It’s Too Loooong!!!

Yeah, I’ve heard the complaints before. It is nothing new. It’s always the same.

“It’s too long”

“You think I can handle all that.”

“Really how does anyone deal with all that?

I really do get tired of hearing it. How many times do I have to repeat the same responses?

“It only looks like it’s too long.”

“If you take it a little bit at a time it doesn’t seem so big.”

“Once you get into it you don’t even notice the length.”

I know you are not used to it, but all I’m saying is give it a shot. Is it really fair that you take one look at the length and just run away in fear? Don’t be such a pessimist. Try saying “I can” sometimes instead of “I can’t”. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.

I know one things for damn sure. All your bitching and whining about it will not change a thing. It’s always going to be long. That’s just the way it is.

So to all you people who are easily scared away by the length of my entries, I implore you to face your fears. You’d be surprised at how easily you might be able to take it.



  1. psh, i get lost just reading it, and i am at the end before I know it. if they dont want to read anything, go to facebook or myspace. thats where the nonbloggers go xD

  2. I couldn’t stop my dirty thoughts. Perfectly worded, utter genius. I think I only run when you don’t have my undivided attention by the end of the second or third sentence. But that hasn’t happened yet, so you’re safe.

  3. First of all, I admit that about halfway through I FINALLY realized that you were messin’ with us a bit. I’m not slow at all, can’t you tell. Secondly, are you seriously telling me that people think your posts are too long?! Psh… What pansies.~V

  4. *Runs away in fear cause it was too looong!* I can’t always write long posts, I’m limited to a paragraph on this teeny phone. Except if I get a hold of a computer. Anyways, if it’s a good post… I’ll read it… EVEN if it does take fooorever. But shaatting myself makes it worth my while 😛

  5. Dear David,How many people thought you were writing about your penis?The number one criticism I always seem to get on my blog is that I write overlong entries, but I’ve always maintained that each entry is just as long as it should be.Besides, we’re on the internet. If someone doesn’t have “time” for an entry, then they can always go back at their liesure. Of course the blogging community seems to have a collective case of attention defecit disorder, and nobody can see anything except the most recent entry on any blog in particular.Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  6. I actually was thinking length of blog in the beginning and began to realize what you were wanting me to think…I just wouldn’t believe that for a second.  ha haaa…just kiddin’.  Long blogs can be fun.

  7. *shakes head* as long as people dont use super tiny font or have a confusing background, i dont mind reading the whole post. ps. yay, me, for having to work to find the dirty meaning after reading peoples comments.

  8. It’s a sound byte kinda world, my dear. I’m not at all surprised you get comments about your length.Nor am I at all surprised that you’re giggling at the double ententre of this post and my comment….

  9. People complain when a blog is too long???Oh my god! lolThe only time I stop reading is when I seriously try and its just too boring.I like longer blogs though. It gives people to give more description and be specific. Dammit this is supposed to be a dirty post?!

  10. LOL See, the key is that it can’t just be long, it has to be worth your time. Just because it’s long isn’t enough of a reason for people to come check it out. Mine tends to be long and heavy. But I still try to keep it fun, that way they’ll come back for more. Regardless of how long it is.

  11. You’re funny.  My face was all scrunched up on confusion waiting on the punch line.  I usually read to the end, though I confess I’m a skimmer. 

  12. I saw the title and thought were you writing about Ayn Rand. At least you’re entertaining. @Darn_it_danube – I agree.  Or else we could say that the longer posts were really just the equivalent of stuffing.  

  13. lol thats better than hearing “its too short..” ahathen you can make it seem erotic and not like inadequate.Not that short is inadequate, no. This whole length issue is blown out of proportion. no pun intended. or is it intended? i can never really decide.

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