Xangans on Film: Episode 2 – Edlives

Last week I started my xangans on film interview series with Mrsprosa (for anyone who missed it check here). This week I bring you a very prominent member of our xanga community. Creator of the BFN Network and editor of the Autisable website, Edlives.

Note: Once again, for those who cannot access video for whatever reason, I have once again taken the liberty of providing a summarized chat trancript below.

Picking The Fried Brain of Edlives

Chat Transcript
I’m here with edlives, a.k.a. Joel. Sup man.
Joel: Aww man, busy week here. I’m pretty nervous right now.
Dave: You should be nervous. I am an incredibly intimidating man.
Joel: That you are Dave. Please be gentle.
Dave: Okay. I’ll be gentle.

Dave: How are you affiliated with xanga and the xanga team.
Joel: I’m not. The BFN is a separate entity and I am only the editor of Autisable. Stop sending me bug issues damnit!
Dave: Yeah. I bet that can get pretty annoying.

Dave: You are a 49ers fan correct?
Joel: Since the early 80’s.
Dave: They suck pretty bad don’t they?
Joel: Absolutely!

Dave: Which “real celebrities” would you like to see on xanga?
Joel: I’ll take anything I can get. Beggers can’t be choosers.

Lightning round – Joel does not like pink, but does enjoy some Bugs Bunny,

Word Association – Joel kisses various xangan’s asses.

Dave: Last question. What makes you so passionate about spreading autism awareness.
Joel: My son. He is my heart. We have had our share of troubles with schools and the government and I would like to spread awareness to help others deal with these problems. Autisable allows me to do this and xanga even gives a portion of the revenue from that site to helo with autism research.
Dave: That is awesome. I am going to end on that and a cute cut to your kid.
Joel: Alright dude thanks.
Dave: Peace out.



  1. awww that is one cute kid. oh man, that reminds me when i was teaching. my student with autism was probably the most difficult to deal with, but in the end he was the one i admired and learned from the most. 

  2. Awwww ~ I missed some of this….had probs getting the vid to play…I don’t know if it is because I am in the UK ~ sometimes they don’t allow it!  I love Joel!!!!  I got him hooked on Knighthood on FB…..LOL!!

  3. He DOES look like his avatar, and his little one is so sweet! Great interview, Dave I think you have a talent for this! Well done you two.

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