President McCain

When I sit back and take stock of some of the ridiculous things going on around the country, I realize how close we came to a McCain/Palin administration. I look at all the people who participated in tea parties last week and wonder why they weren’t protesting when Bush was pouring all of their tax dollars down the drain. I hear about Texas wanting to secede and I just shake my head. So this is really about how horrible Obama has done in the past two and a half months and has nothing to do with him having a tan?

Gimme a break Texas! If it weren’t for the fact that I actually know some Texans who actually have some damn sense (saintvi, Krissy, Mills, and Stewie to name a few), I would say let Texas secede and then invade the newly founded country of Texas and take over their oil supply. Plus if we let Texas secede, we could get rid of the Dallas Cowboys!

With all the hate flying around, I ‘ve been wondering recently; If Bush had fucked up just a little bit less, would Obama had stood a chance? If Palin hadn’t been a complete and total idiot, would McCain be in office right now? Whether or not Obama was the better candidate or not might have been irrelevant if you ask me.

Ignorance really does scare me sometimes.



  1. Governor Perry is a complete and total moron, and I am extremely shamed that George Bush lives in Texas now. The only thing good about him being President was that he wasn’t the governor nor living in Texas during that time. And I know you’re scared of the Cowboys, but we’ll be gentle this season, I promise.

  2. i’ve wondered the same too. obama was the better candidate, but you can’t help but wonder if he’d have come out on top if bush was actually a real president, and palin didn’t talk like she learned english from a parrot. PS the cowboys SUCK. GIANTS baby!!

  3. It always grates me how futile politics and elections are; the problem is that such a massive number of people will only ever vote one way, regardless of whether their candidate is a complete moron, just because it’s the way their family/friends/neighbours vote or it’s just the way they’ve always voted. I’m pretty certain that, had the republicans put forward a dog as their candidate, millions would have still voted for them.We have the same situation in the UK; when you ask people why they vote the way they do, so so many don’t even know any of their party’s policies. But I guess it’s irrelevant, since all the politicians just do the same thing in the end anyway!

  4. if texas goes, then so does california just because they can.then the rest of the country who thinks all those liberal nutjobs need to get out of the country are really screwed because american industry grinds to a halt without those westcoast treehuggers.

  5. In Canada, we always hear Quebec complaining and wanting to secede.  Thing is, if they do, they have to take their own part of the national debt and they can’t afford it. I do wonder if it would be the same for Texas.  Most of the time with these things, all I hear is “blah blah blah blah blah.”

  6. Can I be placed on the rational Texans list? I am no liberal left winger but I hate the right wing insanity too!And for the record most crazy Texans live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and smaller towns like Tyler. Houston and Austin are cool!!

  7. You see, down here in Texas, they’re convinced they can survive without the rest of the U.S. 60% of the military comes from Texas, and they have the oil. (That’s what they say about the military anyway).I’d have to say though, if they seceded that’d be AWESOME. I’m not sure why I think that. It’d just be cool to see how things end up.Yes I say “they” even though I live here. I’m from Kansas, after all. =)

  8. Up here in IL, they’re convinced they can survive without the rest of the U.S. alot of the military comes from IL, and they have the coal and stuff. (That’s what they say about the military anyway I think). I’d have to say though, if they seceded that’d be AWESOME. I’m not sure why I think that. It’d just be cool to see how things end up. Yes I say “they” even though I live here. I’m from IL, after all. =)

  9. Bye Bye Texas.  I’m Canadian and honestly, I can’t really think of those people (as a whole, I know individuals exist that are good) as freaking imbeciles that are so ignorant and set in their ways that they’d vote for a serial murderer pastor, man of God, instead of a black man.  Seriously.  Bye bye bye, we won’t miss you.

  10. I told a friend of mine that if we secede they better build a wall between Texas and Oklahoma fast because I will have no problem sneaking across the border and claiming political asylum in the U.S. (I am far too “liberal” to reside the Texas the country. haha)Seriously, though: Perry is a loon. He’s been a terrible governor since Bush left for the White House. (On the flip side, you wouldn’t know it to look at his presidency, but Bush was actually a great governor. I have to give the man his credit where his credit is due. Before he sold his soul to Rove and Cheney, he was a decent governor. The Texas style of government helps with that, though. The actual governor doesn’t have too much power.)@herzog3000 – Hey now! I am a resident of the DFW area. Behave.

  11. HOLY SHIT!!!! What the hell am I doing living in Georgia!?!? I’m totally frightened now that the rednecks are coming to create a “Southern Homeland” where their values are preserved. Uh, yeah… their values included slavery for better than half of the current inhabitants of “Dixie,” folks! Oh, and South Carolina might be larger than Switzerland; but I can assure you that it would fall flat on its face economically if it tried to become its own country… something the rest of the South might have learned in a few dozen years if the civil war hadn’t prevented that succession. Oh, and let’s think about the fact that all those small countries in Europe are now banding together as the EU just to be competitive with the union we already have… Wow. The ignorance and thinly disguised racism in that video has me just completely flabbergasted. What scares me more is that some of those folks live near me. Help me… is there an underground railroad for frightened damn Yankees?

  12. I cant imagine how fucked we’d all be if McCain was president. I would probably be living in France right now, to be honest. I’m always reading the white house blog, and while I don’t completely agree with everything Obama has done or is doing, or even everything he says, I think he’s the person we need in office now and I think he’ll make a positive difference.

  13. @Kalligenia – Quebec has the GDP of a small European country, so while it can’t afford is share of the national debt, that’s not really a logical against Quebec sovereignty – Canada can’t afford its national debt either, hence why it’s a debt. I think Obama’s win was largely symbolic and people kind of forgot to remember that he’d actually have to govern after they elected him. To be fair to him though, he inherited the country is a huge mess. 

  14. I consider myself a Texan with some sense. What’s really scare is that they did a poll and only 75% of Texans said they wished to stay a part of the Union…that means that a quarter of my state (which is hugeee) would actually consider leaving..whoa. 

  15. That video gave me goose bumps.I was thinking about this the other day. What would the country be like if McCain had won? Besides Cali being the one trying to break away from America, rather than Texas.

  16. I’ve always tried to do that whole, Let’s show who’s in office some respect, regardless of whether I’d vote for them or not.Apparently, that’s pretty fucking revolutionary. And I find that pretty fucking pathetic too.

  17. You’re partially right, Dave. But I WAS screaming at the top of my lungs when Bush was flushing all our money down the drain. And I’m doing the same with Obama.They both suck ass.But be fair. Obama has spent almost as much as Bush did in 2 and a half months. It’s out of control. We need to stop the stupid bickering over R’s and D’s because both parties just suck. We need to get back to our roots. The Constitution, states rights, individual Liberties. Individuals know how to accomplish things better than Government does. Obama, Bush, McCain, Palin, they’re all the same – they all want bigger Government and more Governmental control in our lives. We need to stop that now.

  18. Texas acts like another country, anyway.  the Cowboys are among the few redeeming things down there… besides nice weather.  can’t forget that.i had the same thoughts about the tea parties.  there weren’t any in the past 4 years, and all of those people still paid taxes.  can’t imagine what’s so different THIS TIME.  @bluerebel327 – whatever, you ALSO like the Eagles.  Giants and Eagles? 

  19. Let Texas go. The sane Texans can move to the U.S., and all of the extreme right wing nutjobs (I’m not talking all conservatives – just the Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh lovers) can go with Texas. Let them have their little oil and military crazed, tax (and social program) free nation and see how wonderfully it turns out – meanwhile the rest of us can focus on catching up with the rest of the civilized world. 

  20. For one, these comments are absolutely ridiculous. Just throwing that out there, seeing what everyone thinks about it.Anyways, I hate President Obama just as much as I hate Bush. So far the only ‘change’ I have seen is higher taxes. Don’t get me wrong here, McCain would have been NO better. I am for lesser government, ect. What Bush started was a mass government. This is what Obama is continuing. In the past two and a half months he has grown our government by trillions of dollars. Can you count to a trillion? I sure as hell can’t. He wants to have warrentLESS wiretapping. See? That’s even WORST than George Bush. We thought his diplomatic skills looked promising, and yet, he’s sending MORE troops to Afghanastan, and it will be ATLEAST 14 more months until anybody is withdrawn from Iraq.My biggest problem with President Obama is, is that ONLY right wing extremists are speaking out. With George Bush, the media was an outrageous monkey on his back; every time he screwed up, the world knew about it; which is exactly how it should be. Now we have a president who won’t even answer questions he doesn’t like, and let’s be honest, the media has a crazy affair with him.

  21. I was born and raised in Texas and like to think I have a little sense. I now reside in CA, but my heart still loves my home, just not some of the nonsense that comes out of it. There is not a person alive that could fix the mess that was Bush in a short two and a half months. I mean come on; it took him eight years to bring us to the point of breaking; Obama is a man, not a miracle worker.

  22. @herzog3000 – Calm down now!  I reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area….and apparently I have sense!  Dave said so himself! LOLTexas has been talking about seceding from the Union ever since is joined.  So these empty threats are just that….empty.  I laugh at all these people getting worked up over it.  Work yourselves up people.  The only thing you will do is put yourselves into an early grave—thus ridding the world of a few more idiots.Besides…should Texas secede from the Union—we would get Chuck Norris as our President! HAHAHAHAHA

  23. We just like having someone to blame.   It’s going to take more than 90 days for Obama to sort this out, if it even can be sorted out.  The people who are hating on him will always find something to bitch about, even if he brings about an economic revolution, cures HIV, ends world hunger, and put Legends of the Hidden Temple back on air.

  24. A lot of people say Obama won merely because people were sick of the Republicans as a whole & just wanted to keep McCain out. I think Obama won because he’s more in touch with the people, specifically the younger generation & because people wanted a change from that past few years. I liked how he talked to everyone & listened, even to children. I really dont think labels have anything to do with it. We’ve had good Republican AND Democrat presidents in the past but it’s not because of the label, it’s the man.

  25. @mixedbabiesrock – THANK YOU!! I’m so sick of hearing about “Obama not doing a good job”. I’m like “WTF damn he didnt even get the chair in his office warm yet you dicks”. Angie Harmon said that then got pissed because everyone is accusing her of being a racist. It’s mostly racists that are complaining. I think they’re mad because a person of color is running the white house instead of cleaning it.

  26. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Ha, maybe.  Whether they disagree with his race, ideology, or the fact he is a Democrat and to most fundamentalist Christians that means he is the Devil incarnate, some people just don’t like him because…well, because they just don’t.

  27. @bluerebel327 – right on. BIG BLUE BABY!!!@MelancholyRambler – ignorance breeds ignorance unfortunately.@Kalligenia – That is such a good point. I never even thought of that.@circumspek – Really?@herzog3000 –  I’ll take that into consideration if I ever swing down there.@Fairywife – No I meant the South as a country would say bomb all the foreign countries.@Jacki815 – @Fairywife – What the hell was that? Identical comments?@hecticmuse – yes that was a scary thought.@SerenaDante – you are included in the Texans with sense list now.@Krissy_Cole – You are more than welcome here in NYC.

  28. I’m actually kind of surprised at the tone of some of the comments on this blog. I haaaaaaaaaaaaate most of Obama’s policies and beliefs, but I felt and still feel the same way about most if not all of Bush’s. But yet if I criticize Obama, it seems like I’m automatically lumped in with Bush-supporters and racists. Eeesh. Calm down people. Generalizations aren’t cool.

  29. You have to watch the movie Confederate States of America, it’s a mockumentary, and it’s weird because it’s funny, but it shouldn’t be. I actually think the state of Missouri should be divided in fourths, at least halves.

  30. Wow.  Let me just say that those people are in the minority.  Being ignorant does not = being southern.  Oh, and scary thought, I used to drive through Travelers Rest, SC where this group is out of, pretty often.

  31. @Shirlann – lol. I’ll check into that railroad. That video was racist as hell wasn’t it? Poor Mexicans were just sitting on their stoop. minding their business. And I am not even going to talk about the gang members.@mrsprosa –  Sometimes I am so happy to live here.@CanadianReflection – He is being blamed for a mess he didn’t create. I think he is handling himself real well considering.@YossariansWingman – nah I doubt that poll was accurate. Who exactly were they polling? Who conducted the poll?@Lordv16 – haha. Just so you don’t have to hear the slogan huh?@Laryssa – Just pray that the people with common sense win out at the end of the day.@TheJoyfulCynic – where the hell are you getting your numbers. Obama has spent almost as much as Bush? Really?@TheBigShowAtUD – whoa whoa whoa. How does one like the Giants and Eagles at the same time. UNHEARD OF!!!btw, sports site is going up today!@rainingclouds – yes. He’s sending more troops to Afghanistan, which is where more troops should have been sent in the first place. I am not touching any of that other stuff.@gwacemom@momaroo –  Why is this so hard for people to comprehend?@Millsanicole – yeah I saw that video. lol. Chuck Norris ftw!@mixedbabiesrock – lol. Legends of the Hidden Temple rocked!

  32. @vanedave – Nationaldebt, 20000 – $5,674,178,209,886.86Nationaldebt, 2008 – $10,024,724,896,912.49Nationaldebt now – $11,220,495,888,379Bush in 8 years – $4,350,546,687,025.54 ($543,818,335,878.19 a year) increaseObama in three months – $1,195,770,991,466.60 ( $4,783,083,965,866.40 a year) increase

  33. @vanedave – I’m not denying more troops should have been sent there in the FIRST place, but see, they weren’t. Instead, we got into a war. A war that I’m not going to touch (even though it’s a war we shouldn’t be in) but we got into a war. We have hundreds of troops dying while we are also killing civillians; we do not need to be sending our troops off somewhere else. For once, the skills of our President, need to reach farther than his pocket. They need to actually become diplomatic; and if we weren’t in as many places as we are in the first place, America would be a friend to other countries.

  34. Many people who insult Texas, have never been to Texas.  We have some of the kindest, most respectful people in this state.  I’ve had strangers hold the door open for me and people wave to me on the road.  Usually when someone is honking or giving the finger, their license plate is from another state.There is nothing wrong with being proud of where you’re from. 

  35. A lot of us were angry and upset and yelling about Bush spending the way he did, especially at the end of his term with his support for the stimulus.  But there wasn’t much of a forum for us to be heard at the time since Conservatives and Libertarians are largely individualists and don’t have a history of rallies or protests or whatever you want to call it.  It’s a common misconception that all of us that are extremely displeased with Obama’s decisions and performance thus far are or were huge supporters of Bush.  Simply not true.  The vast majority that showed up at the Tea Parties are angry at the whole lot of them, especially Congress (probably more so than the President).  The spending was bad enough when Bush was in office, but it is out of control now with the printing of money as if it’s free and racking up more debt than ALL previous Presidents combined in a period of 85 days.  It’s not about parties anymore because the aftermath of this debt we’re facing doesn’t discriminate against parties, it will affect all of us.   Would we be in a worse place with McCain as President?  Who knows.  Most of us that are fiscally Conservative (unlike Bush) were at an impasse in our choice at the polls.  Most of us were NOT excited about McCain at all and admitedly less excited about Obama other than his making history.

  36. @whiskey__lullabies – I agree.  I lived in Texas for about 4 years back in the late 90s and I miss it terribly.  My husband and I would like to get back to Texas one day down the road, maybe Houston or Austin.  I don’t necessarily agree with Gov. Perry, but the people of Texas were so much different than what I experience here in Atlanta.  Atlanta was a rude awakening after leaving Texas.  It’s a shame the whole state is going to be judged on what Perry said.

  37. I wonder that a lot, too. And talk about it to various people, bouncing thoughts back and forth. I don’t think any of us are overwhelmingly convinced in either direction, but personal beliefs aside, most of us seem to think that without those two factors, Obama probably wouldn’t have won.

  38. I have a great respect for the president. I think he’s bright and sincere and I, for one, am going to give him a chance. It really annoys me that he’s getting blamed for things that Bush set in motion before he left office. I think if we support the man, he’ll keep his promises.

  39. My country’s kind of in the same position. We just got a new prime minister and he’s getting a lot of crap because nothing great has happened. Obama and my PM can’t contend with a global recession, people need to chillax

  40. you might have a point of people having a double standard when it comes to the bush adminstration wasting our money, but i don’t know where you come from thinking this is about race.  don’t you realize that the more you play the race card, the less people take it seriously?  and people should take racism seriously.

  41. LOLOLOL. I’m sorry, but you can’t make a “country” on political and cultural views alone. Even if they wanted to do this, in a serious light, what is their economic stability? Just shoot dem dere possums? Seriously.

  42. I wanted to like Obama, I applauded his initiative……but it seems he may have bitten more then he can chew.  It looks like almost all of the bailout money is gone, and not the banks, nor the auto industry are any better off.  he is breaking some records though, we are running the largets budget deficit in history.  I wish him the best and hope for better days, but it looks like bad news in every direction.

  43. Wow, the geography is completely off on that video.  They have Oklahoma as one of the “New Confederate” states at the same time they have the combined Virginia and West Virginia into one state as it originally was.  I’m guessing they are working with the U.S. south as it was in 1861, which would not include Oklahoma as Oklahoma did not become a state until, wait for it, wait for it, 1907.  If they are going for the South as it stands today, then they should know that West Virginia split from Virginia way back in 1863 because West Virginia wanted to be part of the union, not the confederacy.  Also, I should point out that had the maker of the video actually included West Virginia as its own state (as it stands today), then it would be the smallest state in the “New Confederate”.  So the maker of the video would in reality be inaccurate in calling South Carolina the smallest state (which means he couldn’t pimp his own state).  Also, it should be noted that Missouri and Kentucky were never part of the Confederacy even though they were slave states (Maryland was also a slave state that remained in the union, though the maker of the video seemed to not include it for some reason).  The Southern Nat’l State video = EPIC FAIL.

  44. Yeah. Invade Texas. Not like most of the population doesn’t have a cache of ammunition and guns in their homes, or that there is a space station here, enabling control over satellite systems. jeje. I’m laughing just at the though of it. But I do agree….it does make me wonder if the fact he isn’t white has something to do with the intence disatifaction. It makes me wonder alot.

  45. I’m in agreement with the thankfulness for Obama here, though we have to be careful not to make him into a saint. There are some things he could be working on which he isn’t that could make quite a change pretty quickly, such as taking a few billion out of military (unlimited) spending and ban all CIA torture tactics – since torture is, oh I don’t know, unconstitutional and all. But how good it feels to actually be able to get progress at least moving, instead of watching it stagnate, regress, and rot as we did when bush was in office. 

  46. I think this plan is brilliant.  Let’s cram them all in one place so they can leave us all alone where they can collect guns and marry their cousins in peace.  For once, I think I agree with these rednecks.

  47. Hey Dave – ABD here. Just watched the video and all I can say is – give them the state of South Carolina, let them breed their own “Deliverance”style nation and see if they can sustain themselves before the shallow end of their gene pool dries up. This is why is it illegal to screw your sister! Yeah – I want these rednecks in control of Immigration and Naturalization – right! Hell they can’t even spell it! YEE HAW!

  48. @vanedave – no, i’m not naive.and to clarify, i’m sure there were a few hotheads at those tea praties, just like every movement is corrupted with a few hotheads.  but the protests were about taxes.  race can’t be your answer to everything.

  49. It’s not Texas, it’s Rick Perry trying to play off of the crowd’s anger and build some sort of emotional boost. He’s a shitty governor and there’s no possible way he’s going to win in 2010. He’s a dumbass.I’m voting Kinky 2010!

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