I Witnessed a Miracle

I know you are waiting for the punchline here, but I am being for real this time.

I witnessed my aunt giving birth yesterday. It was the first time I had ever seen a baby being born in real life. It was gross and difficult to watch at various points, but it was amazing. The entire process truly is astonishing.

I was thinking about the birthing process. The days hours and minutes leading up to a child being born and then the actual moment when the child arrives. I was thinking about the whirlwind of emotions that surround it. There are so many. There are moments of excitement, anxiety, calm, pain, relief, and joy, just to name a few.  

It’s sort of appropriate when you think about it. Such a range of emotions packed into this small time frame, creating a tapestry of emotions similar to one you would see over an entire lifetime. In essence the moment when life is brought into this world provides us with a pretty vivid snapshot of life. Life is full of uncertainty, life is full of pain, life is full of joy, life is full of love.

It really is amazing. Gross, and difficult to watch, but amazing nonetheless.

Baby Anayah ladies and gentlemen…




  1. I have said it before but seeing your first child born is probably the most thrilling experience of your life.  I have had other guys say it too.  I think it is less thrilling for the woman in the moment but it is awesome to watch something that is from you come out of there and it being a real life baby.

  2. My first thought from just the title is that you were writing a post about Lebron. I am so from Ohio.This is really beautiful, though. =) Congratulations on the new cousin! =)

  3. Having just had my third baby three weeks ago, this totally made me cry with pride and happiness. I don’t even care how cheesy I just sounded. It’s true. :)I’m proud of you for not cracking jokes, lol. How did you come to be there? I mean, did you aunt ask you or were you just around when everything happened or do you do this regularly haha?~V

  4. Welcome to planet Earth, Baby Anayah.  We’re glad your here. Dave, who was singing? Such a fine thing to do.Give that man a cigar!   I’ve had three, each one a miracle to expereince through the whole nine months, but that moment of birth brings me to awe in the wonder of it all.

  5. I watched my son being born….it was the most beautiful amazingly ugliest experience ever….I think men appreciate women more after watching a child being born in real life.

  6. @TheMarriedFreshman – My aunt asked me to tape it for her. She wants to have it as blackmail for her kids later.@Jaynebug – that was her daddy. It was a prayer he was singing to her. She seemed to really like it.@edlives – You read my mind. That is what tomorrow’s post is going to be about.@kad1190 – yeah they said she was on the long side. Something like 21 inches I think.@Paul_Partisan – I had to look away at times. I was gonna barf.@TheTheologiansCafe – It was also cool to watch when the baby’s big sister came in a while after. She is 2. I was just sitting there watching her try to piece the whole thing together. It was so cute. 

  7. awww! I got to be there when my best friend gave birth to her first baby, and I have to say, many of the same thoughts and emotions were running through my brain. Congrats to all involved =) and that girl has a pair of lungs, that’s for sure.

  8. I felt the same thing when my nephew was born. It was like nothing in my life I had ever experienced, and it really changed me as a person.Congrats on your new cousin! 🙂

  9. Amazing. Poor baby, though. Imagine living in warm water for 9 months, and then suddenly being pushed painfully through a tiny tube and into a loud, cold, scary place. No wonder they cry when they’re born…

  10. Well I’ve heard people describe it that way, I’ve also seen Cats dogs and a horse give birth.Then as odd as it seems I had to deliver two babies during my summers as a lifeguard. (Both boys BTW) It just seemed gross to me. I never understood the Miricle that others seem to see.But then I’ve never understood why some people describe sex as beutiful.Maybe I’m just too cynical to get it.

  11. I still can’t listen to a newborn cry.  It’s such a haunting sound for me.  I used to believe that pregnancy and birth was a miracle.  And now I know it is.  There  are people say it’s  just some normal everyday occurence.  It really makes me angry when they say that.  Forty weeks in which anything could go wrong.  Labor that can last up to a couple days, again in which anything could go wrong.  It’s not just this easy carefree everyday occurence.Beautiful baby.  I’m so glad you got to witness that.  It is a truly amazing thing.  Any future pregnancy I undergo will be a terrifying thing, but I will cherish every moment of it.  It’s amazing to realize that this beautiful new creature is something that I created.  So wonderful.

  12. Did you know that some people save the placenta (afterbirth) because it has medicinal purposes? After all some animals eat their own placenta.I don’t understand how some people don’t want to view an actual birth. Then again some young women are scared to death of the pain they hear about labor. Hey some men have painful bowel movements but it doesn’t compare to the pain of the birthing mother.Then again if women know about the pain, maybe they would have second thoughts about having babies.

  13. True. Being a nurse, I could say for sure it is gross at first….but very beautiful in the end. I have helped delivered babies during my student days. One thing for sure, babies are very fragile!

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