Interpreting Xanga Shorthand: A Tutorial

Anyone who has used xanga long enough has probably encountered their fair share of shorthand on here. Just like many other places on the internets, many people here love to use abbreviations to get their points across as quickly as possible. This can be a very efficient means of communication, so long as both sides understand what each abbreviation means.

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when someone uses an abbreviation that makes you scratch your head. Since I am now proficient in xanga shorthand, I decided to help those who aren’t with a brief tutorial. 

Glossary of Xanga Abbreviations

Novice Level
idk = I don’t know              btw = by the way          brb = be right back
fyi = for your information        w/e = whatever            jk = just kidding
ttyl = talk to you later           tmi = too much info         ty = thank you
omg = “oh my god/goodness” or “I’m gay”

Varying Degrees of Laughter
lol = laugh out loud       lmao = laugh my ass off     rotfl = rolls on the floor laughing
rotflmao = a combination of “rotfl” and “lmao”; rolls on the floor laughing my ass off
lolz or lawlz = These are just stupid. Don’t ever use them.
jcmpl = just crapped my pants laughing

Intermediate Level
irl = in real life                 ftw = for the win                 imo = in my opinion
fml = fuck my life           smh = shaking my head        rpg = role player game   
mmo = “Massive Multiplayer Online” or “I’m a huge nerd”
su = shut up                  stfu = shut the fuck up         ystfu = you shut the fuck up
nwdystfu = no why don’t you shut the fuck up          rm = real mature!
wtf = “what the fuck?” or “standard response to latest featured weblog”

Xanga Veteran Level
x = xanga        xc = “xanga crush” or “wherethefishlives
xt = xanga team          EXK = Evil Xanga Klique
ttc or dan = thetheologianscafe          ihd = I heart Dan       
dsa = “Dan sucks ass” or “Hi my name is Paul_Partisan

tbs = TheBlackSpiderMan          asm = antisoccermom
BIG = “TheBigShowatUD” or “the size of my…” (let’s move on)
vd = “vanedave” or “venerrial disease” depending on the context. For example if someone says I love me some vd, I think it would be safe to assume that they are not referring to genital warts.

pc = please comment                            pr = please rec
wwjd = what would John do?               xd = xanga drama         
ilxd = “I love xanga drama” or “Why yes, I do have a xanga account”          



  1. Haha! That was classic! But I think you missed one…FAIL = “Try Again” or “You Suck” or “What The Hell Were You Thinking??”Oh and you can throw this one in there too… EPIC = Most of my blogs. Wait… this isn’t about me.

  2. I use “omgosh.” Maybe now I don’t want to know what that says about me…wtf = “what the fuck?” or “standard response to latest featured weblog”^ (Emphasis added) I absolutely love that.

  3. So this, made my day. Hope your having an excellent one yourself, Dave. And I assure you that you always come before venereal disease in my book.

  4. Other common abbreviations:ATM = at the momentIIRC = if I remember correctlyOMGWTFBBQ = oh my god what the fuck barbecueDIAF = die in a fireRTDM = read the damn manual (more common amongst CS people)mE = methodElevated (me!  People actually started calling me this a while ago on their own, but I’m more like a B-list Xangalebrity, so I doubt anyone cares.)

  5. @edlives – I knew I liked you!I think I enjoyed living in the dark on some of these Dave.   Somedays I look at them like a challenge or puzzle. Others, I make up my own interpretation on it.  More entertaining that way eh? 

  6. “mmo” is actually shorthand for “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game” for those times when the abbreviation “MMORPG” is too long. Or, yes, “I’m a big nerd.””zomg” = “z’Oh my God/goodness!”, i.e. “I’m so excited about this that I don’t care that I accidentally hit the “z” instead of the left shift key.” Usually used ironically to make fun of people who spend too much time on the internet…by people who spend too much time on the internet.”ftl” = “for the lose”, the opposite of “ftw”. Unless you’re talking Star Trek, at which point it means “faster than light.” And yes, there is a Star Trek MMO coming out soon.”!!!!!!111″ Using a row of exclamation points followed by a few numeral ones indicates extremely excitement. Like “zomg” it’s usually used ironically. It was the preferred method before “zomg” became popular.

  7. At first, I thought, “These are standard anywhere in the internet.” Then you got to ihd and I said, “Well, no, I wouldn’t find that on Facebook.”@TheTheologiansCafeย – Not all of us, Dan. Some of us had a crush on you before people started telling us we were idiots for actually liking you.

  8. This was actually helpful. I didn’t what the hell Ftw stood for. I found what FML means last week, won’t be using it.

  9. @wherethefishlives – OMG TMI!!!@TheBigShowAtUD – This is true. But hasn’t that always been the case?@The44thHour – Damnit I knew that too.@IfonEarth – yeah I’ll just refrain from commenting on that one.@MyxlDove – It’s always about you Mo. Even when it’s not.@Paul_Partisan – WOW! You brought it back to Sir Mix Alot. I am speechless.@Laryssa – that touches me in places I can’t even mention.@methodElevated – lol. I love bbq.

  10. I don’t really use a lot of these… XD Hilarious, though. Especially dsa. Anyway, the ones I use here are… Lol, Lmao, Btw, Jk, and on occasions, omg (meaning Oh my god). Great post!

  11. FTLOGPATM is what’s for awesome!! and the reason fish is in Sam’s username is because he is eye candy bait to lure more girls to Xanga (and guys too. yes everyone LOVES Sam)lately I’ve been seeing rolfcopter?  or something to that effect? teach us master the meaning of this new lingo.

  12. you know what i don’t care for?  texting, and the idiotic, incorrect “spellin” – such as “i eated it” unbecoming, especially for us adults.*smooths crinoline, folds hands on lap*

  13. I guess I must have missed the symbolic use of strange symbols:<3  is the symbol for heart;) is the winkAnyway you will need another similar thread a year later as hip people move to new terminology.

  14. Hahaha, the Evil Xanga Klique shall never die apparently. It’s amazing that the phrase is still around.Makes me want to gather the young’uns around, and tell them that I too was a member of the EXK. Half of Xanga was in it, yeah, but that’s beside the point.

  15. Ha, this is definitely a good post for me and the rest of the Xanga illiterate. It’s ridiculous how long I went without knowing what “FTW” meant, I mean, it actually gave me headaches trying to figure it out. I still remember the day I was luckily enough to come across a post where someone wrote out “for the win” and I made the connection. It seems as though everyday someone comes up with a new abbreviation I don’t understand.

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