Hit the Reset Button

Well now that i’ve got a second to breathe, I thought I’d take a look at which Reader’s Choice blogs I’ve got left.

Reader’s Choice:

How My Friend Alex Shat Himself (still loooong overdue!)

Nurture vs. Nature (A Spirited Debate)

Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids

PimpDave’s Ho Hall of Fame

If You’re Gonna Curse Do it Right!

Xanga is my Mistress

How My Readers Have Spoiled Me

My Thoughts on the Maury Show

My Life Story in Ten Pictures (Give or Take) – Hopefully I can start this next week.

How High Do You Rate on the Smooth-o-meter?

Alright so I’ve got six more to go. Okay people. Which ones should I tackle next?



  1. I say Xanga is my mistress, too.  I mean for my vote.  She’s not really my mistress.  Her boobs aren’t large enough.  And, large boobs are important to a relationship. 

  2. I’d say “How My Friend Alex Shat Himself”… BUT I won’t go against the flowiness of things… So “Xanga is my mistress” πŸ˜€

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