Tracking My Reader’s Choice Progress

Since I have actually gotten around to doing some of them lately, I thought I would take a sec to go back and see how much of the latest reader’s choice list I have gotten through. I think I’ve made a pretty decent dent so far.

1. How High Do You Rate on the Smooth-o-meter?

2. Nurture vs. Nature (A Spirited Debate)

3. Xangans on Film (The Vanedave interviews) (in progress)

4. Mike Tyson – The Greatest of All Time

5. My Life Story in Ten Pictures (Give or Take) (in progress)

6. Judging our Future: A Decision of Supreme Importance!

7. Why I Occasionally Make You Feel More Neglected Than One of Wilt Chamberlain’s Kids

8. Watermelon: A Love Story

9. Do I Like You (PimpDave on the Block)

10. How My Readers Have Spoiled Me

So let’s see. That’s 5 down, 5 to go. Not so bad actually. I think I can have all these done soon enough.



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