Allergic to the Sun.

I always thought it would suck so much to be allergic to the sun. I couldn’t even imagine that. Everytime it’s sunny out, I look outside and I just wish I was a kid again. I just want to go somewhere and run and jump and sweat profusely. It feels good to sweat. Makes me feel alive. The weather hasn’t allowed me to feel alive in recent weeks. Today it finally got better.

*Sing along if you know the words*…”I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.” 

It is absolutely gorgeous today. 75 and sunny, with a slight breeze. I left my house at 8:30 this morning and I’ve been in my house for exactly 20 minutes since (A man’s gotta eat right?). I feel completely renewed.

So here is my plea to you all:

GO OUTSIDE!!! If you have little kids, kick their asses outside. If your fat ass husband is busy watching playoff games, then go outside without him. There’s always highlights. Go stretch your legs a little. Walk, run, jump, skip (if you are into that sort of thing).

Get off of this computer and go enjoy the fact that you are not allergic to the sun…

…After you read this entry of course.



  1. Of course since it is Saturday, the lovely weather we had yesterday is nowhere to be had.  Glad you’re having a great weather day.  I agree, just getting out in the sun does wonders.  That’s why I run.  Can’t get the outdoors on a treadmill!Kathi

  2. We had that day yesterday . . . had to work but we all ran outside a lunch to celebrate the first awesome day of the year together! Today it’s icky again, but you just know more of those days are on the way!!!

  3. i just got back from UF’s orange and blue game where i spent the last 4 hours in the sun.  i’m done damn it.btw, look for another gator national championship in 2010.  we looked tight!

  4. Ugh. At least I’m almost done with work. I will enjoy my sun. I can see alll obstacles in my waaay. It’s gonna be a briight (bright) sun- Go roll around in the grass! So get off your lazy- Go fly a kite.

  5. What if it’s not sunny, here? I went shooting today, anyway, for a little bit. No spectacular photos out of it, though, because it’s hard to get depth and color on overcast days. I also stood outside for 30 minutes waiting for a table at the pancake place.It was slightly chilly, but nice to be outside anyway.

  6. I want toooo! But my homework requires that I am on campus and use my computer.  I of course, could attempt to do my homework outside, but it is rather hard to see a computer in the sun.   Oh.  And I brought my cat to campus *shhh* and we’re hanging out in an empty classroom together.  Lol.  (My cat doesn’t get enough attention (and proceeds to act like a complete brat to get attention) because I’m never home so I figured, since no one is here he can come and hang out with me.)

  7. Yes! I’m friggin’ happy I’m not a vampire… I- I hope I’m not… Out to enjoy the sun. If I die… It’s your fault. (Jk.)

  8. I enjoyed the sun all day today…inside my stuffy Lincoln on three hour car trip, which has horible air condition, by the way.You know, Dave, this has got to be the most sensible post I’ve seen you do!

  9. 75 and sunny here, as well.  My son had a t-ball game today and let’s just say…I may have got a wee bit TOO MUCH sun.  I am fried!  But, it was totally worth it.  I realized I was burning and through on some 50 SPF of the kids…but it was toooo late.

  10. i wish it was that nice here. allergic to the sun may not be the right word, but i do break out in bumps (sorta like blisters) and if i dont wear 50 block i’ll get sunburned in like 30 minutes. summer time includes long sleeves and lots of sunscreen lol. but being outside and running around with my nephew is so much fun!

  11. We celebrated the stopping of the rain with a family trip to the grocery store. Yeah, lame, I know, but we still got out. That counts, right?

  12. I spent the day walking around outside with Mr. 30 today, on the beach and at a fair grounds. I understand completely, what you mean, by just getting outside. Bravo.:)

  13. I know a girl who is allergic to the sun, it’s really not that bad. Yeah when she was a kid she hated it but now she doesn’t mind it at all. Night is more exciting. Hell I hate daylight, while vitamin D is important. The sun ages you and does damage to your eyesight… and no matter how dark your sunglasses are it still glares through blinding you… and no sunscreen has a high enough SPF for my liking. I actually went nocturnal by choice, the night is just so beautiful. The stars and moon are out, it’s really peaceful and calming out. Plus you never hear of a great party happening during the day.

  14. I did yesterday.Now it’s downpouring…Sigh.PS – I had a roommate who was taking antibiotics for something, which made her unable to be in the sun for more than 3 minutes or she would break out in a red rash. 

  15. You are absolutely right. It’s raining… But, I wanna go outside in the rain. It may sound funny, but I think I wanna go outside in the rain… Apparently I feel like singing as well. LOLBless you DavePoetesshue

  16. I’m a vampire, but I went out earlier anyway…. and guess what? I didn’t die! GASP! I know, I was shocked myself. But you know the best part? It was absolutely beautiful and I felt amazing afterwards. 

  17. @Still_groovy – yeah, screw treadmills!@trebleclef402 – Alrighty there Snow White. lol.@AlterEgo909 – @randomneuralfirings – Thanks for noticing. Tagging is a small passion of mine.@Kontzicles – well not all of my readers, but a good lot of them.@curtainsopen –  Who’s your QB this year?@womansofa – thats the spirit.@SecretNeverTold – Well if it wasn’t sunny today then just keep this in mind for future sunny days.@x_Butterflies_and_Hurricanes_x – Alright, nothing wrong with tending to your neglected cat. 

  18. @happyworld_ofharibo – How could you not be happy if you were dancing in the streets? @Like_A_Tigah – I can be pretty sensible on occasion.@IfonEarth – lol. Nah. I guess its raining somewhere. Just save this in your mind for when it is nice.@Paul_Partisan – haha. That would save you money on electricity.@MySecretLoveAffair –  lol. It takes ALOT for me to get sunburn. I am not jealous.@Ima_BearKat – lol. Yeah that counts I s’pose.@elelkewljay – Vitamin D is my favorite of all the vitamins.

  19. @Erika_Steele – awww. This probably didn’t help then. lol.@JadedJanissary – Very pimpin of you sir.@another_rebel_without_a_cause – Well thanks alot for that downer. GEEZ!@Levanna – We usually do see eye to eye. Its cause we have brains.@blowcaine – I went to an AWESOME party during the day last week. Chuck E Cheese ftw!!!@Kalligenia – Yes 10 hours I heard. Ahh well. At least you git the job done.@ELIZerson – That does not sound cool.

  20. @Krissy_Cole – *pouts* AWWWW! Well I had double fun just for you.@poetesshue – When it’s warm out, sometimes a good stroll in the rain can be nice.@weedorwildflower – lucky you.@PeterAndrusak33 – All of that sounds good to me.@winged_victor – lol. Good to hear that he gets out.@omgitsmackie – Well that certainly was brave of you.@kim – @blogsmack – sucks for you guys.@CanadianReflection – lol. Didn’t that fel great to be out?@martinashasha –  lol. Well this lets you look forward to sunny days.

  21. Well I have Lupus and definatly cant be in the sun….I hide inside all day long waiting for twilight.  Or I find a big shady spot by a tree and watch all the fun in the sun!I dont really mind it….indoor air conditioning is my best friend lolBesides its still snowing here in Denver damnit

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