My New Love Interest…

Just wanted to share this with everyone. Padma Lakshmi could get it…padma-lakshmi-1024x768-25651
…in a heartbeat.

Mmmm. That looks tasty.



  1. Is she a model or actress? Never heard of her. That smile looks kinda like Angelina Jolie’s. It’s different that she doesn’t look like facing Voldermort for all her life! 

  2. So… she’s attractive, I’ll give her that.How do I know she doesn’t have a bitchy personality? Or… the ability to hold a conversation, without being force-fed lines from a script? Meh, easy on the eyes, sure, but love interest? Ehhhhhhh

  3. “she’s not only beautiful, she holds herself well”that’s what my mom says about my gf.  it’s hard to define “holds herself well” but i think padma is another great example.  and of course she’s smokin hot too!  i actually watch her show.  love it.(there’s a question for you on my latest post)

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