Do I Like You? (Take 3: TheTheologiansCafe)

Love him or hate him, we all know him. He is the most prominent of all us xangans. He is Dan the Theologian and it’s his turn to be on my chopping block.

Do I Like TheTheogiansCafe?
 theo manhattan
I like this pic, So I am using it again. 

– Is a pillar in the xanga community.
– Has a very dry and sarcastic wit. I can appreciate it.
– Dan
(Not Theo) is a pretty solid guy.
– Gives very good advice on how to make this place better.
– Is a very powerful ally
(His recs are worth more than stock in Apple).
– Likes boobs.
– Entertains me with how he manipulates the xanga population.
– Occasionally acknowledges that I am superior to him via private message.
– Is very supportive of my Xanga TV exploits.
– I like boobs too.

– His shenanigans often cause mass hysteria.
– He is too smart. It makes me nervous.
– Everytime he sends a mass message, I am stuck cleaning my inbox for days.
– Is a thorn in the “
pro-shut the hell up movement’s” side.
– Is always in my way of being at the top of top blogs
(today is an exception!).
– Still owes me a guest post.
– I see him so much on here that he haunts me in my sleep.
– Has
not focused on boobs enough as of late (yeesh those butts were ugly!).
– 90% of plugz now have something to do with him.
– Drove my poor friend
Paul crazy.

Alright, time to tally up. That makes 11 pros and 10 cons. Looks like the pros have it.

Then again, I don’t want anyone to think that I am kissing Dan’s ass. I have been accused of it before and that ain’t cool. Therefore, to show how little I care about Dan’s ass, or kissing said ass, I will ignore the pros and cons tally and conclude that I officially do not like TheTheologiansCafe.

I hope this doesn’t interfere with our friendship Dan.



  1. Hhahaaha awesomeness.I saw that booty (or so he called them) post. Those were flatties, not phatties. and is “I like boobs too” really a pro for Dan? Weirdo

  2. Saying anything positive about Dan automatically qualifies you as a staunch Dan supporter and lemming. Period. Though, support of ASM makes you a better writer. It’s been proven.Oh wait, I forgot, I’ve just invoked Paul’s Law. Every time Dan is mentioned, ASM must be mentioned negatively. Conversely, negative remarks about Dan yield positives about ASM. Neither can exist without one or the other; or the very cosmos will collapse into a black hole of perpetual non-dramatic writing and posting about relevant topics.And people might actually get along. Sheisse! Perish the thought!Dan’s not too bad a guy. Needs more titties though.

  3. Yeah, the jury’s out on this one for me. I’m still recovering from the debacle that resulted from my collaboration with him. lol I guess that’s what happens when you play with fire. And Dan is apparently a Xanga inferno.

  4. It would be even funnier if he not only didn’t rec it, but didn’t comment it. haha. He wouldn’t do that to you, though. And, I forgot to send him a picture of me-bum. (Not my real one. The one who hits me up for money all the time.)

  5. Blah, some people see everything as sucking up. Ignore them.One anti-Dan post too many was what set me off the other night. (You know, that post everybody sudenly discovered yesterday.) After a while the “we hate Dan” club gets tiresome.

  6. I must be the exception; I just don’t care much either way about TheTheologiansCafe or Dan. I read him for a while; and dropped him a while back. He seems to have all these posts about current events written in such a way to incite people on both sides of nearly every issue. A talent that he can do that so easily, for sure; but if I wanted that kind of experience on Xanga (reading people all fired up about this or that), I’d listen to talk radio. No thanks. No ill will; just no thanks.

  7. I love Dan. He is really very funny,he is clever and he makes me laugh the way he can provoke the masses. He is tenderhearted too,many times I have gotten messages from him asking me to comment someone who was discouraged.

  8. BEST PROS ACCORDING TO C_JAMAICA:-His shenanigans often cause mass hysteria. (Which I really love!)-He is too smart. (A trait that I behold because he belongs in the same category as myself. (And this is true, btw)-Has a very dry and sarcastic wit. (And I dig it)

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