LIVE AND IN TECHNICOLOR: The One Where Paul & Danni Try to Make me Cry

Xanga TV tonight at 9:30 ET.

Paul and Danni (of AnamcharaConcepts fame) are going to ask me questions about painful childhood memories. Then i am going to sing about it.

We are going to have so much fun.

I didn’t want to go head to head with the Laker game, but we should only be about half an hour.

Then again most of you probably don’t care.

So in any case, XTV tonight at 9:30 ET. 

Note: If you rec more people will be there to make fun of me with you. Mob violence is always more fun.



  1. I may get called away, waiting for a call, but I’m dying to be there and will do my best. But don’t cry my friend. Let me know if you need a hug.

  2. I’m getting off line unfortunately.  I would have loved to stick around to see you cry though.  Love your tags as usual, hope you make it to the bathroom. 

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