Do I Like You? (Take 4: MagicallyDelici0uz)

As part of DommieGirlLovie’s recent xanga challenge, I have been randomly paired with the lovely MagicallyDelici0uz. Thanks alot for that one Dommie! (Cue sarcastic voice here)

Since I am supposed to write something about Cherish (her first name) as part of this challenge, I thought why not make her the next person on my chopping block. I know she is relatively new to xanga, but I thought it would be fun. So here we go…

Do I Like MagicallyDelici0uz?


MagicallyDelici0uz’s Pros
– Well for starters I get to look at that pic every time she leaves a comment or what have you.
– She is new so I have a chance to court her readership.
– She’s not fake!
– She seems to be a pretty active blogger.
– She recently said nice things about me (No matter if she was told to!)
– Uhh there’s this.
– and this.
– and this of course.
– I could go on, but I’lll stop there.

MagicallyDelici0uz’s Consmagic3
– She’s Canadian (I’ve looked past this before though).
– Her name makes me crave cereal that I do not currently have at hand.
– Her pics distract me from other things I should be doing like not looking at her pics all day .
– Seriously I felt sort of creepy today cause I got lost in them for a while.
– My girlfriend is going to kill me for this.
– No really, if you guys don’t hear from me in the next few days, send a search part out.

Alright. I think it’s safe to say that she is going to make the cut. We can end this charade right now. I officially like her. I am now off to cower in fear.

Note: Sorry to Cherish if this entry provides her with a long list of brand new stalkers. I am not responsible for that if it does happen. You can blame Dommie.



  1. @CiaoBella810 – @OhItWontBeForever – @TheMarriedFreshman – Yeah I tried to say more than just she’s hot. I actually did go read her entries, hence the link and all. She hasn’t been on here for that long so there is still alot to learn. @MySecretLoveAffair – Well she is new so alot of people are probably still getting to know her. She seems really nice though.@TheTheologiansCafe –  Don’t bring your hatin’ round here Dan.

  2. Nice one, Dave. I actually met her a few days ago based on a REC from Garistotle. And yes, she will blame you for the creepers that are certain to come. LOL

  3. LOL… Well If it helps at all im not exactly canadian. I was born and raised in Italy till i was 7.My mom died so i was shipped off to live with my dad in Hawaii. Was there till i was 13. Once i hit 13 i was sent to live with my god mother. Which at the time she lived in Cambridge. A few years back she moved from cambridge to vancouver. And that is the story on how i ended up in canada! lol

  4. 1 E-prop for too much reliance on the hotness factor aka she has big boobs.I’ll give you the other one when you prove you’re still alive after the GF gets to you.

  5. Hopefully the girls blog contains a bit more substance than what you have endorsed in your “blog” today.   Not to worry folks he’ll live to write another day.–THE GF

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