Do I Like You? (Take 2: Kontzicles)

Here we are again. Time for someone else to step up to the chopping block. This week I will be taking a closer look at Kontzicles. She is certainly one of the most interesting people I’ve come across on xanga, but she can be such a pain in the ass! This one is going to be tough…

Do I Like Kontzicles?


Kontzicles’ Pros
– Has a real wicked sense of humor.
– Leaves awesome comments.
– Does not get offended easily.
– Seems to be reasonably in control of pregnant woman hormones.
– Is as cute as a button.
– Keeps it real.
– Gets props for being a soon to be single mom.

Kontzicles’ Cons
– Her name sounds like some sort of throat infection.
– She thinks she’s all that and a bag of potato chips.
– She doesn’t know who she’s messin’ with.
– Her pictures are always judging me. kontz 2
Her fashion tips for straight men look like they should be for gay men.
– Her family is mean to animals.
– She is always messing with my man Larry.
– She doesn’nt remember when you do nice things for her (like rec her posts)

So there we have it. The cons outweigh the pros. I hate to say it, but I officially can’t stand Kontzicles and her punk ass. She is such a brat! 

However since she is about to have a baby, I will show mercy upon her and keep her around. Plus I just read a pretty awesome post of hers that I hadn’t read before. It was good enough to earn her some points back.



  1. Dear Dave,I don’t believe I’ve ever had a visit from this particular Xangan, although I’m sure I’ve probably seen her profile in comments. This is cute, esp. how you back up your claims with links to her entries. I can tell that your entry is in the spirit of humor, and you do enjoy her internet company.You need to at least give her two more pro votes for the post you reference but don’t link. Obviously you have a lot of love for this particular Xangan, cons notwithstanding.(I did notice the performance entry below, and will bookmark it so I can watch it at my liesure.)Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  2. What I want to know… is when will I BE PUT ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!!!?!?Also, Chuck Norris is never put on the chopping block, he chops the block. 😛 :)What about those Lakers last night? Hopin’ a BFN Sports post will be up about that soon.

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  6. I don’t know her, but she does seem kinda bratty . She is carrying a baby, though, and there are some pretty good pro’s listed… From what I have learned from this entry, I like ‘er a’ight.I enjoy your “do I like you?” entries, haha!

  7. She sounds a bit scary, but then again that’s just based on what you say since I don’t know her. I haven’t seen her response but maybe I missed it. That I want to see ha ha. Remind me not to get on your bad side EVER. 🙂

  8. I got mad love for Kontz. Her personality is stellar. Really unlike anyone else I’ve met on Xanga. Something about that fiest attitude and “take no prisoners’ wit just keeps you coming back for more! I will say this… Kontz is the real deal, so if you were to defriend her, that’s just more time for me. Plus, I don’t like to share the SPECIAL ones. LOL

  9. whoa…….. there is so much going on here! your mercy is….charming…though I make Larry’s world turn.. you can’t use that as a con…and you’re not forgiven for this post. watch your back, Davey Boy…… it’s on like Donkey Kong

  10. lol after reading the comments here, i dont even have anything to say..just thought i would say that…Also, I dont know her, but think her belly looks hott, so think she’s pretty cool!

  11. @Levanna – Oh my gawd that sounds awesome. So I take it we won’t see you for a while around here. Or will you be popping in to keep up with us?@Peridot21 – Nah she is one of my faves.@beetunes – Well I was going to continue messing with her, but after that heart rattling threat you just laid down I think I’ll chill.@Shopgirl0393 – Because I thought of the idea first. I got dibs.@sonychak – yeah she is cool as shit.@ModernBunny –  lol. At first I was like what the hell are you talking about? I don’t know where that saying comes from. haha.@Kalligenia – Depends how the mood strikes me.

  12. I am so freaking excited. 😀 I leave tonight at 11pm (east coast time). I will have steady wifi about a week into it, for a few days, so I’ll probably be able to pop in and post some pictures. I’ll be MIA though, definitely, for the rest of the time. Keep everyone in line around here, ‘aight? 😛 

  13. @Kontzicles – LOL! I wasn’t even aware of this post until Dave pointed it out to me hahaha…..This is good stuff….*continues to play the victim*@vanedave – If you had have said “I’m not afraid to knock a pregnant woman UP”…that would have been so much funnier lol…despite how impossible it actually is lol

  14. I’m going for a total of 16 days. 6 spent in Vienna, 10 in Lugano, and the day trips down to Milan and Florance and possibly Paris. 😀 Want a post card?

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