Would You Care if I Left Xanga?

I don’t give a fuck who this pisses off, I don’t give a fuck who disagrees with this, I don’t give a fuck who takes this personally. This is not about creating drama, or getting views, or comments, or recs, or whatever else. In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t really given much of a fuck about any of that shit lately.

Have you stopped reading yet? Good. That first paragraph was meant to weed out all of the people with sandy vaginas anyway. Now on to what I came here to say. You are fucking up xanga. You are fucking up on a wide scale, and it is starting to become noticeable.

There has always been a bit of a revolving door here. People come and people go everyday. But when active, loyal users start fleeing the coop at a steady rate, it is time to sound the alarm.

I asked a question in the title of this blog;

Would you care if I left xanga?

Let’s be honest here, there are only a handful of people that would really give a shit. I know who those people are for the most part and I appreciate them for it. In turn there are only certain people who I would really hate to see go. With many others I would be a little bummed, but my xanga-life would go on very much unaffected.

In just the past few weeks I have seen three of my very favorite xangans shut down in some form. Others have voiced their disgust with the “community” here either publicly or privately. It seems as though things are getting out of hand.

What’s the problem you may ask? Well in short, the problem is shitty fucking writing.

Lazy writing, redundant writing, hateful writing, unoriginal writing, the list goes on. Yeah fuck it, I’m on my high horse. I didn’t start the Xang-Elitists for nothing.

Look, everyone is entitled to the ocassional clunker. We are not professional writers here. But for goodness sakes have some consideration for your fellow xangans. Do fifty people have to write about the same topic on the same day? Do I have to see fifteen reposts of the Obama/Swine flu joke three days after it originally came out? Do you really think I want to see a friggin chain e-mail posted on your page again? I got that e-mail two weeks ago and it wasn’t funny then! Also quit with all the surveys. Go reactivate your myspace account and do that there. I am so sick of them it’s not even funny.

And if you are going to come at me with one of those cliche “you don’t have to read” or “you write what you want on your page” lines, then kindly turn around, find a nice secluded area, and go fuck yourself.

As for the drama, at least make it interesting. We are fighting over the stupidest things nowadays. It’s like people are going to random blogs just hoping someone says something offensive about them so they can rip them a new asshole and get on the front page. There was recently a huge fight that erupted over burqas. BURQAS!!! For real? Are burqas really that serious? 

Look I enjoy a good e-fight as much as the next person, but the key is that it’s a GOOD e-fight. This shit has just been LAME and redundant. You know this e-balls pandemic has reached it’s boiling point when DearRicky is telling his “haters” to “bring it”. Gimme a fucking break!

So xanga, this is why I’ve been immersing myself in the sports website. I use that site to get away from all the BS that’s been running rampant around here. When I log onto this site the inbox sometimes makes me want to vomit in my mouth. It used to be that I only had this sensation maybe once or twice for the whole week. Now it seems to be happening everytime.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I am not one of these people that is going to sit here and tell you I hate you all and then leave in a puff of fury (for three or four days). I love xanga. I’m not going anywhere. There are enough people here who I thoroughly enjoy (like Wherethefishlives, TheBigShowatUD, and saintvi to name a few) to keep me coming back.

However I do find myself caring about this site less and less. My motivation to write has been wavering. Lately I’ve been content reading four or five entries and then focusing on sports. I put alot into my entries and I’ve been feeling like this is more of a give/give relationship than a give/take relationship.

I ain’t having it xanga. I am nobody’s doormat.



  1. @TheTheologiansCafe – Ahh. So that’s the reason for the slug posts.I’ve been gone for a few months, and I came back. I’m sad to see that there are still petty arguments all over the place. Let’s just write because we like to write, not because it’s going to get 15 minutes of Xanga fame.

  2. I don’t actively comment anymore, but I would miss your posts. I understand the frustration, though.

  3. I’m witcha Dave! Even if I didn’t make your short-list of people you like to read! lol See, we could gather a good ol’ fashioned posse and hogtie dem folks with craptastic posts. Hmm… maybe there should be a way to give a negative REC, that would send asinine posts to the Xanga abyss and make them almost impossible to find. LOL

  4. I would care if you left.  I’ve really felt the same way lately.  There are gems but I have to sift through my inbox to find them… sometimes they get pushed off all 9 pages before I can even get to them.  Then I go sift through all my friends to find the gems, just to check their blogs and make sure I didn’t miss any posts… and usually, I have.    In fact, I find it really sad, that when I write the stupidest posts, that those are the ones that get attention.   Come on Xanga.  Really.  I really feel like I’ve written some really nice posts, a lot of educational posts, and a lot with some really good stories about some crazy experiences I’ve had, but people would rather read the one that says “Penis” in the title.  Or the random stupid one where I write aboslutely nothing substantle.  Those are the posts that get on top blogs.  Why? 

  5. What a xanga snob!!! haha Take some pity on those who dont actually have a life…….maybe you should give back to the xanga community and offer blogging for dummies lessons?

  6. Today I’ve discovered that I don’t have a sandy vagina. Life is complete. I’d be sad to see you go… you have the most interesting way of getting actual, valid points across. I think the key to making Xanga better is searching beyond the blogs we know. Finding lesser known people that write well, but just haven’t been recognized yet. Weed out the people that have decided Xanga is a place to post blogs about nothing. We need a resurrection!!!

  7. Yeah stuff has been slow, and I guess the drama has been lame (I don’t pay much attention, but that’s my style). I don’t want to leave, though. I kept posting off-and-on when I would only get two comments on a really good piece of writing and nothing more for a week. Heck, for a couple weeks… And I’ll keep posting now, because I like it. I like to do it. I LOVE getting feedback, that’s an awesome perk, but even if I dwindled back down to nothingness I’d still chill here. I like it here. :)As to caring about whether you stay or go, I’ll do what I’m good at doing and that’s being honest.I would be disappointed if you left and quit posting. I’d miss your point of view and I’d miss your XTV, heh. I wouldn’t be upset in the sense that I’d cry or anything, but I would notice and be bummed. Honestly, although you ARE really funny, I’ve enjoyed some of your more thoughtful posts–the ones where you share something you really care about. I like that stuff, probably because you usually are hilarious and it changes things up to hear from the “heartfelt” side of you. I think you’re really intelligent, too. And I loved the debates, those rocked.I would love for you to stay. If you choose not to, I’ll miss you and I’d come to your going away party. Heck, I’d even sing a song in remembrance of XTV nights! But I wouldn’t cry and I wouldn’t quit my own site in protest. :p~Victoria

  8. But I like being a lazy writer… I don’t want the pressure of having to entertain everyone all of the time… and if the people who come by my site are my friends they don’t care. Anyway, I think people leave Xanga because they can’t take the pressure anymore. Besides there is life outside of Xanga, as much as I LOVE Xanga… it’s true. *sigh* Anyway, I like you Dave and I would have a pause if you left.

  9. Oh shut the fuck up, dave. always crying about something. If yuore tired of xanga, go to a damn mets game and cry some more. Are you mexican? happy cinco de mayo.

  10. I agree, I would be sad to see you go, though I know you don’t really know who I am (not that it matters) but I do read your blogs and enjoy what you say.  I initially subbed you a long time ago, and you’ve revealed some interesting things as you go along.  I like those same people you mentioned, and a lot more, and that’s what keeps me here.Other times… seeing people freak the fuck out over swine flu 18x a day makes me vomit a little too.  Too bad there’s no way to knock someone unconscious over the internet, or else I’d punch a few people. /rant.

  11. Xanga has been a lot less fun lately with all of the in response to posting.  People care more about being featured than they do about what they are writing.Honestly, if you left, I’d miss reading you but unlike some of the other people I subscribe to, I wouldn’t worry about you.  Trust me that’s a good thing.

  12. heh.  at least you have another blog to get away.  THIS IS ALL I SEE!  no escape… except to go elsewhere on the Internets, of course.  haha.  all i can say is that i just want to attract/find people who like my writing, and who write well, themselves.  even with an inbox full of mess, there are still enough good ones to find… they’re just largely undiscovered by most of us, and that’s probably smart of them to stay low-key.i’m not going anywhere, because there are enough sites that i really enjoy, everyday, so that’s enough to stay and instant message people i know about how silly things can be around here.  of course, if you leave, then you hurt our minority representation!  jerk.

  13. Dave, I would hunt you down to continue reading your stuff.And we all know you’re into the sports site right now because it’s the play offs! Don’t lie to me Dave! DON”T LIE!

  14. Yes, it would bother me if you left. I spend most of my time reading, not writing. I need at least a few writers I can count on to entertain me. I will admit it now, I need to be entertained and that is the reason I friend or sub people.

  15. @x_Butterflies_and_Hurricanes_x – You are so right about that. Usually the posts I am proudest of garner much less attention. @kellychicky – If only I could. If only. @seedsower – thanks Beth. you know you are one of the cool kids.@kad1190 – Very good point. If only there were some sort of filter. Hmm. Something for me to think about. Oh and glad that I could help you discover that you don’t have a sandy vagina.@TheMarriedFreshman –  XTV is always more fun when you are there. You crack me up.

  16. See, the Fbomb didn’t run me off. Truthfully, I wouldn’t care if you left, just like noboby would really care if I left. You have some folks that really would miss you I am sure and I do too, but life would go on just the same. I enjoy meeting folks on here but the fact is, I will probably never meet any of them.Who knows, someday maybe, but doubtful.As far as writing original or interesting things, what one person sees as original or interesting someone else will find boring, thats why Xanga is nice,you can find folks who think a lot like you and at least FEEL like you fit into a crowd. It’s sad when different crowds get drama going against each other when they disagree. When we disagree, it’s just part of life, if everyone agreed with each other, THAT would be boring. Disagreeeing is fine, but when it becomes HATE, then I am turned off and my interest leaves. There are many here who dislike me or even hate me, hopefully it’s because of Christ in me, and not because they think I’m some holier than thou Christian, I assure you I am not. About the leaving Xanga, I have thought it many times. I just haven’t been as interested in it lately, so I just do other things more…like work lol. You have many who like your style and I’m sure your friends on here would miss you, so don’t diapoint them and leave. Take care Dave.~Grampy~

  17. I think you know that I would care if you left =( And I agree completely about everything. I’ve been feeling the same way lately too. But I keep on keepin on because I love it so much. Hopefully it’ll start getting better soon…

  18. @angi1972 – Ang you know damn well you are not part of the problem. Silly bearded lady you.@lonelywanderer2 – eh a time or two is no big deal. Its the people who constantly do it that are nerve wracking.@JustMe003 – lol. Good for you!@mrsprosa – haha. I am not mexican, but thanks anyways. I am going to have something up on the sports site later just for you…. YANKEE SCUM!@randomneuralfirings – All Daves are excluded from this rant.

  19. @haloed – y’know what’s funny is that I just left your page before reading this.@DearSnippie – *sighs* I’ll see what i can do.@Da__Vinci –  lol. Keep it real!@Erika_Steele – I’ll take that to mean my head is on straight. I think that’s where you were going.@TheBigShowAtUD – Wait a sec, I’m black? @Levanna – Nah, its cause xanga sucks donkey balls right now… and the playoffs. @amygwen –  nothing wrong with that. As long as you are not contributing to the pollution, we are all good.@UnworthyofHisgrace – I actually enjoy my encounters with you Grampy. You are always very respectful and you come across as a very sincere person. Thanks for the feedback. @StewieIsMyHero – If not I am about to start fucking shit up around here.

  20. eh…things have changed. I stepped back. I have been in and out and i have no idea what is going on around these parts anymore. Havent shut down the account yet though, dont know if i will. I have some people that are kinda important around here, i wouldnt cut them off because of the mass majority of lames.

  21. yah i agree my motivation for xanga goes up and down.. but i think u should stay around. i like reading ur blogs. most of the time when i dont have shit to blog about. i come on to read peoples blogs that actually entertain and urs is one of em.

  22. I, too, would be sad if you left, but I’d understand. You give me laughs on days when I most need them.  I have a few blogs that I read faithfully and yours is one of them. I ignore the rest of the drama going on out there.

  23. I would notice if you left.  I like reading your stuff, it brightens my day most of the time.  I’ve been commenting mostly and writing a little, nothing really worth the front page or anything, but I write for myself mainly.  I agree that all the drama has been blown WAY out of proportion and there are a lot of people who are only here for the drama.  I have enough drama in real life, I don’t need it here too.  I can totally see where you’re coming from.

  24. i wouldn’t care if you left, if you thought you could be happy elsewhere. xanga is fun to me, and i assume others, if the fun stops i’ll consider moving on. can’t blame others if they do the same if they’re not having fun anymore.i enjoy reading you dave, and will continue you to in the future, not every post, because i simply have lots of people now.

  25. Clearly we don’t use Xanga for the same purposes, my dear cousin, because I haven’t been nearly as infuriated as you apparently are. I heard there was something going on about burquas; but apparently I missed the drama. Oh well. I’m good with that.For those of us who use Xanga to share a bit of our lives with a close circle of friends and family; well, things with us are just fine, honey.

  26. I’m EVERYBODY’s doormat. I was blamed for the Swine flu. Please… don’t leave… Or not blog. But… if it makes you unhappy… What can I say? Your blogs made me shaaaat myself 🙂 Plus, that perez_on_x thing… EPIC win.

  27. you can’t control what people write.. most people who come to xanga aren’t even claiming to be good writers or bloggers.it’s pretty daring of you to think yourself so original that you have to go and bash pretty much everyone else..

  28. I think my “meh” attitude gets in the way. I am with that on my blogs. I’ll blog about whatever I feel like – I think most bloggers do. I sometimes think I am as creative as you or Dan. But – yeah. Not that much. I am happy with my little corner in the xanga world. I would have to say. I would miss your blogs if you left!!

  29. for the most part, the quality of writing on xanga is terrible. i don’t really mind this, since most people on here are not writers by trade and the majority of posters are in high school, college, or early post-college. so i can’t really rail on this too much. developing good writing skills takes time, and a place like xanga is a good incubator for developing and encouraging talent.that said, the quality of writing is terrible not just on technical merits, but on content as well. this absolutely can, and needs to, change. it’s an inevitable for newcomers to come on here and after awhile start writing metablogs about xanga and the internet in general. please. stop this. we’ve seen it a thousand times before.the same goes for all you asians who want to write about how crappy their parents are.and a bunch of other categories.

  30. “you don’t have to read” or “you write what you want on your page”. Choose one.Your problem is your own hypocrisy. If you’re going to friend and sub to every idiot out there in order to be read, don’t wonder if you get all the bullshit in your Inbox they’re writing. People will read your stuff if they are subbed to you, there is no reason at all for you to be subbed to them or be friends to them and “need” to read what they write, so stop complaining. If there’s something you wanna do about it, Xanga has a feature where you can submit new ideas, and since you are one of the well-read blogs on here, I bet you can get the guys running this site to hear you, and act on a good idea, if you have one.On the other hand, you are right, there are few very good writers out there, but if you’d just sub and friend those people you really wanna read, you wouldn’t have this problem.

  31. @Shirlann – yes well we have long ago established that we use this place for different things. It’s my cross to bear I guess.@StrawberriesMimi – I promise to continue making you shat yourself.@Fool0nThePlanet – eh. This was not to everyone else. This was mostly to some people I know who have been mailing it in lately. This was more a challenge than an indictment.@karoline1982 – I feel the need to clarify a bit. This was not towards the people who have their happy “little corners”. I have never gone to my inbox and sauif “Geez, what the hell is Karoline bitching about now?” or “Great another chain letter posted by Karoline.” @silence_of_words –  See I would agree with you, but you sorely misunderstood. The problem with me is that alot of the people I enjoy reading have been more and more prone to writing bullshit. In turn this is causing others to either leave or stop posting.

  32. I said the same thing a long time ago. I mention the whole spiel frequently. All it does is get me into more trouble. I’m another one ready to leave. Good post though. It doesn’t hurt to try.Steve

  33. Two thoughts: 1. Sandy vaginas–OUCH!!!2. I would be incredibly sad if you left. Incredibly. Okay…three thoughts…3. Sorry I suck it lately. I will get back on the ball soon. I promise.

  34. I’d care if you left even though I don’t come by often. I like some of what you write, you make me laugh. I’m rarely on Xanga anymore. It’s not the drama or anything. It just doesn’t have that allure right now. I hope you continue to love Xanga.

  35. Yay! Finally somebody said it. I have been on Xanga for SIX YEARS now. I’ve had blogs at other sites; I always come back to Xanga. But lately, the crap on here has been so unbelievable, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the whole damned thing shut down. All the good writers and people I care about on here are leaving. Why? How can we make it great again? I’m willing to try.

  36. I haven’t been subscribing to you for long, but every post you make has me laughing or at least highly amused in some way.  I’d definitely miss reading you.  I certainly hope you’re not planning on leaving.

  37. I think your rant is great and your points valid, as I have been an on again off again lurker to xanga, but am personally not interesting enough to run a successful blog…I just needed to say… “a lot” is two words. Not one. :(Sorry. I feel kinda rude bringing it up, seeing as how the content of the post is what it is.

  38. If it wasn’t for the f bombs, I’m sure you would be featured, but you don’t care about that, right.  To answer your question… I think it may bother me a little, but I wouldn’t cry over it.  I’ll be truthful, no one would.  They are two faced here on Xanga, they will tell you they’ll miss you then not care one way or the other.  Unfortunately, I’ll admit I wrote a post today about Xanga, just like several others including yourself.  My point was taken wrong.  I probably worded it wrong, but OH WELL.  I’m not going to leave either.  I enjoy writing my thoughts and random ideas and receiving feedback.  The feedback I do get is nice, it’s intelligent and thought out, but occasionally I get those trolls.  Whatever, right?  I enjoyed reading your post and I feel you made great points.  I wish only I could be well versed as this.

  39. I give you no eProps because that will piss you off.  And you blog your best when your dander is up.It’s as if all Xangans have been trapped in an teeny elevator for an entire season.  The A/C quit long ago leaving us with Muzak and our own urine to drink.  You know someone is gonna crack.  A lot of someones.

  40. Dave, please don’t go. I’ve only read through the first page of comments and I can see there are a lot of people who care about you and would be seriously bummed if you left. I’m sorry if my writing has been crap lately, I’ll try to do better. Just don’t leave

  41. I’d be bummed if you left.  Your posts make me smile.Umm, this is probably going to make my gold star for the day go away,but what is a burqa?  I guess I sometimes fall out of the loop. ♥

  42. It wouldn’t end my world if you left Xanga, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t notice the difference.  Your blog’s caught my attention, and I actually enjoy what you post, so yeah, I’d care. 😛

  43. I would definitely miss you if you left. And, to be honest, I came about this close *holds finger and thumb close together* to writing a blog similar to this. 

  44. What about my va- nedave. Dave. You can’t “JUST” leave. Wtf. You made me shat myself as well. Plus you are class “A” in doormats. Is it THAT time of the month, again? Midol works better than Tynelol, fyi. If you leave, I’ll use Dan’s slug to track you down.

  45. I’d be sad if Sam left. and maybe you. you are kind of sexy with your cigar ensemble overlooking a sexy balcony. I don’t care for the others much. they aren’t sexy.

  46. @vanedave – Oh!  I was picturing something far different.  Mainly going in the direction of a burrito.  I dunno, they both start with B’s.  Haha!  I guess that doesn’t say a lot for my intellect level.  ♥

  47. Burqas are important to the thousands of women who are forced to wear them as part of a deprivation of their fundamental human rights. I guess, though, they aren’t important to you. And if they aren’t important to you, it’s not allowed for them to be important to anybody else? Wow.There is a reason Xanga is so much like MySpace. Perhaps major social issues should be avoided, and the people here should all just talk about fluff and get along here in Pleasantville. If that’s what people really want, of course, that’s what they will get. But it’s not really reasonable, under such rules, to expect that people will not leave. If I wanted to be on MySpace, I would be.

  48. Lmao, you take this way too seriously. If you don’t spend all your free time on xanga, then maybe you won’t have such a problem. Seriously, if what people write on their blogs on a fucking site on the fucking INTRAWEBS pisses you off that much, it’s a sign you need to get the fuck off the computer and get a life. If you don’t like what someone writes, unsubscribe. It’s pretty simple, but then again maybe not for someone with a brain the size of a pea.

  49. Explain to the newby please. What constitutes a “good” blog? I know what a “good” blog means to me. What does it mean to you? I’m trying to understand how things have changed here so much that people are wanting to leave after so much time and effort put on here.

  50. @vanedave – You just sound like an asshole, lol. The douchebaggery kind, that is. Did I give you a psychological analysis of your personality in my comment? o_O Nope. I just don’t understand why people bitch about stupid shit which they can easily avoid, such as blogs you don’t like. Why the hell would you continue reading and/or keep going back to a blog you don’t like? And honestly, xanga shouldn’t affect you this much. You sound like an angsty 10 year old playing a MMORPG after someone “kill stealed” their monster LOL.

  51. @deadlyelixir – i have not a clue what you are talking about with MMORPG. Sounds like you spend more time on the internets than I do. And how is saying I have no life and a pea brain not analyzing me?

  52. Mmm. To an extent? I will in so far as I’ll always miss people who I like reading, but I wouldn’t consider it the end of the world if you left. *blinks* It’s nothing personal — we’re just not that close… Like, at all. I doubt you’d take offense, honestly…. I’m glad I missed the thing about burqas. I’m sure I would have smashed my head into the wall repeatedly had I been here at the time.

  53. @vanedave – Hahah, I knew you were going to say that. Sorry, but me knowing an acronym that you don’t doesn’t mean I sit in front of a screen 24/7. And I didn’t say I knew everything about you from a blog post, I’m just saying that if an “online community” upsets you this much, you need to seek a psychiatrist or anger management classes. Preferably both. O, and stop smoking. It doesn’t make you cool :[ Although I wouldn’t mind if you got lung cancer and died early. Lol.

  54. I was uncertain before but now that I’ve seen more weird xanga drama in this comment section, I like you even more. don’t ever leave. sam, dave and paul parmesan are my favorite xangalebrities

  55. i never read anything on your page to begin with. i didn’t even finish reading this entry. but i guess i would care for a split second. your vulgarity is nice paralleled with the bullshit on the featured page.

  56. For all you who post surveys on your site: If you insist on posting surveys on xanga BECOME A FRICKEN SURVEY SITE NOT A PERSONAL SITE. Or at the very least, come up with more original answers to questions.

  57. @Undercover_Librarian –  Y’know what’s funny is that I was kind of on tulipsinspring’s side. I felt bad when people were calling her a bitch and such. Whatever.@AnamcharaConcepts – It’s not so much what is a good blog. Its more about the people who I know are capable of better. @BiasedAndOpinionhated – well I’m glad someone appreciates my potty mouth.@Miracles33 – haha. very good advice.@stories_for_girls – man. That was angry. 

  58. Answer is, a lot of ppl wouldn’t. I mean, try it. Go silent, and see what happens. Ah, but Xanga drama has almost never affected me. I have a troll or two, and a hater or three, but I just took that as a sign that the blogging was going well. In the end, I just haven’t had time for Xanga lately. You’re right, if Xanga made time for me, I might do more. And I guess I figured, if I am gonna take a break, my last post was as good a bookmark as any.

  59. Because of finals I haven’t done much writing and now, after finals, I’m too tired to write anything but drivel.  I always think it’s better to be silent for a few days than put up some BS about your favorite sandwich or, GASP, gay marriage part DXIV.

  60. oh my god! i agree completely..What really gets to me is all those whiny people that are like ‘my life suucks’ and its like ‘well youre not starving on the streets, and you have a family that loves you weither you like/believe it or NOT, babe’:)

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