Hats Off to You Nerd Game…

Every once in a while you come across something so perfect that you can’t even hate. You just have to tip your hat and acknowledge a job well done.


With this in mind I’d like to tip my hat to the advertising team for Evony.com. A nerdy Lord of the Rings-esque online role playing game that I would have never known about if not for their brilliant ads. Haven’t seen them yet? Here is a sample of the goods (and I do mean “the goods”); 


This might well be the best ad I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible not to look at it. Go ahead and try. In fact, are you even still reading this? HEY! EYES OVER HERE! MY WORDS ARE DOWN HERE PEOPLE!!!


Not only is the picture hot, but then read the caption to go along with it


“Play now.” Well of course I want to play with those that game now. Then she calls you “my lord.” Aww man. That is what I’m talkin’ about right there! Nothing sexier than a subservient woman with 34DDs.


“That’s right baby, who’s your lord? Yeah, I’m your lord!”


To cap the whole thing off, I love what the website says on the sign-up page:

Bored at Office/ClassRoom/Home?
Play Evony unnoticeably on your browser NOW!


So I can play with these mammoth jugs at work or at school? Unnoticeably even? Someone pinch me cause I must be dreaming.


There you have it folks. The world’s most perfect ad campaign.



  1. Dear Dave,I’m still trying to dissuade my best friend from signing me up for WOW. I’m not sure if they have buxom beauties over there but probably do. Obviously, the Evony site is using sex to sell. A ploy that has been successfully used to sell everything to everyone for hundreds of years.The image looks as if it’s incorrectly sized. Her nose is almost as large as her tits.Re: earlier entry about trolls: Because my longtime blog has never been too popular, I guess I’ve been lucky enough never to have been overrun with “trolls”. (Took me a while to figure out what Xangans meant when discussing them.) I would think that one who blogs about “hot button issues” and gets lots of readers would probably be more susceptible to stalkers and “trolls” with negative attitudes. Of course Xanga allows people to “block” unwanted users from their sites, which should hopefully solve any “trolling problems”. If I spent more time online, I was going to create a Xanga account for a nice “troll” who would be upset at others who disparage the “troll” name and image in the spirit of negativity, when I’m certain there are “nice” trolls out there as well.Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  2. ROFLWhat’s funny is that I know some of the people that come up with these game ads, and that’s pretty much the line of thought they have when making it XD

  3. Wait, what? I don’t understand… oh, you mean the picture of the woman with the pointy nose, radioactive hair and irregular saggy breasteses? lolActually, I agree. Brilliant ad campaign. Although I think the “Save The Queen” ad where she’s on her knees with a sword near her mouth in obvious phallic symbolism, is more blatant.

  4. yeah, but it doesn’t make me want to play the game, though.  hm.  it should be a movie, instead.  actually, it probably is… and that’s where they got the idea.  CLEVER.

  5. ROFL!!1 These days we find comfort in 3d characters. I mean, it beats the real thing. Tell me, can you have in real life a hot woman, if you’re lucky hot elf woman that gives her completely? No strings attached, loyalty forever? Nuh-uh! Screw nature, give us techology! Good post, Dave! Still laughin’..

  6. It caught my eye.  I wanted to come back and check it out after my comment, but the ad changed, of course.  Anything that size is going to hang without some support!  That gauzy thing that barely covers/hides anything is not going to hold those babies.

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