Baby Shower

This is something I had been thinking about doing for Jess (the artist formerly known as Jediwa72), but it never came to fruition. Now that I’ve got another good xanga friend who just popped one out I can try this again.

Kim’s Surprise Xanga Baby Shower
Here she comes everybody. Ready…1….2….3…SUURRRRPRISE!!! 

Welcome to kim‘s xanga baby shower. Kim will be sitting over by the fireplace in a ridiculously decorated rocking chair.

Everyone please place your gifts over there and have a seat at any one of our modestly decorated tables.

At each table we have a little baby shower word game for you to play. Try not to have too much fun!

Ladies please pay attention to the “gift reaction cue cards” we have placed on your seats. We want to have just the right mix of oohs, ahhhs, and screeching.

Fellas there are pre-written suicide notes and bottles of cyanide pills taped under your chairs just in case you need them. 

Make sure you get a glance at the cake before we cut it up. It is absolutely adorable.
I call dibs on the baby’s head!

I know most baby showers are done before the baby was born, but this one is special. At this baby shower you acually get to say hello to baby Micah. He was born on Monday night. If you haven’t done so already head on over to kim‘s page and welcome him to the world. Leave a mini or something.
Welcome to the earth little man! 

Well everyone, that does it for this party. Be sure to sign the guestbook on the way out. Here’s a crappy party favor as a memento.



  1. I wish my cousin’s baby shower had been this short. She was literally unwrapping gifts for two and a half hours. And that wasn’t even counting the stupid games! Coulda used one of those pills myself…

  2. LOL great shower, and very thoughtful. For what it’s worth, it’s the women who need the suicide notes and cyanide pills! Unlike you lucky men, we actually have to play those games! It’s a nice thing for your friend, and loved the post!

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