What ya Doin Saturday?

Gonna be in NYC?


Me too.

I am gonna be at the New York Comedy Club this Saturday at 8PM. A few good xanga friends will be joining me. After we are going to do fun NYC things like dodge cabs in the street and point at tall buildings in amazement.

Jealous yet?

No need to be. You could be there too (that is if you live in the area and happen not to have plans).

So if you are interested, let me know and I will give you all the super secret details (i.e. the secret handshake, the oath of smoothness, etc.)

Here is a free preview of the goods.



  1. I’ll lift a glass to you on Saturday Dave. You’re funny and I’d rec this but some of my subs might not take it so well.  This was the next best thing to being there.  Good luck funny guy! (pats heart and points to you)

  2. That’s the first time I’ve seen your act and I gotta say you have great comedic timing!  I laughed outloud for real throughout that vid.  I’ll make a mental note to visit a set of yours one of these days when I visit NY again.

  3. I’m gonna be in the North Bay out on a wine cruise trying to get into this big-titted blonde’s panties. BUT I SWEAR DAVE IF THERE WEREN’T BOOBS INVOLVED I’D BE TOTALLY DOWN

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