Mid-Day Metablogging

Yeah I’m about to blog about xanga. So what?

What the hell are you gonna do about it?

This is just a quick rant about the new Top Blogs format. I hate it. I get the whole trying to get some people more exposure thing, but most of these people are just better left unexposed.

With this new random top 100 format you get to see an even healthier dose of blog manure than usual on the front page. From people who are just talking about what they had for breakfast, to ugly people pretending to be hot people. It sucks so much balls.

I used to go to the top blogs module to get a quick snapshot of what was going on here. A controversial blog I may have missed, xanga drama current events. I can’t rely on it for that purpose anymore. I also hate going to the top blogs page because then I have to sift through ish site garbage to get to the blogs I may want to read.

Some of you may think I am saying this because I was constantly on their before, but that is really not the case. Between this new top blogs format and some of the shit that has been featured as of late, is there any reason at all to go to the front page? I hate it.



  1. I miss having the Top Ten on the front page, too. It has nothing to do with whether or not I’m on the front page; I only occasionally make Top Ten anyway. Like you, I miss that quick glance to get a feel for what the hot topics of the day are, or who has a particularly good or controversial post up. I didn’t like the new randomized version on the first day of the trial, but I gave it a chance. It hasn’t grown on me yet.

  2. I don’t like it either Dave. The other night I went to one that had some strange role playing game with the same four or five people blathering their roles.  The host site guy was no where in the comments. WHAT? Who cares.

  3. Front page? Oh… that front page. I stopped looking at that back when every other post was something like “Ten Reasons Asian Guys Don’t Get Athlete’s Foot” and “My Two Year Old Saw Me Having Sex With the Landlord- Will She Grow Up Believing in Evolution?”.

  4. If they didn’t have all these random blogs on the front page, some people might never have discovered YOUR blog, sir….!  Sometimes you gotta dig through the trash before you find your pot of gold. 

  5. @crazygrampastuey – Interesting thought, but vanedave has been popular for quite a while now. Before the change, he would get on Top Blogs by working to get enough comments to do so. Now even if he does get a lot of comments on a post, there’s little reward for it, since his post only appears *at random* with bloggers who may not even want public attention.

  6. I still read it, but you have a really good point. Sometimes, most of the time, it is easy to pick out the worthless sh$t by title and first sentence.

  7. The problem isn’t the format so much as the constant promotion of the -ish sites.  No matter what they do, as long as they keep doing that, it is going to suck.  And they just don’t seem to get it, and love to pretend to be all hurt when we point it out.

  8. Aw, Dude . . . people come here ‘cuz they love you . . . not cause you’re featured . . . Screw that front page stuff . . . it’s all crap. Let the manure shovelers have their 5 minutes of fame . . . clock’s ticking.

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