Short and Sweet

It’s raining cats and dogs outside. I was up late all weekend and I am exhausted. I have absolutely no desire to leave my house right now and yet I am getting ready to go and put my shoes on so I can jump in the car so I can go spend a few hours at my dad’s.  

That’s love right there.

I was sitting here today thinking about this man who raised me. Thinking about all I have learned from him. I’ve learned from his example how to be honest, virtuous, real, and modest. How to be responsible and how to command respect. He has taught me how to be a good man.

The thing about my father that I respect the most is that he does not hide his flaws. He has never tried to portray himself as someone he is not. I’ve learned from these flaws just as much as I have from his virtues. It is only recently that I see how difficult that is to do. So often we want our children to think we are perfect.

So out I go into the rain. I will probably get a guilt trip when I get there for being late. Standard procedure for my dad. He’ll tell me that he was home all day waiting for me to come over (which is a lie). I’ll tell him I only came over because I wanted to see the puppies (also a lie). Then he’ll say something like, “when I’m old I wonder who is going to be around to change my diapers?” I’ll respond with a hearty “NOT IT!”

This is how we show our love to one another.

Love you dad. 

– Happy Father’s Day Y’all.




  1. what can i possibly say except “awwww”? :Dactually, i can say one thing: i like what you said about him not hiding his flaws. that’s an admirable characteristic, because we all have flaws, and we all know we have flaws… so to try and cover them up and act like you’re perfect isn’t really hiding much at all… your dad seems great! 🙂 good post.

  2. isn’t it amazing how as we grow older, the more wise we think our dads are?  Mine’s been gone almost 10 years now and i STILL wish i had half the wisdom he had up to and including the day he died.  He’s the reason i’m the man i am today, flawed but strong.Thanks for this little reminder!Hope you had a good time with your dad.

  3. It sounds like you had a great dad! My dad has taught me all that too. They are great traits to have & I hope to pass them on to my kids some day (whenever I have little ones!) HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO YOUR DAD!!

  4. hahahahh my dad asks that diaper question too. i just give him a funny look and say “the hot nurse at the nursing home you’ll be living in.” both disturbing thoughts… but that’s me & dad for you!

  5. that’s your dad?  LOL dads are supposed to be OLD!  anyways I always thought so even though my father never got old, but that’s because he didn’t live so long. Hey your dads kinda hot. I like bald dudes

  6. You time-stampin’ ho…Your Dad did a good job 🙂  Sans the whole “where the titties at!?!?” from Saturday night.

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