Do I Like You? (Take 1: MrsProsa)

I’ve come to the realization that I need to trim some of the fat off of my subs list. I’ve decided to take a very scientific approach to this, instead of just going through and saying eenie meanie miney mo. (That was so much fun to type! I wonder if that was the correct spelling though.)

Since I have quite a few people up for review, I’ve decided to make this process into a series of entries. It will be like my version of MyxlDove‘s TBO series, minus all the love and admiration. First up on the block will be MrsProsa.

Do I Like MrsProsa?

Prosa’s Pros:
– Writes on a pretty good variety of topics
– Writes regularly
– Has a good sense of humor
– Is a fellow resident of New York City (Notice I didn’t say New Yorker. The verdict is still out on that one.)
– Throwback Thursdays is usually fun (although this week’s subject was Vanilla Ice.)
– Is easy on the eyes. This is important cause she has a huge pic of herself in her header.
– Likes to talk baseball.
– Has cute and funny kids. Nobody likes kids that are boring and ugly.
– Is not afraid to speak her mind.
– Has a very fun layout.

Prosa’s Cons:
– Yankees fan who frequently badmouths the Mets.
– Native of Cleveland.
– Ocassionally goes into spells of talking about female things. (Because she is a female and all)
– Is kind of a smart ass
– One of her daughters had Beyonce’s Single Ladies song stuck in my head for about a week.
– Seems to be very fond of neon pink
– Is not afraid to speak her mind.
She is narcissistic. There is only room for but so many narcissists around here.
– Likes the Yankees.

Hmm. Looks like we have a draw here. 10 pros and 10 cons. It all comes down to how she answered my tiebreaker question.

Question: If vanedave were to delete you from his subs, would you delete him back? Why or why not?

Answer: If Dave were coldhearted enough to delete me, I wouldn’t delete him back. I actually like reading his posts. I’d be sad if he deleted me and didnt read my posts anymore, but hey. Thats just one less asshole leaving smart ass remarks! 😉

BRILLIANT ANSWER! Looks like she squeaks by on the strength of her tiebreaker response.

Congratulations MrsProsa. I officially like you!



  1. really, Dave?  you’d start with her as someone you’d delete?  with profile pictures like hers, you STARTED with her?  geez.she’s from Ohio and likes NYY.  i think i like her, too.

  2. Narcissists are kinda hot in an “antisocial personality disorders” / “I’m-a-potential-serial-killer” kinda way. Ok, so not really.

  3. @Kontzicles – You should be damnit. You damn well should be. Don’t you know who you are messin with? I am the Deathmatch champion! Ask Matt what happened when he tried to stand toe to toe with the great one.

  4. @vanedave – @Kontzicles – oh, the one where dave RECRUITED people to vote against me for a Xanga Deathmatch blog Jess had.  i remember that.he’s not such a great estranged brother, is he?  i was hoping people wouldn’t find out that we’re related, but… he’s making it obvious.

  5. @Kontzicles – what accusation?  if i accuse, blame my profession.  it’s what we do.    and you can’t oust MY picture.  it’s always mine.  but you’re just not prepared for what’s next.  i am many, many steps ahead of both of you.  you don’t even know.

  6. Haha, this should be fun…. I don’t think you’re subbed to me so fortunately I won’t be going through such a grueling experience. 😉 But it will be all KINDS of fun to watch this happen to other people! bwahahaha…~V

  7. I hate to cut inbetween this convo, but hai, I have to. The Yankees AND the Mets both suck, btw. White Sox got ruled, but there’s always next year. I don’t really have any subscriptions, I just have three. Yay. I still get an awesome amount of Lawlz.

  8. When I first logged in, I was tempted to take offense at being referenced for a post that says negative things about MrsProsa (that sounds so formal), I mean, Steph. But then after I read it, I realized that its more like a backhanded compliment to her, and if anyone can handle this, she can. Plus, I’m bout as narcissistic if not more (according to that whole Happy Riis Day situation). Meh… I’m just waitin’ for her to comment on this post.

  9. Aww this was awesome. I officially like you too. You may have more cons than pros- but Ill stay subbed on the sole fact that I have no one else to tease on here. And dammit, we curse like fucking sailors together. 

  10. I loved her answer! I think most people would feel the same. I also think shes awesome. Writes well & is a wonderful mother! – I actually just came back from New York (was there in vacation) I loved it! I would live there in a heartbeat.

  11. Hmm- this should be an interesting blog to follow in the coming issues… I think I’ll stick around and make funny and sarcastic remarks and lol when big-man, Dan the Theologian, get’s the chopping block. You’ll all be like “WTF”?? And I’ll just be standing back here laughing while I quietly steal all your orange brains and make jokes at everyone else’s expense… …. Oh the joys of being me in the land of Xangalebrities. 🙂

  12. Well who died and made you the KING?…anyway that is what my redneck Mawmaw would say if she could understand any of this Xanga drama!….Should I be worried, probably not cuz I dont think you sub to me, so that makes me unworthy of even the consideration of a cut! Anyways….Bigshow likes me!

  13. @vanedave – I was kind of wondering if the last post wouldn’t just be you arguing over whether you should unsub yourself- thus eliciting massive riots of laughter and hilarity and attaining your ultimate goal of increasing thy readership two-fold and securing a permanent place among the Xanga celebrities. This would likely win a pointless and stupid feature on the front page where all the outsiders come in and say “What the? … who the heck featured this?!” Then I’ll just turn around and laugh at them while I continue making fun of you and all the rest of the insiders and maybe even secure an official title for myself like “Xanga enigma” (drats I tipped my hand….) where everyone knows me for my insane and outlandish comments.And yes, I’ve been reading Dickens lately- so you have him to blame for my absurdly long and complicated sentences along with the overly-excess use of adjectives. Live with it.

  14. @vanedave – LynnJynh9315 is my one and only account here on Xanga and as for who I am… … oh, I delight and not telling. However, I doubt you know me by another account unless you have been active on any of the following sites: Myspace, Facebook, Forgehub, Xbox Live, Runescape or Gamefaqs- in which case my name would be the same as it is here with not more than a subtle difference depending on the use of capitalization on the “L” and the “J”.But yes… “odd” would be a good adjective to use in conjuction with my being. I shall take it as a compliment and treasure it always….

  15. Leave it to you to even THINK of doing something like this.  Lol.  You’re probably the only one who could get away with it without people saying, “Eff this guy, who does he think he is?” 

  16. Question: If vanedave were to delete you from his subs, would you delete him back? Why or why not?No, I am not heartless. I love this post, and I love your cons for her 😉 LMAO, not that I care about sports or anything 😉

  17. first off, pink is awesome so you need to chill on that Dave. Second, Beyonce rocks everyone’s socks and single ladies is sure to be a national anthome somewhere in the worldThird, If she didn’t speak her mind, who’s mind would she speak?

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