I Was Related to Michael Jackson

Insert here: Some sharp and witty opening line that lets you know that this entry is different from the hundreds of Michael Jackson posts you’ve read today. Something so good that it actually makes you feel like you just found out all over again.

I pissed off alot of people with my reactions to Michael Jackson’s death.

First my friend was mad when I had no reaction, then my girlfriend was mad when I told her it wasn’t a sad thing to me, and then today a few of my co-workers were mad when I told them I was actually happy. All of a sudden I am a heartless son of a bitch. (Okay so maybe this pic I sent to my cousin was a little crass.)

It’s finally Tito’s turn to shine! 

I’ve been finding it interesting watching people’s reactions to this news. Don’t get me wrong this is huge news. I have no problem with the extensive news coverage and endless blog posts. I really don’t. It seems that most people are split on this. They are either mourning the passing of one of their heroes, or they are taking the opportunity to piss on his grave (Really, that ain’t right).

I can understand why people are so sad. Millions of people grew up on Michael Jackson. Those among us who are a bit more advanced in age even watched him grow up. He was like a member of the family in this way. As an 80’s baby, Michael was a HUGE part of my childhood. I watched the videos over and over, I emulated the dance moves (horribly), I tried to do all the sound effects. Being Michael was so much fun. I understand that feeling like he was a distant uncle.

This is where my reaction to his death comes in. First off I wasn’t really sad because in my mind Michael has had one foot in the grave for years. He was only fifty years old, but he had the body of a frail old man. You cannot tell me he looked his age. On top of this Michael has been a recluse for the better part of the last 7 or 8 years. He has been a part of our lives through the music he made decades ago, just as he will continue to be.

As for being happy, this is because I just felt sorry for Michael towards the end. Nothing about his life seemed joyous. Nothing seemed peaceful. The man was a constant butt of jokes, his reputation was tattered, he had been a walking sideshow for years. This is no way to live. I don’t care how long you have been putting up with it, do you really ever get used to it?

I am not afraid of death. I believe we go to a better place when we pass on. So in this respect, I am happy Michael is finally in a place where he can have some semblence of peace. The world will mourn, but it will also keep spinning. Tomorrow will be no different than yesterday.

off the wall
I truly do hope you are resting in peace Michael. I truly do.



  1. People are upset with me for having no reaction.  As someone who was raped when I was a kid and again when I was older, I really don’t fancy someone who might or might not have molested children.  I can love his music to death.  I don’t want to love the Pop singer himself.  Even if the rumors weren’t true about molestation.  He was still convicted of this crime.  To even be NEAR being called a molestor.  That’s to close for me.Thank you for this post.-Skitz

  2. I guess its good that you aren’t one of the people trying to piss on his grave. That’s a bit of a relief. 

  3. I’m one that has no reactions either….My friend did say: “The cosmetic sugery industry must be pissed” and I thought that all the little boys could sleep peacefully now. Then I felt bad for even having thoughs thoughts enter my brain. Not very nice of me. He was a good singer…. but thats about it. I did like ‘thriller’ – one of my fav. Anyways. What about Farrah Fawcett? Does anyone not realize that she died too? She died an hour before Michael Jackson….

  4. i like your take on this. i felt so weird hearing he died. i was born in the 90s but i do know a few of his songs, so i know his influence in the music world. however, like you said, the way he was living was no way to live. it is sad, but hopefully he is in a better place.

  5. It’s funny how whenever someone dies we remember only the good things, and whenever someone brings up their faults we get flamed. He did some very good things for pop music and the music culture in general, that’s a given. However, nobody knows what he really was like as a person so nobody can shed tears and be torn up over it. You didn’t know him well enough to hurt in his memory, that just doesn’t make sense to me.

  6. @karoline1982 – I did realize that. Strange, no? And Ed McMahon(sp?) died this month, too. It seems like a lot of entertainment mile-markers are at the end of their lives. It feels odd.My reaction was pretty quiet, thinking along the same lines that he really gave himself a rough time in the latter part of his life. I was actually more sad for my mom because she was more connected to the early Michael, when his music was good and his face still looked like his own real face.But all in all, it is the death of a stranger. I respect the grief, for those who are going through it, but it is not my place to act something I don’t feel.~V

  7. I have no reaction either. I’m a little young to have grown up with Michael’s music, although Thriller is a pretty great album. He just wasn’t a part of my life. I never knew him, and I don’t really see why people are expected to mourn for celebrities whom they’ve never even met and weren’t really influence by.

  8. Its a shame that some people still piss on his him when hes gone. No matter what people thought of him, he was a human being! He was a father. His family, friends and fans deserve to remember his legend, celebrate his life, and mourn his death.

  9. @TheMarriedFreshman – and that is where I get kind of annoyed at people. Like they are forcing grief that isn’t really there. Like it’s “the thing to do” right now. 50 Cent put out a tribute song yesterday night. REALLY?!!! What the hell does 50 Cent have to do with anything?

  10. @AibellFaeire – Well I know alot of people were influenced by Michael in some way. Some people are much more easily influenced than others. Alls I am saying is that I wasn’t. So why should I pretend like I was?

  11. I love how you put this into words. Yesterday I was watching nancy grace so faithfully as I do… I read the headlines and I was thinking “oh” then the tables turn to farrah fawcette and i think “are you seriousshe lost her battle” I am an 8O’s child as well and I remember my dad showing me thriller and i about peed my pants. shut up. don’t judge. anyhow, i was just thinking I’ve  had too much of this MJ drama and it’s not even been 12 hours. well, i hope he made peace with his maker. i feel bad for his family. why do you say it’s finally tito’s turn to shine?  what plagues me is his children who are teenagers. my question is.. does the mother debra roe get the children or does Michael’s family?  Michael fought for custody. he won. Debra received a large sum of money (in the millions)  It makes me think. Anyhow, I rec’d this. I couldn’t have said it better!fading_roses19

  12. I guess in the end I choose to remember the amazing performer and flawed human being, and leave any judgment to be rendered by any higher power that can do so.  I am pretty sure he himself was a victim of many different forms of abuse and exploitation, many times over.

  13. He wasn’t a hero of mine but I did love his music and found his death a surprise. I’m not in mourning but I do feel a bit sadly about it. I don’t mind if people have no reaction to it or don’t really care much, but I do get annoyed with people pissing on his grave or actually being happy about it.

  14. I agree that it’s not the right thing to do to piss on his grave, so soon after his death. Or at all. Despite what could or could not have been part of his personal life, he was a legend of our time (I’ve heard people say that he’s our generations Elvis… I’m 26), and deserves the respect that goes along with that. His music was CLASSIC! I was listening to the local hip hop station yesterday, and the played Crossroads by Bone Thugs in memoriam, and I got a little teary then. Rest in Peace, MJ.

  15. LOL…that’s ok….A coworker was texted upon news of MJ’s death that since he’s 99% plastic – he’ll be melted to make lego’s so kids can play with him for a change.Yeah, there’s been a mix of jokes…I’m kinda bummed about it…makes me feel old.

  16. Michael Jackson himself was like an art exhibit. I was watching an old interview of him, and just his whole lifestyle, way of speaking and appearance was so bizarre that I couldn’t look away. 

  17. This is a nice tribute. I don’t understand why people would get angry at those of us who don’t have an emotional reaction to a celebrity death. I liked his music, I recognize his talent, I feel sorry for his family. But I didn’t know the guy and I don’t feel any more emotional over his death than I do over any of the strangers’ obituaries in the newspaper. Celebrity worship is creepy and sad.

  18. I am sad we lost such a living legend, but you’re right. Living like he did is just no way to live, and I hope people will remember him for his brilliant music and not for the circus that was his life.

  19. It is a horrible thing to be convicted of.  Yes as he got older he became something none of us expected.  His actions and decisions were definitely not normal.  No body can deny what was happening in the later part of his life.  However I am tired of hearing people say he was NOTHING.  I did not LOVE MJ, nor was I one of his biggest fans, but I have grown up with parents who appreciate music.  This man was a genius when it came to writing, singing, composing and choreographing.  He was multi-talented and he deserves to be remembered for what he contributed to the industry.  He didn’t receive the title “King of Pop” by being nothing, or by dangling his kid out of a window.  This man was definitely disturbed mentally, however many idolized him for his talents.  He touched many lives through his music.  Can we just get off the fact that he was a disturbed individual.  I’m not condoning his actions what so ever, but the main loss here is in the music industry!

  20. you know I broke out my MJ anthology CD’s and its only when I listen to the older music that I am saddened the 70’s and 80’s he was a huge part of my growing up……..kind of like we have always mourned for that Michael but now its just official.

  21. I guess I’m not really affected because I was born in the late 80s, but yesterday was not a good day for my mom. She watched Charlie’s Angels in high school and college and went to MJ’s concerts back in the day. well at least it means a week or so of good music on the radio.

  22. Yo, he was a talented artist but I really wasn’t affected by his death.  Everyone needs to simmer and stop talking about a pop artist — hell, I’ll take more Iran/N.Korea pontifications over the “MJ WAS A GOD OMFGBBQ!1!1!one!!!1” shit.

  23. I grew up on his music, so I can respect him as an artist. But as a human being? That’s a whole other story entirely. I did get a bit offended when people started cracking jokes about him right after he died. I mean the man just died. Show a little respect, right?

  24. I actually like your post.Speaking the truth without being an asshole. I appreciate your post. Have a good’n.

  25. In my eyes Michael Jackson died in 1993.That was just an empty shell walking around I also was not sad he died, I wasn’t happy either more like indifferent.

  26. Well, I am afraid I am going to have to make you get back on everyone’s good side with this:Farrah Fawcett died and went to heaven and god granted her one wish. She asked god to save all of the children, so he killed Michael Jackson.I would also like to add in, before the hate mail begins, that I did enjoy his music and it is sad that he passed. Sad mostly because, despite what ever may or may not have happened, he is leaving behid children, and that is not going to be easy for them.  He was a great entertainer and we will all rememer him as such. However, I would also like to add that there needs to be atleast a bit more coverage for the other TWO pop icons that died this week, too. 

  27. This was a very appropriate and fitting post. I remember crushing on Michael when Off the Wall came out. I was mesmerized by Thriller . . . I was happy for his success but so very sad at where his life had brought him. I hope he at last finds peace. And I wish people who had issues with him (no one knows if they were true) will just let it go.

  28. I hope Michael rests in peace. I did a post about him too today. I do believe that he’s in a better place. Read my post about him if you get a chance.

  29. I concur. MJ is always going to be an icon to people all over the world. He’s going to be like Elvis is. I love Elvis, obviously I’m way too young to have listened to him back then, but his legendary music has made it through the years. I sincerely hope Michael’s will too. I know my future kids will def know who MJ was and all of his music.

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