I Find It a Bit Odd

What gives?

Does xanga not give a crap about current events not associated with Jon and Kate Plus Eight? I mean it’s not everyday that the King of Pop dies.

I checked back at various points yesterday and today, interested to see what posts xanga chose to feature about MJ’s death and nothing. I really was curious to see what people wrote.

Does anyone else find it really odd that there wasn’t at least one featured post devoted to this story. It just makes xanga seem so amateur. So irrelevant. Like the whole world is in one place and xanga is someplace else entirely.

I am not saying xanga should have ground to a halt and paid endless tribute, but nothing? No acknowledgement?

Just seems a little weird is all.



  1. i find it odd as well. i get that most people are teens or early twenties here, but you’d think out of some of those so-called “aspiring” writers, there would be some budding journalists who recognize the power of blogging as a form of media. a lot of people are so caught up in getting material featured on the front page that they fail to realize nobody on the rest of the internet cares about their opinion on xanga, religion, abortion or what they think about burqas. yes, over  a 1,000 views seems like a lot, but i’ve had just as many hits, mostly from people offf xanga,  on a post about rajon rondo.

  2. Yeah… sometimes I really do think the Xanga staff lives underground some place where they’re unaffected by such ‘trivial’ news of us “top-siders”.Meh.. maybe they’re just trying to stay impartial? Just kidding… Xanga thrives on discord so yeah, it’s weird there isn’t at least one post. Hmm

  3. I found it odd as well, but then I’ve noticed the front page hasn’t really changed that much the entire month.  I’ve also seen several MJ posts with enough recs that they should’ve made the front page. For that matter, there hasn’t been any farrah posts featured either, and I’ve seen a few of those.

  4. I think it comes to show how insulated Xanga is from the larger world. Its strength is its ability to cultivate tight-knit communities– this very benifit becomes a detriment when it comes to considerations of quality and relevnecy. In this small pond, the average blogger is heard and he matters. But it’s not the average blogger who writes lavishly or is attuned to the larger world.

  5. I thought the same thing! I don’t feel like I have enough knowledge to do a good enough job paying respect to him, but I was really surprised it wasn’t all over Xanga. Then again, it is on every news channel… maybe people just didn’t want to overload Xanga with it? I’m off to find a good blog about him and recommend it! Maybe someone lesser known wrote something pretty good.

  6. Yeah, that was bizarre. Even Xanga-John wrote an MJ post, but nothing on the front page. Were they afraid that news would come out that he wasn’t really dead??

  7. There was one post on revelife about MJ dying. I didn’t read it, so I don’t know the content of it, but there was a post.

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  9. @MochaSprinkle – yeah anyone who thinks its because they don’t want to ruffle any feathers clearly has not been paying attenttion. It makes zero sense to me.@RedheadAblaze – no I am talking about featured. They really should have featured a few. @Paul_Partisan – Come on Paul. You know what I mean. Every time something major happens you expect to see a few featured blogs about it. There were a bunch to choose from. It seems like they are purposely ignoring him.@XDaemonessX – nah that is not true. Some were pretty good. @AlterEgo909 – EXACTLY!!! What gives?

  10. I was wondering the same thing! It is history….I remember having a crush on him in 2nd grade, when I saw him on American Bandstand singing ABC IT’S EASY AS 123A SIMPLE AS DO RE MIABC, 123, BABY YOU AND ME GIRL.. I had a boyfriend Lafayette who looked like him and had all the moves down!!

  11. I don’t find anything ODD anymore. You have a commercial in your comments about another blog site. I copy these and take them back to the site they come from and remind them that I’m not their site, I’m mine, so advertise elsewhere. Odd?  Maybe.  I have been confused about the front pages for a long time, but oh well, I still love this space to write.  If we we king and queen of Xanga, we could roar our commands, but we’re not, so have a great weekend anyway. (makes silly face that is much funnier than this: )

  12. I have always told xanga that they should feature more news stories.  They also need to be timely about it.  Right when the news story hits is when they need to feature it.  Even if it is a post that simply reads “Michael Jackson died.”  It would get a ton of comments if featured within minutes of the time he died.  Then a follow up two hours later with Michael and Farrah and how odd it is that they died on the same day.  Again, these first few posts should just be gut reactions to the events.  It isn’t hard to find them.Then another posts that could be negative about Michael would have been awesome.  Then a follow up defending Michael.  The first needs to happen within a few minutes of his death.  The next 4-5 posts need to happen in the next 6 hours.  It would lead the conversation instead of follow it.  Look at wordpress.com.  How many michael Jackson posts our on their front page at this very moment that were picked by wordpress?  http://shahrulpeshawar.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/michael-jackson-buried-as-muslim/  This is an article about Michael Jackson being buried as a Muslim.  Look at how short it is.  It doesn’t matter.  It is a buzz topic.http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/9352/michael-jackson-faked-his-own-death/  This is an article about Michael Jackson faking his own death.  The funny thing is that xanga would never feature an article like that.http://listverse.com/2009/06/26/8-scandalous-michael-jackson-moments/  And wordpress has been doing this for the last couple of days.  In fact, at the time I wrote this you can see if you look at their front page that they even put a “Michael Jackson” tag on the front page so all of the posts that were about Michael Jackson can be found.  It isn’t just the tag.  Look at the size of the tag.  It is bigger than the other tags.  Now look at the other tag that is big.  It is labeled “Music.”  A great deal of those articles are about Michael Jackson too.Now go to youtube and look at their front page.I currently see 6 front page videos that were handselected by youtube about Michael Jackson to be on their front page.And youtube and wordpress have been doing this since his death.Now look at the quality of those posts.  The quality is not special.  Anyone who has watched xanga over the last few days would say the quality of posts on xanga about Michael Jackson is equal to the quality of the posts wordpress and youtube have been featuring from their front page.There is a difference between the way that youtube and wordpress drive traffic to their users and the way that xanga does.  The moment Michael Jackson died, wordpress and youtube were immediately looking for posts.  It was not hard to find thm on youtube, xanga or wordpress.

  13. Hold on, so Xanga is amateur for not featuring some news about Jacko? Really? Honestly, I’m GLAD nothing was featured. Why must we all make such a huge bloody deal about the deaths of “celebrities”, when people are dying every day? People that are far closer to us than Jacko ever could be? Why should a post about his death overshadow that of a father–or Mother–of a Xangan? Honestly, the fact that Xanga stayed out of the mainstream bandwagon’s path made me feel like this site was a lot more mature than the media, and the rest of the world.He’s dead. Big deal. Many die.Where were the Featured posts of Farrah? Or Pryor? Or Brown?What makes Michael more deserving?

  14. Maybe they figured that since every other media source on the planet was covering MJ non-stop, they didn’t need to. In which case, someone should give Farrah Fawcett some coverage! Or Ed McMahon! Or Billy Mays! Or Fred Travelena! Wow… it has been a bad week for celebreties, hasn’t it?

  15. @Schristian – Aww come on! This is about traffic. Pure and simple. Xanga lost loads of potential traffic by ignoring this. You may not care, but that puts you in the vast minority on this one. Like it or not, this is one of the biggest news stories of the decade.@Shirlann – Who the hell is Fred Travelena?

  16. @vanedave – A comedian known as “the guy with a thousand faces” who performed on Johnny Carson and in Vegas for a long time. Sheesh, I guess being a news junkie beats being a comedian when it comes to current events on this one! I found out via CNN or some other news source I read all the darn time.

  17. @vanedave – -shrugs- You can call it “big news”, but I think it’s nothing more than more of the same old tripe: Big celebrity kicks it; everyone makes a big deal out of it. Why? Why should I give much a care about Jacko? Sure, he released great music; but that was relevant about 2 years ago. It’s old news. History. Whatever. Since then he’s done nothing but demean himself; ruin his career; and destroy his integrity and self-image.Sure, I’ll toast to that. To being a failure!But sure! Jacko’s death means more than any of the people I mentioned prior. Oh, what about Dangerfield? Carlin? Hedberg?I could name countless celebrities. Carson. that should’ve been featured post-humously; but they weren’t. Explain what makes Jackson so special?Nothing does. He touched lives? So did Carson. Farrah reached out to countless Cancer victims. Jackson reached out to little boys like they were in a Catholic church.Any argument you could come up with to support blowing his death to such grand proportions? Other celebrities have done them. Many without being completely insane.So yeah, I guess I’m in the more “sane” minority. 😉

  18. RYC: This could be interesting! :)I really tried my best to keep things out of the easy fallacy. Rather than stick to the ad hominem, I wanted to simply look at that statement and just point out how it comes across. I should put in an addendum about what you say in your entry; because it does have importance.

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