This is What Steroids Does to You…

(Note: I wanted to share this from the Bfnsports2debate site. If you haven’t been reading, you’re missing out.)

…They make you into a big huge pussy. (I don’t normally use that word because it’s vulgar. However I had to make an exeption in this case because it is absolutely the appropriate word.)

Over the weekend Jose Canseco took on Hong Man Choi in a mixed martial arts fight. Choi stands 7 feet 2 inches tall and weighs over 325 pounds. He has over 20 career kickboxing and MMA fights. Canseco is a former major league baseball player who is now, as I mentioned before, a big fat pussy. What the hell kind of matchup is this?

Two things crossed my mind as I watched this video. The first is how desperate Canseco has become for money and attention. He really had no business being in the ring with this guy (or anyone else for that matter). This was worse than watching Screech beat up that 60 year old guy on that Celebrity Boxing show.

My second thought was how Major League Baseball could use this footage in the fight against performance enhancing drugs. How effecive would that ad campaign be? Start off the ad by saying, “Wanna know what steroids can do for you? Just ask Jose Canseco’s bitch ass!” Then roll this footage. 



  1. I have a friend who used steroids in highschool.  Sadly, I don’t know if he really gets that it was not “right”.  He claimed he never was on them while his team was competing at state.  Just used them during practice.  He said it really messed up his hormones while he was on them.  I berated him.  😛

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