The Comment War to end all Comment Wars!

There’s nothing like when a good conversation gets started up in the comments section of a blog. I am talking about a substantial back and forth, not just one or two replies. My favorite is when this back and forth involves two or more smart asses battling wits to see who can say the best smart ass comment.

I had a few posts last week that had little mini comment wars. I also engaged in a few on other people’s pages. I had so much fun wth those that I decided to give this idea a shot.

This post is strictly about the discussion. Leave a comment and while you’re at it, see if there is anyone in  the comments section you feel like sparking up a back and forth with.

– If you are one of the first to comment just say whatever you like. You can say something smart, you can say something that has been on your mind, or you can talk smack to me.

Rec this so that we can get a real good war going.

Check back to see how the discussion has progressed and find new comments to pick on.

Remember, the object is to be a smart ass, not to be a dick.

Okay, that’s about all you need. Hopefully this will stir things up around here a bit. Maybe some of you will meet some new people on here. Or maybe some of you quiet people can use this as an opportunity to show some claws. Who knows?

I’ll start it off.



  1. @maniacsicko – If I verbally beat you into submission, will you rec then?I am hoping more and more each day that Jon and Kate die in a freak accident involving a tandem bike, a flock of pigeons, and a papparazzi camera flash. Oh and how was everyone’s fourth of July?

  2. @nidan – you did rec. That almost made up for the headache that momma joke gave me. Oooh how bout this? Yo momma so old that she actually remembers when Nidan’s yo momma joke came out.OOOOOOHHHH SNAP!@maniacsicko – I would gladly sacrifice my life to bring an end to Jon and Kate’s reign of terror. Let me see what you wrote about today.

  3. @MyxlDove – So you’d be doing a whole series based on a lie. That would ruin your rep man. People would just look at you like “Dave wack? Since when does MyxlDove do drugs? And here I thought he was all wholesome and stuff!” You’d be throwing away your whole goody two shoes reputation just to throw hate my way. WAX does have a nice ring to it though. How bout Dave: WAX (Wise Ass Xangans)?

  4. @radicalramblings – What about if you knew the baby you were giving birth to would one day grow up to be an executive on TLC and green light a show about a stupid bitch and her stupid ass husband plus their eight stupid ass kids. Would it be okay to abort that baby and spare the world of that show? 

  5. @vanedave – C’mon Dave, I live in Los Angeles. “wholesome” is a relative term. Compared to Trump, The Real Housewives of New York and another wack east coaster…ahem, first name Dave, last initial S… I’m as wholesome as June Cleaver.

  6. @MyxlDove – yeah but no one likes a liar. Even though lying is standard procedure for your neck o’ the woods. You better not fall into anymore bad west coast habits. First your slandering me, next thing you’ll be carrying around a purse with a chihuahua in it.

  7. @vanedave – haha, nasty! That’s why people in Cali won’t have anything to do with your ass!Random question while bowel movements are on the table though: Several of my guy friends have said that they just cannot imagine girls pooping, and when they do they are just freaked out. In your experience, is that widespread with guys?

  8. @Laryssa – Well some, like Riis for example, are the type of sick pervs that like to picture things like that. It’s all part of the Hollywood vibe. I think most don’t really want to think about it though. Personally I don’t give a crap about it either way (Get it? Give a crap? No?)

  9. @vanedave – Hahaha! Yeah, and this from a man who’s stand up is built on the fact that he owns a poodle. Dude, just face it… no matter how gangsta you try to make it, you gets NO STREET CRED with a poodle. A Rot… a Boxer… a G. Shepherd… even a frickin’ Basset Hound, yes!  But a poodles gets your ghetto pass REVOKED. lol

  10. @another_rebel_without_a_cause – If John Franco can hit then we’ll take him. Hey at least we’re close enough to first to be made fun of. The Astros are so out of it that no one even bothers to ridicule them.LUNCH BREAK!!! DON’T GO TALKING ABOUT ME WHILE I’M EATING. YOU CHEEKY BASTARDS YOU!

  11. @vanedave – At least we’re 4 games out in a tough conference. What does the East have? Oh, right, cheesesteak chompin idiots, marlins, and a has been team that not even Bobby Cox can fix. Good luck keeping it close enough to break everybody’s heart in September. it would really suck if yall fell apart before then.Meet the Mets! Meet the Mets!Step right up and beat the Mets!Bring your kiddies, and bring your wife!They’ll beat the Mets to within an inch of their life!Because the Mets are really dropping the ball!They’ve got their backs up against the wall!

  12. @MyxlDove – you might be able to do drive bye’s…but having enough gas to get across country will be the biggest challenge….unless “business” is good….or you stop by every taco bell on the way.(snag me a burrito while you’re at it…and pick Dave up a real dog)

  13. @MyxlDove – You can’t really laugh at him for having a poodle. Your favourite colour is pink, and youve got that whole ‘sensitive man’ crap going on. How much gayer can you get? Your street cred is zero, except on gay street. Disclaimer: I in no way have any problem/issues with gay people.

  14. @vanedave – Oooh, wits you have. Although you lost me with the whole Palin having your babies thing. I guess we all have the shortcomings. Why is it that Xanga is so often the medium  through which those shortcomings shine?

  15. @theacematt2 – You wonder how he comes up with it. And you almost want to punch his face, but then you realize A. He’ll probably bring the heat in return, and B. …Well, he thought of it, didn’t he?

  16. @MyxlDove – England INVENTED street cred, we are in fact the world proclaimed masters of it. Our men can even like pink (both the colour and the artist) without even losing one tiny point of their street credness, because that is how awesome we are. Its not our fault that you Americans have brains the size of a pea and therefore had to be discarded. If you would actually get off your fat asses and do something productive with your lives then maybe we could consider you street cred worthy. 

  17. @Laryssa – lol That is a VERY good point! I have tried to be featured, but I failed epically. So, apparently I’m bad compared to some of the stuff they feature… That kinda hurts my feelings!

  18. @happyworld_ofharibo – I think something may have been lost in translation. I’m talking about Street Cred, not Cobblestone Capers. The only thing England ever invented was cure for common sense, cause it’s been eradicated throughout the country.

  19. @yourkbear – hey don’t turn your nose up at us damnit! I FOUNDED THE XANG-ELITISTS! THERE IS NO BIGGER XANGA SNOB THAN ME!!!@theacematt2 – eh. I always end up giving them away anyways.@Laryssa – What? It’s purely superficial. She’s hot.@theacematt2-@Laryssa –  And this is whyLaryssa is wise beyond her years.@SimplyNita – just look through the comments and pick on someone who said something stupid. You can start with yourself.@edlives –  Hey, hey. How’d my mom get into your debate?@sarahb_86 – ooh can I come to the island?

  20. @yourkbear – First off, I am vain for many more reasons than just the fact that I am an AWESOME writer. Secondly, I am more than good enough to be the most conceited, arrogant son of a bitch on xanga! SHOW YA RIGHT!!!

  21. @milubbles – It was a trick question. You passed. Okay, one more test question then. You are cruising along xanga minding your own business. You come across a post and decide to click on it and see what’s going on. All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, you are caught in a comment war with vanedave. What do you do hotshot? WHAT DO YOU DO?@sarahb_86 – can’t you just take my word for it?

  22. @vanedave – A washed up recovering steroid user who is leading the league in hits, thankyouverymuch. oh, and Hunter Pence. Who did you send? Oh, a crippled “five tool” Boras boy and David Wright. No thanks, I’ll keep the talent for a fraction of the price. How’s that $119 million contract taste?

  23. @vanedave – What would I do?I’d throw my shoe at you, duh. Perhaps even that sofa. I’d also throw a super-ninja- mango- tomato- flying-pig-chipmunk- ninja-ninja-thingy-triangle- vain- karate- ninja- fruit cake- kitty- dog- elephand- Kool-Aid- dude at your smoking, cigar face.

  24. @MyxlDove – Why would I want ‘common’ sense? I am unique, my sense is my own, and infinitely better then your sense, since your sense is also shared by several other thousand retarded americans.@another_rebel_without_a_cause – Excuse me, but I don’t actually sip my tea. I wait till its lukewarm and then I down it all in one. I don’t have time to sit around sipping it, because I unlike lazy Americans such as Riis (and possibly you, I havent yet had the time to find out if you are American, but with a silly name like that, why would I bother?) actually do something called work. @vanedave – Thanks for the support

  25. @vanedave – Have you actually been told it’s sexy pokenyin or is that just your opinion.  Would you be damn well pleased to doing some pokeyin just out of the blue, or do you have to be…let see…asked to perform?

  26. @edlives – Dave’s awesomeness is merely the run off of my super-magnficence. lol@happyworld_ofharibo – Yeah, right… “unique” is what people say to cover up shortcomings, such as being English. You’ve got a country full of “unique” people over there. Continue to wallow in your uniqueness, while us Americans do things like… spell correctly (WTH is “colour”??)… and make movies the world wants to see. What’s the last English movie that even made a dent worldwide?? What… Love Actually?? No, no… Monty Python. You and John Cleese got all kinds of uniquities.

  27. @Jaynebug – Oh ask around about my pokein. You will see that it is much more than just my opinion. Also, I sometimes take pokein requests. I get alot of requests too because my pokein is just that sexy! @happyworld_ofharibo – @MyxlDove – I am thoroughly enjoying this re-enactment of the Revolutionary War you two are putting on.

  28. @MyxlDove – The only reason the many many brilliant English films didn’t make a dent over there is because you are all too stupid to understand any of it. Do you realise in the Kiera Knightley movie of Pride and Prejudice they had to make a new ending JUST for the Americans. Apparantly you are all too brainless to be able to cope with a subtle ending insinuating a happy ending, you had to have a big vomit-makingly slushy ending to spell it out in black and white that, yes, they did live happily ever after. Is it our fault that your brains are so tiny that you can only cope with movies like High School Musical and A Walk to Remember? And for the record, the world does want to see our movies. America doesn’t actually make up the entire world, there are many other countrys, which you would know if you stopped being so darn arrogant.As for the spelling, our spelling was around way before your spelling. And do you know why you took out the extra ‘u’s’? Because you are all too simple. Its because of you Americans that the world will soon be speaking in text language. Why spell correctly when you can make everything into a one letter word!

  29. @happyworld_ofharibo – You know something else the English are known for? VERBOSITY. Look it up, it’ll make you smarter than at least half of your countrymen. Are you sure you want to use Kiera Knightly, aka the Twigstress, as proof of quality films? You’d be better off referencing Benny Hill. I will give you credit for stating America does not make up the entire world. Progress in English education, I see. Are they finally teaching you the world is not flat?

  30. @MyxlDove – If you actually bothered to read what I said, then you would know that I was not using Kiera Knightley as proof of quality films. I was merely illustrating the American need for an additional ending indicating the fact that Americans are lacking in intelligence. And do you have a problem with verbosity? Or can your slow American brain not take in so many words? Do you need me to speak more simply for you? Americans are stupid. The End.

  31. @happyworld_ofharibo – Ha! “American’s are stupid.” How elementary of you. Is that the newest propoganda you tell your kids to keep them from copying our fashion, music, culture and cinema?? Your first error is thinking that anyone in America actually WATCHED Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility… Wallace & Grommit and any of the other slew of crappy English films with an ubiquitous Ampersand in the title. You know what we consider the best part of any English film? The end credits. 

  32. @MyxlDove – If it weren’t for the fact that it is nearly 10pm and I am already half asleep I would respond with a comment that would cut you in two. Luckily for you, it’s late (ish) and I am tired. So we will just agree that I have won and be done with it.

  33. @MyxlDove – Someone might be yielding to ‘American superiority’ but that someone is certainly not me. You must be confusing me with someone else.I re-iterate, I won. Deal with it Mo. I will sleep well in the knowledge that I am the best. Teehee, night night Riis

  34. @vanedave – no, no you’ve got it all wrong. Only Perez is allowed to make those jokes. Otherwise its considered hate speech. Sheesh, I’m glad I pulled you out of the competition. You’d have never made it past the bathing suit portion.

  35. @MyxlDove – Uhhh… I’m 100% American and I *love* the A&E versions of nearly all Jane Austen’s books (especially “Persuasion”) and I’m instilling the love for Wallace & Gromit into my children. Britain entertainment can totally divert me.

  36. As a general rule… I avoid your blogs, Dave. But this… was a good idea, and I had a lot of laughs reading not even half of the comments. You should do this more often!

  37. @vanedave – Well, of course. that was a pre-requisate. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ollie Perez does against Manny. What’s his ERA? 9.50?You’re just jealous that the old man can come down from the juice and still be one of the highest performing batters in the league while fastboy Reyes is stuck on the DL.

  38. I believe that Dave started this because he’s too bored, he has NOTHING creative to do…and besides, y’all can’t BEAT me! I have stirred so much stuff here in Xanga. I should have some kind of credit.Heh.

  39. @MyxlDove – I have not finished reading all of this, but “Ha! Don’t get mad at me just because Vivid Video wouldn’t buy your “accidental” sex tape. Stuffed animals, pink glitter and poptarts, Dave?? That’s just bizarre.” is FTW! 

  40. @dirtbubble – nah. Not particularly. I would tell you to kiss my ass even if you liked all NYC sports teams.@mr_faust – Hmm. Sort of what I feel every time I visit your page.@Michellereneewrites4Christ – Okay I know in Christ’s love is sort of your signoff, but it goes against the whole spirit here. We’re supposed to be playfighting here.@Passionflwr86 – What the fuck do you avoid my blog for? I am generally even more awesome than this.@Jaynebug – My pokeyin is too sexy to be comical.

  41. @Paul_Partisan – dude. I didn’t even see this comment. I was looking for you too. It is better, but I didn’t feel like stirring up any real shit today. You gotta let the real beef come natural sometimes. You can’t always create it.

  42. @vanedave – Too slow Dave. You should have told me to kiss your ass last night rather than tell me you would today. You’re just too busy preening for your teenage admirers to take us all on. I rec’d this blog for that

  43. @CallMeQuell – I really wasn’t even thinking of the self promotion when I did this. Now that you mention it though, I am pretty brilliant.@TheBigShowAtUD – Mine knows me better than yours knows you. She said I am so awesome that she has been afraid to approach me. I am pretty intimidating.@dirtbubble – Look I got alot of people to insult around here. Sorry if you had to wait a little bit for me to get around to belittling you. I assure you the wait was not because of a lack of material. Trust me, you provide plenty of fodder for me to joke on. @kim – Why? Just because I make one little post that is strictly about the comments? Is that the standard for being a whore nowadays?

  44. @vanedave – Keep fishing, joke-boy. I think you’ve been over to my blog once since I’ve been here. All those underage readers must be keeping you pretty busy.(Am I being a dick yet? Let’s try not to elevate to “yo mama” ok).

  45. @vanedave – Ha! Matt’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend I happen to admire. And I admire you as well. And I can always mess with you, Dave because I know that you’re okay with it. It’s all just good fun. 

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