Don’t be Fooled by the Cuteness

(The title is a work in progress)

If you just started reading me this week (I’ve had quite a few new subscribers), you may think I am sort of a pansy. It’s been all datingish, puppies, and cute babies around here lately. Yeah I’ve been on sort of a run of softness lately, but don’t get it twisted bitches! I am still the badass mofo I’ve always been. I’m just a badass mofo who happens to have nine puppies hanging around is all.

I still eat trolls for breakfast. I still lay my pimphand down with much authority when necessary.

See I know some of you see this whole xangalebity persona and forget that underneath all that is just a Black/Puerto Rican guy from NYC. In case you haven’t heard the stereotype about Puerto Ricans, we carry razors at all times (West Side Story anyone?). Moral of the story being I will cut you if you get too close.

Bring it on trolls! 

People just can’t stand to see other people functioning as normal adults without trying to tear it down it seems. The Xangans on Film entry was by far one of my favorite entries to do. I am hoping to give readers a chance to really connect with some of my favorite people on here. I always enjoy doing things that make us feel more connected as a community. It’s why I did the Debate Contest, and the Holiday Party, and even the Douchebag Awards.

Contrary to what my name may suggest, I am not all about me (I’ll leave that act to Matt). I believe having too much of a “me” mentality is part of what is bringing our society down. I believe Apple is mostly to blame for this mentality, what with their “I”Pods, and “I” Touches, and “I” Tunes. To me Nintendo has got the right idea. It’s all about “Wii”.

So people, when I ask you to rec it’s not for me. It’s for the COMMUNITY! If you had fun, then share the fun. That’s what I’m really saying.

Note: Curt I am talking to you today. You are my boy and all, but that shit you said in your pulse about Mrsprosa and I was not cool. What the fuck did she ever do to you dude? Please inform me. I have never seen her give anyone on here shit. Seems like you are the one with the hard on here. You like her, but you don’t want her to know so you make snide remarks to mask it. Like in third grade when you pulled a girl’s hair to show her some love. (She’s married dude. Find some other chick’s hair to pull.)

I want to end this rant by saying fuck Kristen Stewart, fuck Kristen Stewart’s “haters”, fuck Twilight, and fuck Zac Effron. Just because.  




  1. oh, whatever.  i am not all about me.  you just wanted to tag me, because that’s how you show you care.  i appreciate it.  haha.certainly you, more than most, epitomize the COMMUNITY aspect that makes Xanga fun.  keep it up, even if it leads to a pulse or two to the contrary.  do what you do.  if it involves conversing with attractive women, now and then, definitely go for it.  I SAID IT.

  2. i sure do.  thanks for… uh… claiming that i have no issues discussing myself with e-strangers.  i know there’s some sort of compliment in there, ideas for next week?  no making me look bad.  i do that well enough without your help.

  3. He is just a baby boy in the middle of puberty. He is bashing a lot of woman right now not just Mrsprosa. I can think of a few of reasons why an adolescent boy would be doing that (sexual confusion). But that would be cruel and he really is just a boy, its not a fair fight at all.

  4. Don’t mind this Twit, Dave. Let him cry it out a little, that’s what I learned to do with MY kids. Its apparent this loser has nothing worthwhile going on in his life, cant you tell by his name? What he needs to do is close those fucking curtains and quit being that nuisance of a neighbor who tallies up the bad things we all do; then calls the cops when we are playing our music too loud. He’s a fucking peeping Tom, and obviously uses you, me and others for his entertainment. He was the motivation behind my “Im a Nasisistic” post. He called me a Narcisist, so instead of letting it get ot me, I grabbed that titled and used it to my advatage. Thanks, Curt.

  5. @mrsprosa – gotta commend you for using hateful words as ammunition. I do the same, but it’s hard now and then. I love reading you and Dave – both awesome.

  6. @mrsprosa – I think everyone has a little narcissism in them. It’s not a bad thing – people should love who they are! It’s just when they stomp all over people to look in a mirror is when it becomes a problem I’m sorry that jerk said crap about you guys.

  7. It’s the community that makes me love Xanga so much. I could totally see myself hangin’ out with the friends of made here IRL if given the chance. I don’t get the whole “piss in the pool” mentality that some folks bring to Xanga. We all gotta swim here. See, this is why I only make snide comments about you in text messages to Kontz and KP, Dave. lol

  8. (just went and looked at the pulse) WTF?!? And exactly what kind of blind idiot do you have to be to say Steph is not hot?? ROFLMAO. That’s some crazy ish right there!

  9. @mrsprosa – I don’t know if you actually know it already or not. But Curt has a rep for getting belligerent with woman on xanga. He has been doing it longer than you been here. And it is always the better looking woman. He has a problem and it has nothing to do with anything bad about you. Least of all your looks, as that is what I’m sure drew him to you in the first place.Don’t think about that to much  . . .ewww . . .

  10. @trunthepaige – lol- in his pulse he says i was “not hot” like it was insulting to me. Actually his first comment was that I was narcissistic, and I think he thought I’d get all pissed and start an e-war with him. but instead I agreed and made it into a post. I never give him the response he is looking for, so that may be why he hates me so much. as for the “particularly the good looking women” he rants on and about, maybe he has some phsycological issues with pretty women. Did he get turned down by the prom queen?

  11. @MyxlDove – Eh, screw him. Like I stated above, he needs to close his curtains a bit because being the nosey neighbor doesn’t get you anywhere. I’ll just turn up my music a little louder ;)That wasnt the 1st statement about my looks, he really must have been hurt bad by a beautiful woman. He needs Dr. Phil, poor guy.

  12. Do something good for the community and it gets hated on. Sounds like someone peed in his cornflakes and he wanted revenge. @mrsprosa – Keep being proud of who you are. Unlike you, he doesn’t have a life. Good people bother him.

  13. i always wonder…how effective does one think they are when they start something over the internet…like drama/hate? i think it only works in humor, kind of like you. 

  14. @MyxlDove – haha. Oh really?@trunthepaige – yeah you’re right about that. Hard to get a read on Curt sometimes. That’s how he likes it.@StephySays – lol. I’m glad someone appreciated that analogy.@Darn_it_danube – Sorry bout the false advertising.@mrsprosa – aww man. He is going to have a field day with some of these comments if he sees them. haha.@AnamcharaConcepts – Well I wasn’t the one who peed in his corn flakes. Damnit.

  15. I didn’t realize reccing you was a public service. I’ll be getting right on that. Wouldn’t want the Community to think me lukewarm.

  16. i’ma new subscriber! yay!i’ve been on xanga since 2005, and i’m just now (in the past 2 yrs) getting this sense of a xanga community. its pretty awesome. and no, you’re not a pansy, even though the puppy post was really cute!

  17. @curtainsopen – I think I’m missing something here.  I started at your wood post (LOL), clicked the link that led me here, read this, and still can’t figure out what it’s all about.  But if you’re involved I have to assume it’s hysterical.  Fill me in!

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