Capitalizing on Death

I can always appreciate when someone disagrees with me in a thoughtful, well spoken manner.

There are many who felt that xanga may have had it right by minimizing Michael Jackson’s death. Schristian being one of those people, I responded to him today by saying;

“Aww come on! This is about traffic. Pure and simple. Xanga lost loads of potential traffic by ignoring this. You may not care, but that puts you in the vast minority on this one. Like it or not, this is one of the biggest news stories of the decade.”

In turn he wrote a very good entry today explaiing why my statement was all types of wrong. What makes Michael’s death more important than anyone else’s? Why do we need to see it on EVERY news outlet? Most importantly, he felt as though it is wrong to be talking about traffic in the wake of a tragedy.

Well Christian, allow me to retort.

I do not feel that Michael’s death is necessarily more important than anyone else’s, but it is certainly more newsworthy. Yes people die everyday, but it is not everyday that a person of that magnitude dies. The argument can be made that Michael was the MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD! Does this make him more important than someone’s grandma or best friend? No it doesn’t. But it certainly makes it a far more relevant news story.

I’ve also heard the complaints about the non-stop coverage on every media outlet. Does every channel have to talk about it? Do we need to see it on every friggin website? Where is the coverage on Farrah? What about Ed McMahon?

Look. With all due respect to Farrah and Ed, they were not Michael Jackson. They did receive coverage. Sadly it was just overshadowed by all of the Michael Jackson coverage. I don’t blame the media for this. Michael was in a class all by himself.

Over the weekend I heard many stories from people who were reminiscing about their favorite Michael memories. People my age who remember how everything stopped for the premiere of one of MJ’s videos. Older people who remember running home to watch Motown 25 and practically fainting when Michael did the moonwalk. Even younger people who remember finding out where all of their favorite dance moves came from.

The range of people he touched is simply stunning.

Now as for my comment, if I sounded a bit callous it was because I was playing devil’s advocate. I was not going to tell someone who did not seem to care about Michael all that much that xanga should have paid tribute to the man (even though they shoud have). So rather than talking about all of the reasons why he should have been paid homage, I decided to take a more logical approach.

Whether or not you liked Michael is besides the point. This is what EVERYONE was talking about this weekend. Whether they were saying nice things or not. By not joining in the discussion, I feel as though xanga just looked silly. It makes it look like xanga has been down for maintenance all weekend while every other outlet was hard at work. When people come here and see nothing about Michael they just go somewhere else to read about it. It bothers me too because I know xanga had some good posts to choose from. Why the hell should I have to go to twitter if I want to see what people are saying?

It just seems petty to me. Something does not feel right about it. Xanga has never shied away from controversy. Usually bigger stories like this would get airplay. You mean to tell that there were that many things more worthy of talking about? On a weekend no less.

Seems like this was pretty blatant to me.



  1. Your traffic argument made sense. Not only would xangans have been very likely to check out a featured post about Michael Jackson, but it would have had the potential to turn up in Google searches (and I’m sure people were googling his name like crazy).I wonder why they didn’t at least put the Revelife post on the front page. It wasn’t a tribute in any sense of the word, but it could have been quite successful there.

  2. I didn’t realize that ‘xanga’ as a ‘thing’ could ignore something or play it up. I thought it was the people.  How does this happen, is it in the pieces they choose to feature or not? Or what? Thanks if you answer

  3. The reason MJ is all over the television is because MJ was custom designed by himself for television.  He is a superstar performer who always put on a show.  This is why he’s all over the tele..  Died like elvis,  ironic..

  4. Hm. Interesting. I was curious as to why Xanga didn’t have any kind of featured weblogs about it. They certainly did after Heath Ledger’s death. I wonder why we didn’t see any featured Michael blogs…

  5. xanga doesn’t pay tribute to the pope… to bono… to wet wet wet…  to me… you  or santa claus.  Xanga pays tribute to a board of directors who probably have decided a long time ago to stay out of most thing.  We don’t all blog just to invite hungry hippos in for tea and crumpets.  Is that a phrase thats eve applicable!!   this is just from my experience.

  6. are you saying you think it might be because micheal jackson is….   black?I was wondering that too…  just after my wheetos…  sitting thinking about the rose bush  and the small creatures  that talk to me  in the back of the garden…Its the little people…

  7. Actually, I would have posted something on Michael Jackson. It so happens that I am well advanced in my blogs on a daily basis. So my entries (there are I think four) are already for August. By then there will be no more traffic and I shall be able to freely have my blogs shown and read by anyone who may happen to pay ma a visit. If none, I’ll just keep them to myself. 

  8. Not having been here for almost a week, when I got back on today I was surprised to see there was no feature on it. Happy, but surprised. Why was I happy? Because I was inundated with it for 3 days wherever I turned. Unlike a lot of people, I was never drawn to his music. Yes in his heyday he was a talented entertainer that had a number of issues his entire life. Should Xanga have chosen one to feature? If it was as prolific as you said with numerous posts reflecting on MJ’s life, how would they have chosen just one?

  9. A very good argument. Thought it does look like we inevitably will stand on opposites regarding this issue. The name’s Scott, actually. Christian is my last name :DI still disagree, but at least it was civil!”I do not feel that Michael’s death is necessarily more important thananyone else’s, but it is certainly more newsworthy. Yes people dieeveryday, but it is not everyday that a person of that magnitude dies.The argument can be made that Michael was the MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THEWORLD! Does this make hiop m more important than someone’s grandma orbest friend? No it doesn’t. But is certainly makes it a far morerelevant news story.”Uhm, recheck that

  10. Really, all I care about anymore on here are the boobs. Sweet, delicious boobs. This does nothing towards disproving the theory me and TheoDan are different people.

  11. I hate to sound like one of those people that agrees with you all the way, and seem like someone that lacks confrontation, but I seriously agree with you, all the way. This is basically what I was saying to a friend who was complaining about all of the coverage.@another_rebel_without_a_cause – lmfao.

  12. Amazing post!! Well said. MJ is a legend and deserves to be paid tribute to. No one has ever sold 100 million copies of ONE SONG… EVER!! Michael set records that are going to be hard to break. None of the current artitsts have anything on MJ. They lack the creativity, because they all copy cat his style. He was truly very imaginative and UNIQUE. It is sad that Xanga didn’t pay tribute to MJ.

  13. You know what is a little sad and ironic … even in death, 2nd banana McMahon has been relegated to yet another 2nd place status with the death of MJ.

  14. Well indeed. Hear, hear. There’s also a nasty aspect to this, which is most humorous, namely that someone in MJ’s position maybe worth more dead than alive. I will never forget the story of a friend of mine who thirty years ago was on a train with someone who turned out to run the Bob Dylan fanclub (in Holland). My friend, having a wicked sense of humor, asked him about every aspect of what he did, the collections of paraphernalia, the song collections, and finally he slipped in-with an absolute straight face-a comment that wouldn’t it be much better if BD were to die, so the world could finally get certainty that the “complete works”  were actually complete? and the person enthusiastically agreed with him, before he realized that my friend was sitting there cracking up as he did, and had completely tricked him saying what he said. 

  15. well, okay, but you do see that the media loves to castigate a person such as Michael Jackson when they’re alive and lionize him when he’s dead, all out of cynicism. Xanga is a form of media as well.

  16. I totally agree with it. My family back in india even know who he is and they don’t know anything. They were even amazed when we brought a mp3 player over there so when Jacko died we thought they didn’t even know who he was. And even more surprising they actually know some of the words to beat it. lol. Everyone over here has been talking about him. I got around 5 texts off my friends even telling me he was died as if he was someone we personally know or something krazy. lol.Great post.

  17. That’s an interesting point. I thought perhaps they were trying to be tasteful but as a media outlet perhaps Xanga did miss an opportunity.

  18. It should be in an ideal world, that our entertainers where given the atention that they have earned. And discussed only in context of where they had earned that attention. MJ is not worthy of much atention at all, beyond a love of his music. And admittedly I am no fan of his music.That said this is not an ideal world and most pople are very shallow followers of pop culture. In other words not putting up a couple of MJ entries is rather stupid.

  19. I have to disagree. Pop icon…sure.What people forget, or don’t know, is that he stole all his dance moves from the Nicholas Brothers.The moonwalk was not Michaels invention. The Nicholas Brothers created it back in the fourties.Jackson stole all his moves from them. They were a dance pair who did ” coloured movies” back then, and were so good they made their way into a few “white” movies too.The late, great, Gregory Hines, as fine a dancer as you will ever see, hated Michael Jackson for never giving the Nicholas Brothers credit.And Jackson was a child molester. Yeah yeah, he was never found guilty…neither was O.J. But he was savy enough to have an alarm installed to warn him if anyone approached his bedroom when he was with little boys.He tried to get children to be part of his “This is it” tour.He didn’t learn from twice being charged and having to make a 20plus million dollar payout.I celebrate his death, the world lost another child molester, and an ego maniac who couldn’t give credit to two old men for stealing their original moves.Xanga should make a big deal about this guy? I’m glad they didn’t.

  20. No doubt you’re right. I wrote an entry on Michael about his long struggle which mercifully ended. As larger than life as he was, he struggled daily battling inner demons which would haunt him forever. Perhaps he’s better off as sad as it is. Look at all the leeches who were controlling his life. All for one purpose. $$$It doesn’t matter how much money and fame you have. If you’re not happy, it’s worthless.

  21. @Bricker59 – and you know for sure? Either way, celebrating a person’s death is ridiculous. How come some only like to concentrate on the negatives. What about all the good he did donating billions to 39 charities? Of course, it doesn’t count. How do you know he was an egomaniac? Why? Because he was a larger than life star! It automatically means he wanted the spotlight?!?!????!?!?! Judging from how he was treated, even if Michael Jackson was shy and wanted a more private life, he had no choice. You can have all the fortune and fame in the world. But if you aren’t happy, none of that matters. And in reading all the articles, that much is evident. And it stemmed from no childhood. In order sometimes to understand a person, you have to take a real look.

  22. It’s sad to say but media seems to run peoples lives. MJ was a superstar basically created by the media. Do you ever hear about some guy that just invented some miracle drug that fights or cures diseases? I bet 99% of the people here can’t name one famous scientist or someone that’s saved millions of lives. This guy was an icon in the truest sense but, when it comes right down to it, what did he really do? He was an entertainer. There are way too many unsung heroes that help people every day that never receive any gratitude. Nobody remembers MJ acting crazy hanging his baby over a balcony, the molestation charges, his drug abuse and other weird things he did. All of that is covered over with a thick media blast of smoke and mirrors to make him out to be something he isn’t. A Saint.  His drug abuse alone, which is now leaking out – speaks for itself. People have sunk to a new low idolizing people like this. Let the hate mail begin. Thanks,Stevie T

  23. I was wondering about this, too. I was looking for various articles/blogs/etc. about MJ, and when I saw nothing at Xanga, I left again. And when I realized that Xanga was completely ignoring his death, I was confused … and a bit miffed.

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