I’m a Grandpa!!!

Well in case you hadn’t heard the news, last week my girl Zoey gave birth to my grandkids. She had 10 babies, all last friday (In your face Octomom!!!).

As I promised before, I have visual proof of this to share with you all. Here it is now…

They are always cuddled up together. See if you can count all ten.

When they are not sleeping, they are eating. Zoey can’t get a break.P4080271P4080261

Some individual closeups. There’s black, brown, white, and tan.  

And finally we have the proud momma and poppa.

Well, back to work now. I’ll have more as they continue to grow.



  1. you have a bunch of liars that comment your site man.  they are NOT cute.  i mean i’m sure soon enough they will be as cute as can be and even i might say “golly dave themz some cute widdle puppies ya got thar!”  but come on, right now they look like little blind rats and you all know it.

  2. In your face Octomom, very funny!  They are precious.  They are going to drive you insane shortly.

  3. Puppies!!! Awww. Too cute…. Though it does remind me of the puppy (young dog? when does a puppy stop being a puppy?) my friend got a little while back…

  4. AWWWWWWW!  i remember when my doggy’s ex baby mama had pups too :o(  they’re separated now.  so sad. 

  5. So you can celebrate grandparent’s day now, huh?Congratulations! The pups are gorgeous! It should be fun watching them grow! How many do you plan on keeping, if any?

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