I’m Pro-Shut the Hell Up!!!

How about that xanga?

Not pro-choice, not pro-life, just pro-silence on this matter.

There was a time when I cared about this. I really did. I had an opinion of my own and everything. I would offer this opinion to others and in turn they would share their contrasting viewpoint with me. We would engage in a civil exchange of ideologies and then go skipping through the park together while singing koombaya. If you listened close enough, you could hear Louie Armstrong’s It’s a Wonderful World playing in the distance.

That was then, this is now.

Now it’s gotten to the point where I just don’t give a crap anymore. When I heard the news about Dr. Tiller I had no reaction. A few people shunned me for my apathy towards the matter and I replied, “Dr. Tiller wasn’t my doctor. Where was he when I fractured my ankle? Where was he when I was little and I had asthma attacks? I don’t know that fool!

I am completely desensitized! In fact while we’re at it, here is a list of things I officially don’t care about due to overexposure on xanga; Abortion, John and Kate Plus 8, fat chicks, skinny chicks, burqas, ish sites, people hating on the ish sites, and TheTheologiansCafe (the plugz did it to me Dan).   

Seems we cant go more than a week or two without something cropping up about abortion around here. Seems like we have a full blow up about it once a month. Not all of them are as big as the current Dr. Tiller fiasco, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. The abortion craze picked up steam during the election and it hasn’t slowed down since.

It’s not that this isn’t an important issue. It is. It’s just that we’ve effectively beaten it into the ground. I firmly believe that everything that can be said in favor of or against abortion, has been said on xanga. The inspiration for the post may change (This week it’s Dr. Tiller, next week it may be something Obama does.), but the meat of the post remains very much the same.

This is the crazy thing about all this. With all of these facts and stats going back and forth, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone stop and say, “Hmm. I had no idea that was the case. I think I just changed my mind on this whole abortion thing!” This isn’t Juno people. Nobody gives a crap if babies have fingernails! Conversely, nobody cares who has to take care of that baby you don’t want.

There are so many things in this world to talk about. If you really feel the need to brush off last month’s abortion rant and play a game of MadLibs with them (I was really outraged by what insert controversial figure said about abortion today. Doesn’t he know that this will only make the pro-lifers/choicers look good?), then by all means go ahead. Just know that eventually you will be doing to abortion what the mainstream media has done to Brittney Spears.

(Note to Dan: Read the tags)

(Note # 2 – Abortion MadLibss here)



  1. I sympathize. In fact, I think I downright empathize. I don’t talk about it on my own Xanga because I know that a majority of my readers are from a similar background as me, which means most of them would probably agree with me anyway (boring, lol). I also know that it won’t change anybody’s mind to hear my views on my personal site. I also think the moment of change in an opinion on abortion comes when it touches you personally, not when you’re talking about statistics and strangers. When it’s your decision or the decision of someone you love, THAT’S when you really see what you believe. have your opinion, by all means, but don’t assume you’ve got it all figured when you’ve never had to deal with it. I’m on the “don’t kill them, they really are babies” side of things, but I know at the very least that it is a decision most women should not HAVE to make– I feel for those who have had to make such a decision, whichever they chose. Well…anyway.I don’t talk about the running topics on Xanga much at all. I’m just cool like that. ~V

  2. Oh man, you took the words right out of my mouth. It just gets tiring hearing the same arguments over and over. If people feel that strongly about an issue, arguing with them otherwise is not going to do anything!

  3. @vanedave – Oh, a “friend” mmmhmm, I SEE.  :)What do you want to bet this results in a ” WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!!111!!!one!!!” response blog from a Canadian feminist?

  4. It does seem there are so many posts about the topic.  People argue with one-line comments and insults, which is annoying.  I’ve seen a few posts and comments that were insightful (on both sides) but had to get through a whole lot of ranting to get to them.

  5. You can’t blame people for talking about it. It was a major news story for days. But we have gotten to the point that everything that was going to be said about it has already been said. Honestly Tiller’s murder was a far less stupid topic than “ZOMG! BURQAS!”

  6. All those topics you mentioned are exactly things I don’t want to think about for another five years myself. I had my personal story on abortion but I have no motivation to share it any time soon since I am so sick of the issue.

  7. I still don’t understand why people have to write about the same things over and over.  Do the people of Xanga really lack that much orginality?  I mean…come ON!

  8. love the tags!Some of us love Dan the man behind the page lolI stay far away from all of the topics mentioned above and must say you and dan are my only popular blog exceptions if its on the front page I dont wanna read it!

  9. @NoPenniesHere – What the fuck do you suppose Xanga is? Xanga isn’t a large continious entity– it’s a community of individual bloggers. We’re not obligated to self-censor once “someone else” takes up the same entry topic.Entries are palletes of self-expression, and sometimes, people respond similarily to the same external events. Furthermore, entries serve as progression in the metablogging dialouge. Reply entries address subtle points and advance argumentation.

  10. If I don’t want to deal with the issue I have the choice to avoid it. Unfortunately if you unwisely make a comment on such issues you are like Pandora and opening a box you regret opening.So Dave today it seems like silence is a good option? When? When it effects you or effects someone that is close to you. Either that you have become more pestimistic and don’t think you can change things by posting on xanga.All I know is that some excitable xangians should be avoided at all costs. Preaching to the choir occassionally will help to clarify the issue and if you are featured too often this position is the best in being silent on some controversial issues.

  11. @XDaemonessX – Bravo!!!  If I could rec this a million times over I would.  EVERYONE needs to see this.  And I do mean everyone.Not everyone suffers from short attention span.

  12. @CelestialTeapot – You said, “Entries are palletes of self-expression”…which completely contradicts everything.  If it is self-expression, then why are the same things being said over and over?  That’s not self-expression, that’s copying. Also, it doesn’t advance argumentation if the same point is being made.  Granted, some new points are made in response posts, but after a while, it just becomes repetitive. 

  13. @NoPenniesHere – If it is self-expression, then why are the same things being said over and over?Because they’re each thoughts on the same subject matter.For instance, following 9/11, there was a spate of grief, patriotism, and anger. It’s repetitive, I know; but this was expected given that many Xangans are Americans.Our opinions and our views are filters for how we take news and how we express ourselves– sure, there are Xagans who may be similar, but they’re not identical.That’s not self-expression, that’s copying. Also, it doesn’t advance argumentation if the same point is being made.Sure it does. Obviously, you haven’t been following a lot of these entries closely. Granted, some new points are made in response posts, but after a while, it just becomes repetitive.  To you and others, perhaps; but not for everyone. Your personal lack of interest isn’t Xanga’s litmus test.

  14. I agree completely….everybody should just chill and accept the fact that people have different views and morals on different issues. It’s no reason to hate people…..

  15. I wish someone would personally go to people’s sites and tell them to shut up about it. But I suppose that would be mean and inconsiderate. Why must I have a conscience? =(

  16. It’s sad that there have to be extremists in EVERYTHING. Why is it that the extremists seem to get all the attention is what I want to know. Example: when you have a professing Christian do something extreme and they say God told them to do it, THAT is how it is viewed ALL Christians are. The bottom line on ALL hard topics like abortion is that the extremists on both sides need to be ignored. They are the ones who harm others with their extremism. Hope that makes sense without going in to detail. I totally understand your feeling on this though. It’s sad such a serious topic has to turn into a war of sorts.

  17. Ahh, always the contrarian, my friend. Don’t you ever just say “hey, I wanna chime in with the masses on Xanga?” I guess not. And that’s why we love you…

  18. well, well.  look at you, Mr. Man of the People.  you haz spoken for them… us.  too many blogs about the same thing.  and this is one of the few blogs about blogs about the same things that i like.  whew.  i think i said that right.

  19.  You took the words right out of my mouth!ps i always thought that everyone was being WAY too overdramatic about this issue. Tiller’s death proved it.

  20. Thank goodness someone said it for me which is why I didn’t post anything about it. I’m tired and my patience has worn thin on the issue. I’m sorry to hear about Dr. Tiller and I pray for his family and friends, but I’m tired of arguing about the issue itself.

  21. SERIOUSLY SHUT THE HELL UP NO ONE CARES. BABIES DIE ALL THE TIME, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. its just a sad case xanga. move the gazebers on. people make big drama out of nothing.

  22. Dan gives me traffic when he rec’s my posts.  Attention! I needs it! (Lol JUST. kidding.)  But really, Dan’s been pretty cool the few times we’ve chatted.  Really nice guy.  :)And Dave, I’m with you on this abortion thing.  It’s getting old.  I have an opinion, but I’m not going to state it because, honestly?  I don’t feel like debating it.  And also, someones probably already said it and 10 times better than I ever could.  But mostly, I really don’t feel like debating it.  I have better things to write about.  Like.  Geology.  mwahahahahahahaha.  Geology rules the Earth.  (Really.  It does.)

  23. this entry shouldstay here as long as it takes… I’m so fucking sick of reading titles like abortion blah blah, pro-life blah blah…. wah! I just want to shout “Give me a great read so I can have 5 minutes of unrequited stress reliever”

  24. Amen to that!  I completely agree with you on that.  There are just some things people should keep to themselves.  People are becoming way to open about EVERYTHING these days!  Do everyone a favor and do like vandave says, “shut the hell up”!

  25. xanga edited “hell” from the title of your post on featured.i am ready to quit in absolute disgust over this, xanga team.is xanga front page just for teenagers and rabid ranters?i am ready to quit in absolute disgust over this, xanga teamcensoring the word “hell” ? i remember when they censored the word “homo”.what’s next, censoring the name “hitler”?i am ready to quit in absolute disgust over this, xanga team.hey man, nice post.

  26. Get over it. Honestly. Sorry if that’s rude, but it’s true. This is an important issue, just as gay marriage is and homelessness and every other issue in America that hasn’t been solved. And there is nothing wrong with being vocal. Maybe there are some people, like myself, that can’t express how they feel outside of their blog. I agree, it is talked about a lot, but that just shows how passionate people are. And you should care. You live here, too. What you said about Dr. Tiller was incredibly rude. You can be affected by death only if you knew the person? I hear about deaths and murders and kidnappings all the time and it does make me truly sad because this is our world.And I won’t shut the hell up about what I believe. So fuck you very much.

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