What is Your Child’s Chest Size?

As most of you know by now, I am a stand-up comedian when I am not a mild mannered contract coordinator. I made the decision not too long ago that it is time for me to start trying to move forward in this career (TRYING being the operative word there). Thus I have begun the tedious work of trying to find a talent agency that does not make my skin crawl.

While doing some of this research I came across OneSourceTalent. On there website there is a module on the frontpage for “featured talent.” In this module they show you a pic of the talent as well as their name and vital stats. The featured talent the day that I visited the site was a cute little girl named Liana. Her pic was innocent enough, but let’s just say her stats disturbed me a little. 

little girl
Chest Size? Really?!!!

The first thing that jumped out at me were the waist, hips, and chest measurements. Umm hello? She’s friggin’ seven years old! Is that really appropriate? The other things on the list are pretty benign for the most part, although the fact that the talent is listed as a number instead of just saying what it is seems kinda shady when paired with the rest. At this point I don’t even wanna know what her talent is. The shoe size is also a tad bit questionable. 

I was kind of surprised that there was no listing for weight. I guess these are the type of people who are so into kids that they can probably calculate that based on waist and chest size. CREEPY!!! 



  1. Whats worse then the people who make this site are the parents who let their child be on it. Why on earth would you decide to put your 7 year old in for something like this? They should be out being 7, not having their waist and chest measured for some talent crap.

  2. I don’t think that’s appropriate for anyone must less a child. If you’re looking for talent in a person there’s no need to know the person’s measurements. Measurements have nothing to do with talent. 

  3. If I lived in NYC and had the resources, I would TOTALLY be your agent for months of premium. However, I would also require a bi-annual feature on your weblog as homage to my awesomeness. :p 😀

  4. Well, I’m assuming that the site is not only for children but adults as well. The weird part is that the parent actually filled in the information. Most talent search sites you have the option to leave it blank.

  5. On another note, dating sites used to have the person’s blood type also, but I guess that’s for the future mates to consider about.  But a chest size for children is…fuck, I don’t have a reason for that.

  6. Maybe she’s in pageants? I know it seems creepy right off the bat, but maybe it’s not quite as bad as it appears. (Ok, I’m totally thinking, “Perverts! Perverts!” but I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.)

  7. You know what I see in this is that that little girl prolly knows what her chest size….and for that matter what a chest size is!!! That is really the sick part!!!

  8. It does sound creepy and looking at it from an outsider perspective it is creepy.  I’m not a fan of child modeling but I suppose someone has to fill up the childrens catalogs and I hear some children actually enjoy doing it…. so here is why they want the measurements. The models are most often going to be modeling clothes shoes etc. The customers want a model that will fit the size they think their product looks best in. Clothing sizes vary widely so only asking for the size is a waste of time and time is money…. but measurements do not lie. Weight is not a factor because all they care about is that the clothes they want the talent to model will fit properly. Basically the model is not seen as a human but as a canvas or living manequin to be ordered as the need arises to fit the needs of the customer, and yes most every child model I know who is working regularly can recite to you all their stats on command.

  9. I can see how people would be upset about this… but to  me it just seems like something kind  of important to know if you’re going to do modeling.  If I design children’s clothing and only carry a limited sizing of  clothes, I wouldn’t book a child who  wouldn’t fit into my clothes (too small or  too big).  It would be necessary to know measurements just as it’s necessary to know adult’s measurements so that I don’t waste their time and my time  by having them come out.   And weight doesn’t give as much info as measurements do, when it comes to fashion.

  10. As I read these comments, I was wondering what I could add that was not the same as everyone else.  But really, the only thing I could think of was the same thing everyone else was saying too.  CREEPY!!!!  Creepy on the agent’s side and creepy on the parents’ side.  What kind of parent would even  offer this kind of information for a 7-year old child???

  11. Dear Vanedave:  There are a number of such sites that are set up to provide casting directors with a “talent search” resource.  Some, in fact, are strictly for current or aspiring child actors/models.  That’s because the demand is so great and ever increasing!However, it’s also true that the dividing line between what information- on children- is appropriate and what isn’t is ill-defined.  It’s true that casters need certain physical information in order to fit a potential actor into a role as called for by the director and writer… along, of course, with a resume and standard statistics.  Unfortunately, these sites are easily accessed by anyone who knows where to look.  You did!  One of my associates- who is a CURRENT child actress herself- directed me to her area to point out what was involved!  Also, as you’ve noted, some of those vital stats can carry sexual overtones.  Don’t think that the good stage parents and their kids- the ones you seldom hear about- aren’t aware of it.  I’ve communicated with a number of them.  But they carry little weight with the Hollywood Establishment.I’m not saying that this is all deliberate on the webmasters’ part.  Nor will I say that all casters and recruiters are operating on exploitive or predatory motives.  But some are.  And the instances and extent of child sexual exploitation in the entertainment field have increased dramatically and to unprecedented levels in recent years.  Leave an opening for a pervert or a stalker and he’ll find it.And there’s this:  If any child is to have any reasonable hope of breaking into the Biz or maintaining his/herself there, they NEED to be on those websites.  That means accepting the risk of predators that goes with it.  The “casting couch” that sometimes awaited young adult females in the past has a newer and more high tech counterpart.  And this one is used against minors.This is yet another factor in the ongoing depravity and danger that goes with being a child in Entertainment.  And, as the demand increases, agents cast their nets ever further afield for more young “talent”.  Right now, the South is one of the most fertile fields; mainly from the Atlanta area and North Carolina.  Almost eight thousand kids under 18 are registered with the Screen Actors Guild alone.  MANY thousands more labor in other related fields; often non-union (though that means little in the way of protection these days) and often at the mercy besides of corrupt agents, uncaring filmmakers, ambitious parents and prosecutors who seldom enforce the protection laws.  And, in increasing numbers, the predators gather around them.That’s only part of what kids must face now if they decide to “follow their dreams” to Hollywood.  There’s a lot more!  And much of it is stunning in its dangers where clueless kids and inattentive parents are involved… which is the bulk of them.  If anyone, child or parent, is considering entering the field, please don’t fail to first contact the “Actor’s Journey Project” (run by FCS Stanley Livingston… he’s on Facebook) or order “The Actor’s Journey For Kids” (a 4 disc DVD set) through Paul Petersen at A Minor Consideration (http://www.minorcon.org… also on Facebook).  I possess it and recommend it as one of several necessary primers to gaining a safe and necessary understanding.It’s dangerous enough to be an average child these days.  To be one in the Industry is mindblowingly so!     

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