So if you have ever seen my standup, you may have heard me make mention that I am the proud owner of a standard poodle. My girl Zoey actually was given a mate last year. Bruno is his name. A beautiful brown standard. Here are the two of them in action…

Well here is the news. Bruno and Zoey got busy and did it a few months back and over the weekend my girl Zoey gave birth to ten beautiful puppies. I will have pics and maybe video real soon. 

I’m off to puppysit for my lunch break. 



  1. They’re awesome dude! Foreplay doggy-style caucht on video. If you call it PWE (Poodle Wrestling Entertainment) You might be able to get it on planet’s funniest animals with Bruno making the pin OR (DFC Doggy Fighting Championships with great ground control achieving the mount. hehe) I’m so glad you didn’t give them that demeaning so-called “Poodle Cut”. Looks like they get along very well. you’ll have to put up pix of your Grandchildren soon eh and tell us all about them.Canadianbroad and I were looking at standards along side some other breeds last week as a possible pet choice for when we are all moved in and settled (yeah that’s still going on ). She really likes English Bullys and I like the Bernise Mountain Dog. Eventually I expect that we’ll have one or the other or both sitting drewling on our laps, “I see you’re not doing anything with that hand…You could be petting a dog…Like me .” Then I’ll have 5 kids to look after . Where’s that Kit-Kat I was saving for emergencies? hehe…Peace AllTheo {:^D

  2. Awww, poodle puppies! What would that make you? The uncle? Or the grandpa? I’m going with grandpa. Just because I think it’d be fun to hear you called “Grandpa Dave”.

  3. my question is… why are you putting up “puppy” porn?  LOL.  Just kidding.  Congrats on the pups.  I’m so sure how cute they are!

  4. PUPPIES! I can’t wait! Your babies are so adorable! I have to remember always that dogs’ playbiting is really their way of playing. Even when I watch my own dogs romp around, I can’t help but cringe! ^^;;;

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