Picking a Pic…

So a little while back, beetunes was kind enough to tell me to change my damn profile pic. She said she had nothing against it except for the fact that I’ve had it for what seems like an eternity now.


I’ve never been the type of person who feels the need to change stuff all the time. I have had the same hairstyle for like twenty years now. The only thing that changes is the length depending on how much I feel like going to the barber shop. If left to my own devices, I could easily have the same profile pic forever. However, since beetunes made me feel all self conscious and I am bored today, I guess I’ll go ahead and switch it up.

So help me out here people. Which one should I go with from here?

#1 – Smooth stand up comedian guy.

#2 – My best MJ impression.

#3 – Uhhh. This one.

#4 – GQ PimpDave Cover.  

So there are your choices. You can rec this if you want. I don’t care. No one is around right now anyways.



  1. MJ!!! Billy Jean is not my lover (hoo!) she’s just a girl that says I am the one.  But the kid is not my son!::moonwalks::

  2. 1. you’re wearing a scarf.. oh heck no should a man be wearing a scarf in his profile picture..2. is terribly funny…but your hands are white..(which makes us wonder..is he a white dude trying to be cool? or is he a black/hispanic ashamed of his beautiful tan) AND there is the possibility that your employer might run into your blog.. .. they might do a mental investigation..3. My personal favorite.. you can’t really go wrong.. it leaves a lot for the imagination..4.eh.. people might think you are an impostor of sorts.. you don’t want that now, do you??

  3. @hecticmuse – @Undercover_Librarian – haha. You two need to stop. Your making me blush. @TheMarriedFreshman – lol. I meant every one else. Not you.@wherethefishlives – All your pics freak me out so….@kad1190 – There’s a whole lot to censor!@OhItWontBeForever – It’ll still be in rotation. I like this one best too. 😦@mixedbabiesrock – You just had a gay ass 80’s moment didn’t you?@mrsprosa – I would get some wierd replies. I’m sure.@Kontzicles – What the hell. It’s not like it’s a silk scarf. I LOVE that scarf!@x_Butterflies_and_Hurricanes_x – thanks. I think I’ll do that.

  4. i’m glad it’ll still be in rotation! πŸ˜€ tho the only time i really see (or probably notice) your photo is up here on your page… in which case it won’t be this one! sux. πŸ˜›

  5. I’d say #1 or #2. #1 is sincere and smooth and cool and stuff.#2 is just funny and bound to drive traffic when you leave comments. PS: Beetunes made me change my profile pic too, but I changed it back later. Because I wanted to.

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