Xangans on Film (Episode 4: Bigshow and MixedBabies)

Well so far we have had some real special moments here on Xangans on Film. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve shaken our heads in bewilderment. This week I am departing from the normal one on one web chat interview to bring you something special. So without further ado please enjoy the following video footage of my mini meetup with TheBigShowatUD(Matt) and Mixedbabiesrock(Katie).

Sidenote: As always I have provided written highlights for those who may not be able to access the video.

The New York City Mini-Meet with Matt and Katie


Highlights at a Glance
7:30PM – Dave places call to Matt and Katie; “Hey guys, I’m on my way to the Comedy Club. Show starts at 8. See you there right. 
Matt and Katie reply in a text; “Uhh, yeah how bout we just catch the highlights on youtube and forego the whole going to the club part. We want Indian food.”
Dave replies in a text; “Nah that’s cool. No problem at all.” (Hides inner heartbreak.)

8PM – 9:30PM – Dave does show, despite being torn on the inside. He is a trooper after all.

10 – 12PM – Dave (along with his pal Mitch) finally meet with Matt and Katie at a lounge called Slate. They play pool and ping pong while socializing and having some drinks. Dave unleashes his vengeance upon Matt and Katie in ping pong and billiards (well Katie just watched Dave unleash his vengeance, but still she felt it too).

12 – 1:30AM – Random drinking, honking and cursing at cabs, looking for an open liquor store for Matt, and going in circles looking for our next destination.

1:30AM – Arrival at Don Hills. Site of the much hyped “Hot Body Contest.”

1:31AM – First of many drag queen sightings. Matt and I spent most of the night trying to figure out if there were any real women at all in the place.

1:31 – 3AM – So many fun things to talk about at Don Hills. Too ashamed to really go into much detail. I will say that we all had our low moments of the night here at this place.

Katie’s low moment: Well that would be picking this place out to begin with. Swell job Katie!

My low moment: There was a point when I was bragging to Matt that there was actually a hot girl here and she was checking me out. Matt and I had just finished watching her make out with a rather manly lesbian, but still she was definitely eyeing me. Then Katie says that she is pretty sure that she used to be a man. After seeing her in the light we all agreed and my ego was promptly deflated.

Matt’s low moments: This one is a tie. The first for him was going to the bathroom. You do not go to the bathroom in a place like this. Very risky!

The second involved this guy who looked like an older more drugged up version of Will Ferrell’s character from Semi Pro (Seriously, he had the jew fro and the headband and everything. Oh except this guy had nothing but tidy whiteys on.).


Anyways, this guy was probably on ecstasy the whole night. He was just dancing in circles and moving around the club trying to rub up on anything. He was even humping the stage for a while. Well poor Matt didn’t see this guy coming at one point and got about two seconds of rub up before he shrieked in horror and ran away. Katie and I saw him coming, but we were too scared to react in time. We laughed pretty hard at that one.

Sorry Matt.



  1. Aw man, I’m disappointed that I can’t see the video while at work. Guess it’ll have to wait til I get home. Then I can critici…er, comment properly.

  2. Straight and fully clothed? That’s a damn rarity in parts of SF too, Matt. I feel like a stranger in a strange land when I end up in those parts of town. 

  3. I have to agree that it is quite an extraordinary day in history for those of us who have never seen Matt’s full face. Sounds like it was an…interesting night. Yes, I do believe “interesting” sums this video up quite nicely. 

  4. ok, first of all, i just want to say that i didn’t shriek, but i did feel gross for several hours after that.  i’m glad i was drinking when WILL FERRELL touched me.  yuck.  you left out A LOT.  haha.  a lot.  for real.  they don’t even know.  that’s a good thing.i’m not far from believing the only woman there was the one that was with US.@Drakonskyr – Dave and i were the only straight men with clothes on, after.  believe that.  everyone else?  eh.  i never need to see that or those ever again.

  5. AHAHAHAA!!!! We DEFINITELY do not have many parties like THAT in Ohio!!! Or Iowa!!!! =DPoor Matt…. shoulda stayed in Ohio… ๐Ÿ˜‰ jay kay.Sounds like fun. ~ Cheers

  6. ryc: Actually, I was in the hood part of San Jose (bad idea for a white guy in a suit, but fuck it, I’m South Bronx, bitches, west coast ain’t got shit) and a guy had a hat like that, so I just walked up and asked him. Much to the chagrin of the other honkies. Turns out it’s this neat trick with the inside brim and placing it on a smooth part of the head…I couldn’t do it, of course, but then with a shaved head I look like a cancer patient or serial rapist.

  7. @Loonsounds – That’s where you walk by a guy in a club/bar and “accidentally” brush his penis with your hand.  Like guys do to girls’ butts all the time.  I do it when I’m bored just to see what happens.

  8. @TheBigShowAtUD – I kinda gathered that the first time I watched the tape but…I’d like to see some. I have never seen them on a dude, not bare anyway…I guess I’ve lead a sheltered life

  9. I cannot express how glad I am that I was NOT there. :p ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha, remind me if I ever consider going to a Xanga meet that involves Dave and/or New York to have a bailout plan prepared… Made for some good entertainment blogging-wise, though. ~V

  10. Okay, okay… I’ve FINALLY seen the video. Now, yall can talk all day about dudes with breasteses and all, but how come no one has commented on how beautiful Katie is?? I mean, c’mon… Dave and Matt are cool peeps, but this is the first I’ve seen Katie. I had a sneaking suspicion she was a hottie… and the two a’yous hung with her all night? No wonder the guys were all up on you. How do you go out with a pretty girl in tow and she ain’t with either one of you? Dudettes probably thought you were playin’ for the other team. LOL

  11. That was hilarious! And lesbians are awesome, wish I could have been where there was a large population of them. Welcome to the world of drag queens Dave, it’s just another very flashy part of gay culture haha.

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