BBQ, Fireworks, and Re-runs

Happy fourth of July everone.

Nothing says Happy Independence Day like a marathon of re-runs on the ole boob tube. I love that term. “Boob tube.” Classic.

So anyways, before I go eat smoked meats and watch stuff get blown up, I decided that I’d run out my own re-run marathon. If you are new to the site maybe a few of these may convince you that I don’t suck. If you are an old reader, maybe you’d like to revisit an old favorite… or not. Whatever.

The Vanedave Fourth of July Marathon

Going Out On a Limb (First time on stage)…

Coming to terms with my anonymity…

Not Another Reply to That Racist Post…

Jesus Walks With Me…

The Object of my Affection…

Why I hate Christians…

The Most Hated Xangan Ever…

Do You Know Me Really?

The Black Race

Xanga Douchebag Award Finalists!

A Crossroad: Prelude to Election Day

THE BFN Chatroom Makes a Porno

God is “Not Necessarily” Real… / The Fable of Jesus (God is “Not Necessarily” Real Pt.2)

Obama and Al Qaeda (edited)

Alright. Off to a bbq. More of the marathon later.




  1. Hmmm. . .I think the term “Boob Tube” would be more properly used if you were watching porn or something.’Cause there’s BOOBS on the TUBE :DHappy 4th.

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