Xangans on Film Episode 1 – Mrsprosa

Hello everyone. This is the first installment in a series I will be doing over the coming weeks. I wanted to sit down and really chat with some of my favorite people here on xanga. First up to bat is the glamorous housewife;

Note: For those who cannot access the video, I have typed up a brief summary of the chat below. I took some liberties with the summary in order to edit for time. It was also to amuse myself. Oh and please rec. This was quite the project and I want to see if it is worth keeping up with.

Coffee Talk With Mrsprosa

Parts 1 and 2

Chat Transcript (Summarized)
Dave: How Are You Today?
Steph: Something about her kids and yadda yadda. I’m fine.

Dave: Do you feel like living in New York has made you a cooler person?
Steph: Absolutely. Ohio is for suckas! New York is better in every way imaginable.
Dave: Yeah. Anything is a step up from Ohio.
Steph: Yeah that is the truth. Sorry Matt and everyone from Ohio. You should move.

Dave: If you were a man, what pickup line would you use on yourself?
Steph: Your eyes are like the ocean. There is just no way out. (Somehting corny like that)

Dave: Is the Navy as big on pushups as the Army is?
Steph: My husband is going to kill me for admitting this, but the Navy is for whimps really. If I could make it in the Navy, anyone can.

Dave: Yankees suck right?
Steph: Absolutely. I only like them cause the Indians suck worse.

Dave: Lightning Round. Ready?
Steph: Yeah
Dave: Nas or Jay-Z?
Steph: Nas
Dave: Queen or Led Zeppelin?
Steph: Queen
Dave: WRONG! Coke or Pepsi?
Steph: Diet Coke.
Dave: Full House or Family Matters?
Steph: Full House
Dave: Vanedave or Bigshow?
Steph: Vanedave. No Brainer.

Dave: What would you be doing if you weren’t a stay at home mom?
Steph: I would be a writer (cute baby makes cameo and insults Dave’s face.)

Dave: Which xangans do you consider must reads:
Steph: Beckncallgirl, CiaoBella810, AlterEgo809, TheBigshowatUD, Vanedave (of course), and Melissa orchid. (She named more, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. Watch the video!)

Dave: Any final words.
Steph: First off I am really scared that the Mets are going to sweep the Yankees this weekend. Second I want to share something my mom told me last night. Stop worrying so much about what you don’t have and be thankful for what you do have. One day you’ll wake up and it could all be gone.
Dave: Your mom is a smart lady. And she is super pretty. Tell your mom I have a crush on her.
Steph: Will do

Dave: Well that does it for the first installment. Thanks Steph.
Steph: It was a sincere honor to be part of one of your projects Dave. I cannot tell you how happy this made me.
Dave: I’m just a man Steph. No need to thank me.



  1. geez.  diss me TWICE in one episode.  man.  good thing i’m not a hater, Dave, and Mrs. Prosa is “easy on the eyes,” as they say., or i’d have to retaliate.but then, i remembered i’m one of the few on xanga who doesn’t do such things.  and she doesn’t read my blog (anymore).  lies.

  2. Dude, very cool idea. Takes the interviewing idea to a different level. This is like MadisonLinh’s “Phone Call Interview” idea.VaneDave sounds like SmoothDave Prosa was very interesting to watch!

  3. Wow I can’t believe you both said such nice things about me, it made my day!! Thank you! :)You are both so great, this was really fun to watch. And @mrsprosa – your little ones are so so cute!!!Dave this is a brilliant idea, and maybe my favorite thing I’ve seen on here so far. Thanks for doing this, it was so fun to see you both!

  4. Dear Vanedave:  As Stephie didn’t list ME as a favorite Xangan read, then the entire interview was problematical!  We are, however, all in agreement about the Navy.  Regards.  SMP

  5. A full house movie?  This was the most informative 8:57 of my life.  Wow, Titanic will soon be number 2 all time at the box office because Danny Tanner takes no prisoners.  Swell job David.

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