Do I Like You (Take 4: The BigShowAtUD)

It has been a while since I’ve put someone up on my chopping block. Today I am going to put someone who has been getting on my damn nerves lately. Some of you may think he is a saint, but I know better. Ladies and gentlemen, join me please as I poke holes in the perfect facade that is TheBigShowatUD.

Do I Like TheBigShowAtUD?

BigShow’s Pros
– Has a healthy grasp of sarcasm
– He leaves semi-decent comments
– Supports the arts (namely my stand-up) 
– He’s doing it for the kids
– Is a non-threatening black man
– Charter member of the Xang-elitists
– Writes good blogs

Bigshow’s Cons
– He’s from Ohio, where things like this happen
– Stays out of drama (boooorrring!)
– He’s a lawyer 
– My chief competition for smoothest dude on xanga (He’s still second place though)
– Fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Ugghhh!
– He has multiple personality disorder
– Named himself after a WWE star (FAIL!!!)
– Has frequently been self-conscious about recing my posts

Final Tally: 7 pros to 8 cons.

In a surprise upset, it looks as though I officially don’t like the universally well liked Bigshowatud. Since I am not liking him now, I can say things that I have refrained from  saying in the past because I liked him. Things such as “I think aviators are too big for your face” and “you won’t last a week in New York City suburban guy.”

What’s he gonna do, flame me? He’s a pacifist.



  1. Y’know, up until now I liked the guy. But upon now learning that he’s a Cowboys fan and an Ohioan…ugh. Cowboys fandom is forgivable if you’re from Texas, but if you’re from Ohio you should know better.

  2. Oh-em-gee, this gets my rec for its sheer originality.And I cannot believe Matt failed to mention to me he liked the Cowboys. I know you’ll read this, old man, and I’m not impressed.

  3. Ha ha you linked to the site showing you are number 1 to his number 2 as smoothest, but never mentioned, even on  your pro list, that he WAS voted the hottest man on Xanga on the SAME blog! Oops did you forget that point?  :)I don’t know, I’m sensing some jealousy here …@Kontzicles – Good point! 🙂 🙂

  4. you want my rec and you write THIS?  psh.  i don’t flame people.  i’m a lawyer in real life.  we do much worse to people than what trolls and blog haters do.  perhaps i’m so “nice” around here to provide balance compared to what i do to people when i’m not on the internets.  think about it.

  5. I’m sorry, but something is wrong here. I was not mentioned in the post at all… and seeing as how there are very few prominent male minority bloggers on Xanga, I feel purposely slighted. I would’ve expected at least a slight dig and a tag, Dave. Matt already diverts most of my traffic. Now this?!? See, that’s why I cut ties with him months ago. But it’s all good… I’ll continue to do my thang. *sulks*@TheTheologiansCafe – There’s a few like him. But somehow his lawyering intimidates them. Luckily, I don’t scare easily and I manage to fight the power. LOL

  6. @NoPenniesHere – I thought it fit just based on their blogs being sort of tied together so often but I have been told that I was incorrect and that they possibly really do not like each other as much as I was starting to think they did……..

  7. @MyxlDove – what?  there are many prominent male minority bloggers around here:  asian men!  duh.  you stopped reading my blog because of traffic?  c’mon, now.  they love you!  they just LIKE me.  totally different.

  8. I like Matt.I had often expected someone like you, Dave, would write something like this about me.I am hated here in the Xanga community.I have come to embrace it.Besides, if this were Kill Bill, I’d be Uma Thurman…beaten and yet unbeaten.

  9. @vanedave – Ouch @c_jamaica – No. If this were Kill Bill, you’d be the first extra to die. But it’s nice to know you’re transparently begging for more publicity through Dave’s series. Feh. I’d rather see people worth reading about, rather than anything about you. No matter how entertaining it would end up being.

  10. @Schristian – Aw? I just said I’m Uma Thurman. I’d never be an extra. I’m far too talented to be an extra. Besides, I didn’t come here to beg publicity. I just made a comment, that’s all. And gah! Are you treating me as your enemy? Bwahahaha! Well, then…so be it.  I am so going to kick your ass. Want me to cut off your neck with my Hattori Hanzo sword?I truth is, everyone treats me as if I’m the outcast, as if I’m the villain, the Nightmare of their streets because I simply make something DIFFERENT than all of you.And that is why everyone here on Xanga is stupefied whenever I make any comments at all. They shake with indignation and they foam at the mouth. They’re jealous, they’re oh-so-frustrated! Because they have NO GUTS to do what I have just done…or will do in the future.NO GUTS, man. NO GUTS.

  11. @Schristian – Well…except of course, Dave here and Matt and Nick. I have respect for them both because even though both of them and I are not exactly on the same army, they have beautiful minds that can equal mine.

  12. @c_jamaica – Wow. Talk about being deluded. What you’ve done here is nothing more than prattle on about how great and oppressed you are. The reason people hate you is because you’re stuck-up, snotty, and state things without fact nor base. You’re here solely for yourself, and people see it. While Dave is putting together this nice series of “spotlighting” with a satirical twist, you’re here plugging yourself because you crave the attention. And when someone points out the obvious facts about you, you immediately throw yourself upon your self-made cross and demand that people pay attention to the poor little oppressed girl.And I defy you to stand up to the Xangan community the way that I and countless others have. You can’t, haven’t, and wouldn’t. Only because doing so wouldn’t benefit YOU in any way. You don’t support Xanga, or the progression thereof. You support YOU, and only YOU. And people hate you for being selfish. But then again, you’re too wrapped up in your mindless ego to recognise that.It’s funny you talk about having “no guts” when numerous Xangans stepped up and spoke out (vehemently) against HardestLevel, and multiple Xister sites for strongarming the community to serve their needs. People have challenged the entire Xanga Team, to their faces, to make changes. What the hell have you ever done that was even REMOTELY close to that? Or are you just spouting more of your pseudo-rebellious nonsense?People dislike you because you’re stupid. Not because you’re different.

  13. @Schristian – Right. I support ME? Ha! You just don’t know how much I rec and comment on a LOT of posts every day. And I have never been deluded. I’ve been here in Xanga for YEARS and I don’t have to justify myself because I have ALWAYS been trying to get people to make a difference in the progression of Xanga – the INTIAL reason for the rants I have been making.It’s okay if people hate me. I’ve never been selfish. I am the MOST UNSELFISH PERSON THERE EVER IS.For one thing, I HATE abortion. I am a child advocate. If you have friends and acquaintances who so much as support a hair breadth of this issue, then they are the ones who are selfish. I am NOT afraid to go out of my way to reach out to people. I have many friends from other places such as Africa, India, Australia, Puerto Rico and other parts of the USA and I belong to two civic organizations that help the poor people in the community.All the things I “prattle” about are just based on sarcasm and YES, I DO HAVE GUTS.I am the ONLY one who dared to disagree with most popular Xangans out here, because I am NOT afraid to be blunt and to be harsh. When everybody was sweet-coating their words, I was actually going deeper about what they have written. I never sugar-coat my words because I am bold enough to face anything.And have I not challenged the Xanga Team? I have even sent messages to someone in the Xanga Team with regards to my concern.People dislike me because I am different and I am bold. And most of all, they’re just jealous.Why else would a NORMAL human being get mad?Truth is, anger usually comes from jealousy….or frustration. Or both. And gah! You are NOT worthy to have THIS conversation with me.It is pitiless.

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