That’s Just Creepy!

Am I the only one who finds the Evian roller babies creepy?

I don’t know about you guys, but as far as creepiness goes I rank them right up there with Woody Allen and the clown from It.

Holy crap! I just shat myself.



  1. This is my first time seeing it too.  I don’t think it’s creepy, but I guess it’s because I know it’s all done with special effects which always fascinates me.  Sure wonder exactly how they did that though!  I thought it was hilarious and cute, ha, ha!

  2. Yes, Dave. You are the only person who finds the Evian roller babies creepy. Any normal person finds them to be absolutely adorable. What’s with you, Dave? Are you one of those strange evil people who don’t like babies? 

  3. LOL I thought it was adorable… I imagine a lot of work went into the effects…. I do agree with you on the clown that is creepy in the extreme and Woody Allen has always given me the heebi jeebies….

  4. They look like something out of a horror film. Attack Of the Roller-Skating Babies…. they will hunt you down in your sleep, they will find you where you hide and they will suck out your soul with roller skates… I can just imagine their sinister babbling-cackles as they swarm around you….And I dont even want to talk about that clown, I have never understood why you would have one around children.

  5. lol They’re cute! but it is kinda creepy. I don’t know about IT creepy but weird none the less. Someone mentioned the ally mcbeal dancing baby. They don’t have nothing on that one. Ooga Choka! ooga choka!

  6. Their faces are cute, but it really looks 3-D. It’s like they’re real, but they’re not real. Like wax figures or those people who stand really still and you think they’re statues but they’re not and right when you lean in real close to their face, they jump out and scare you.

  7. I had to look these so-called evian roller babies up because I had never heard of them. They look kind of cute in a still picture, but I can imagine the horror of a live-action video of them doing what they do. Fortunately, I can’t view videos at work. Darn! 

  8. Those babies are real scary! I like Pennywise. At least we know what he’s about, but those babies… who knows what sort of devious things they’re doing.

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