You Guys Shouldn’t Read Me Anymore

You don’t really want to be on this page.

You should be at my pal Krissy_Cole’s page. (I did do a guest post for her after all)

Stay cool my peoples…

…pay attention to the tags.



  1. Dear Dave I was at least two of your 4000 footprints. What can I say? I missed your rapid, spitfire wit. On the other hand, I was drawn by your recommendation to read an article on how women BITCH about bad relationships.Coming from an abusive marriage (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), I found that part of my healing process was venting. Blogging gives you a chance to vent! …And just maybe recieve some love.Glad you’re back!Much LovePoetesshue

  2. @poetesshue – There is nothing wrong with venting. That post was mostly meant to be sarcastic (some truth to it though). Still I think there is a noticeable difference between someone who is venting and someone who is needlessly bitching.Much love right back atcha.

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