Giving Back to the Community

When I was younger I always used to think about what type of person I would be if I ever “made it out da hood.” Would I be like all of those NFL guys you see in the United Way commercials who pretend to like kids and building houses for Habitat for Humanity? Or would I be a Charles Barkley? (Charles Barkley doesn’t give a DAMN about poor people. You gotta love Charles though, because he keeps it real. Listen to his defense for why he twice voted for George bush; “My family got all over me because they said Bush is only for the rich people. Then I reminded them, ‘Hey, I’m rich’.”)

charles barkley
Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me. 

I always hoped I would be the type to give back to my community. Always hoped that I was the type of person that could not be corrupted by fame and fortune. Unfortunately, I have not as yet accrued enough fame or fortune to put that theory to the test, so it will have to remain speculation for the time being. 

Then again, maybe I do have a place where I can test this theory…

…You see it was not too long ago that I was “in da hood” here on xanga. I can still remember a time when I was happy to recieve any comments at all on an entry. I remember a time when I used to look at the front page with longing eyes and wonder if I would ever make it there. A time when I felt butterflies in my little xangan stomach if I was ever visited by any of the xanga “big dogs”. A time when I used to eat sardines for dinner! (Bonus points to whoever gets that reference.)

Now as I sit here, comfortable in my Top Blogs penthouse, I realize that I finally made it out da hood! Look at me now Puffy. I’m shinin! 

So now that I’ve come to this realization, it’s time to look at myself in the mirror and decide once and for all what kind of person I want to be. Habitat for Humanity or Charles Barkley?

I’m going the Sir Charles route. Fuck all y’all.

I’m rich biatch!!! 

Just kidding. It’s time for me to give back to the community. So I’ve decided to team up with the United Way (in this case the United Way will be played by thebigshowatud) to do some good around here. Anyone who paid careful attention to his last entry might have seen this coming.

Matt and I will be rolling out something we are calling the Xanga Braintrust. It is going to be our way of combatting alot of the crap that has been backing up the pipes that are our inboxes.

Goals of the Xanga Braintrust

– To highlight some of the overshadowed gems in the xangasphere.

– To encourage strong blogging.

– To keep tabs on the pulse of the xanga community (or at least to give our take on it)

Look out for the first installment of the Xanga Braintrust later this week. We will have way more details as we come up with them. Bear with us. This will be a work in progress. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled nonsense.



  1. serious question for once.. How are you going to insure you don’t suffer serious backlash of the Sir Charles (most people).. I mean, if you stop posting what people like.. they just IGNORE. sad… but true.

  2. I never thought you had to wait unitl you made it to the top to be good to others, but for humors sake, I’ll give you that one.  You always have something up your sleeve to keep us smiling or tip toeing away. hahaha.  The best to ya! I’ll be watching you Mr.

  3. Sweeeeeeet. Everytime I see things like this (i.e., MyxlDove’s TBO features, guest blogging as prizes in contests, etc.), I get excited on my own behalf, haha. Seriously, I never even try to make the front page features. I barely check the front page myself and usually what ends up on there that isn’t from an ish site is something I eventually get in my inbox anyway. Point is, I love striving to be worthy of features by other Xangans rather than being front page material. This is right up my alley.~V

  4. Ah Sir Charles. I love him. Mr. “I never told anyone I was someone to look up to” is just fantabulous! You and BigShow are okay, too. You know I love you…and sometimes BigShow!

  5. Iol I like sir charles, especially when he makes fun of himself about his golfing skills  charles is the black simon cowell and tells it like it is.can I have a hit of that cigar? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. We do not live by ourselves. No man is an island. I suppose it is but right for us to give something of ourselves to the community. Service, perhaps.

  7. Oh, jeez.Ideas, ideas, ideas.And still….MY idea wasn’t even launched!This is fucking UNFAIR!I have told the Xanga Team about my complaints, and Dave, I didn’t even hear back from you about that contribution I sent. (So, in return…I scoff at this ridiculous idea of yours!)And besides…haven’t we ALL heard of this before? People keep saying that we will try to do good on Xanga…but NOTHING has really happened. Just a bunch of ideas that sound ridiculously the same and well, nothing….(Sigh)

  8. hmm, after hitting top blogs a few times and being featured, i sort of felt empty for a while, and now i’m just happy to read whoever seems to have interesting posts up

  9. Now I’m in the limelight ’cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri i know i never leave u comments…but…this was just TOO easy

  10. Well, now. That’s rather admirable. And hey, I admire Charles Barkley. Why, you ask? Because he knocked the shi…er…stuffing out of Barney (annoying purple dinosaur) during an old SNL skit. And that alone rocks in at least eleventy billion different ways.

  11. You know, this sounds great. Like someone already said, it shows great initiative. In many ways I like it. I wish you the best.That said, I don’t think I care that much about xanga or blogging per se in such a way that I would go to those lengths. But, again, I do wish you the best.

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