Fuck You Mancouch (And a few other items of business)

Just a few things I wanted to address before I forget…

1) Fuck you Mancouch! I do a post about the big boob ads for Evony.com Friday morning and you just happen to post about the same thing that night? How convenient!

Thanks to raiderjester for pointing it out to me.

2) Has anyone else noticed how far behind the featured weblogs are lately? It seems as though most of the posts they feature now are at least a week old. I received an email alerting me that one of my posts was gonna be featured a week ago and still nothing. By now I feel like it’s gonna be stupid to have that post featured. What gives?

3) Arturo Gatti, one of the toughest boxers pound for pound in the world, was found dead over the weekend. It is believed that he was murdered by his girlfriend. This is only a few days after Steve McNair was shot in the head by his woman. What the hell is going on with these psycho girlfriends? Might have to expand on this later in the week.

4) Lastly I asked you guys a while ago to vote between some potential new profile pics (Picking a Pic) and then forgot to change it after you voted. Well now that I remember, it’s time to fix that error. My new profile pic as chosen by you. (There ya go beetunes.)

That is all. Please don’t forget to tip your waitresses.



  1. man, it has been a long-ass time since i was featured. do they actually notify you now? they don’t just rip your shit off the page without telling you anymore? i miss that panicky, surprise moment!

  2. Crazy girlfriends? What about the fact that in most of these cases the man is cheating? Don’t get me wrong, if a there is cheating in a relationship you need to just end it and move on, not kill the guy/gal. However, I hate the fact that in most cases it is looked at as just fine and dandy for the man to cheat but should the woman getting cheated on do anything, legal or otherwise, she gets chastized. I am sure that is not what you are saying, in fact I am certain of it, but let’s be honest here, if the man had not cheated in the first place he would still be alive.

  3. @sarahb_86 – :/ I’m sorry, I have to say that if it were the other way around- a man murdering his SO because she cheated on him- nobody would feel free to defend him. What I mean is “if the woman had not cheated in the first place she would still be alive” wouldn’t be an okay statement to make.A woman should just leave the guy.

  4. the ish sites are a bunch of hoes noaw>hmm, seems like this year is trying to top last year’s batch of deaths>>lolz, i never got a notification for when i got featured only once, so i have no idea how they work it (i think the Xanga Team just dosen’t like my material)

  5. @ModernBunny – Oh, I agree, they should just end the relationship. I also agree that no one would defend the man. Both of what we said are the sad and disturbing results and consequencs of societies rules for what a man and woman should and shouldn’t do or be.

  6. I got your back bro.That Gatti one is crazy. The thing that really got me was that both of the girls were like 13 years younger. The lesson here? Try to keep the age gap small or you might get a nutter!

  7. You aren’t the only one wondering about features getting longer and longer between posting and the front page. Mancouch seems to be doing a lot of that stuff lately. Guess they can’t seem to come up with stuff themselves. Jerks. 

  8. @wherethefishlives – yeah. That shit was crazy. You’ve lasted tweve rounds with some of the best fighters in the world, but you get taken out by a purse. Damn.@sarahb_86 – Well lets be honest here. These women knew what they were getting into. You know what kind of man you are dating. If you are the type of girl who will murder someone if they cheat on you then don’t date Arturo Gatti.  On the flip side if you are Arturo Gatti and you are going to choose a psycho gf then don’t cheat.@theblackspiderman – Yeah man. Brazilian chicks are no joke!@Fool0nThePlanet –  Eh. It made me feel better to see that I got more comments on mine. lol. In your face mancouch!@raiderjester – yeah for real. The fact that they happened in the same week too. CRAZY!@Kontzicles – Whatever! It was air conditioned in there.

  9. I think they’re just starting to compile lots of stuff for the featured weblogs and making sure there’s no last second stuff that’s second rate going up now.  Also, it may have to do with John’s reduced workload now that he’s a daddy.  I’m not sure.

  10. The feature thingy is odd. I think they do it obviously because some people didn’t want to be featured. I’ve only noticed a three-four day lag on my features. By the time it goes up, I have three other blogs already posted.

  11. 1.) imitation is the sincerest form of flattery??? 2.) Yes, but then bringing up old blogs gives us a second chance at them so to speak right? 3.) His girlfriend strangled him?… has to be more to that story… 4.) The pic is cute very stylish and all but shouldn’t we be doing speedos and beach scenes by this time in July?….just sayin’…..

  12. Yea, I’ve noticed a major delay in the featuring too. I’m still waiting for one to go up, and as you said, the longer it takes, the more irrelevant the post becomes, eh. 

  13. @sarahb_86 – HAHAHAHA! I love the irrationality of that entire “Men get away with it” nonsense. Yeah, delusions are nice. When it comes to women, men are simply at their mercy with the law. A woman can call “rape” and they’ll take the woman’s side, even if it isn’t true. Beatings? Women can beat men without provocation, and it’s considered “okay”. But a man hits a woman? He’s chastized by the law, friends, family, et al.If you knew anything about law, you’d know that men are FUCKED when it comes to law protecting women. 

  14. Finally, FINALLY!!!!! its changed! You are no longer turning your face to the side so we can see you smoke, but you are looking down. God job changing your position.

  15. Yeah, I did a post about Gov. Sanford that finally got featured like, a month later when it was completely irrelevant and people were more concerned about Michael Jackson’s death.  

  16. Dear Dave,Nice profile. I don’t pay too much attention to the featured posts.You should know by now that the blogosphere eats itself. And thanks to search functions, one can find all the instances of a blogging subject on one page. (I didn’t know big boobs were back in style. Recent photos I saw of Beyonce showed her almost impossibly thin. I liked it when she had a bit more meat on her bones!) If your entry was actually plagiarized, then you should possibly obtain the services of a lawyer. Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

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