The Lighter Side of Things…

Things have been a tad heavy around here lately. I thought I would lighten things up a bit.

I was driving home the other day when I pulled up to a red light. One of the bumper stickers on the car in front of me really caught my eye. It read as follows:

If You Lost Your Cat…
…Try Checking Under My Tires! 

Messed up right? I thought that was kind of a jerk bumper sticker to have. However I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that it was right next to a bumper sticker that read “Jesus is Love!

What the hell kind of confused ass individual owns that car anyway? Since I saw that car I’ve been paying particular attention to bumper stickers all week. Here are a few other weird combos I’ve come across:

Honk if Your Horny + My Child is an Honor Student at North Valley Stream Elementary

Proud Member of the NRA + Gay Pride Flag

Beware Bitch Behind Wheel + Baby on Board

and finally, the one I am sure to catch the most slack for…

Black and Proud + McCain/Palin 08′

Commence bitching.



  1. Lmfao. The people that own the vehicles sound like they’ve always got something to say to stir up shit. I wonder if they’ve got Xanga accounts?

  2. I saw a combination of a billboard and a car driving past it that made me chuckle. The billboard said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” The bumper sticker on the car driving past said, “I pray that God isn’t too picky.”

  3. LOL….now i knew what i’m going to be doing while out to lunch and driving home from work.  Some great combinations.  I must admit i like the Cat/Jesus pair alot.  I WANT to laugh at the “Black and Proud + McCain/Palin 08′“one, but i don’t know, i almost feel wrong doing so.  i said ALMOST!Very funny stuff!

  4. LOL, those were great! Now I’ll be that idiot everyone hates this weekend. You know, the one that drives their car 6 inches behind yours? I’ll be trying to read bumper stickers, thanks to Dave. Hey, maybe that’s one I should have made up….. “Don’t like my driving? Blame VaneDave. He made me do it!”

  5. haha..well people tend not to think before putting on the bumper stinker. They say hey! that looks funny then put on. 😀 But hey, if it gives others a laugh go for it. For me I will never put a bumper sticker on my car. It would ruin it.

  6. Crap..I just saw one of these messed up ones the other day and now I can’t stinking remember.  They had a lot on their bumper and most were earthy/treehugger and then one said something totally off.  Oh well, I can’t remember but man, it sure would make for a decent comment.Oh well.

  7. I saw a guy who had some serious anti-religion literature stuck to the back of his car (witches should burn Christians, eff the religious right, that kind of thing).  In the midst of all that was a sticker promoting equality.  I had to laugh!  Equality for everyone who isn’t religious, I guess…

  8. OMG! That was the funniest thing yet! It was the first laugh of the day. I wonder what that ass would do if you put a note saying “Jesus loves all creatures great and small” under his windshield wiper! He’s going to Cat Hell, whether he knows it or not. And all of the cats will have sharpened claws.The black/gay and McCain/Palin thing actually makes a certain kind of sense, in a twisted way. This person is so confused…well, why the hell not? The fact that he’d be thrown out of any rally doesn’t seem to sink in, but it’s America, right?I haven’t seen such brilliant combos, but my fave is “DIAGONALLY PARKED IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE.”Lynn

  9. Dear Vanedave:  Ironically, the last combo is the only one that makes sense.  With the others, it’s likely that the sordid sticker was the one representative of the owner’s true attitude.  The NRA/Proud Parent/etc. ones were just there to cast aspersions on people and values that those individuals hate.  Their evident proclivities proclaim why.

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